You’d been sat in the guys office all day; spinning round on the office chairs, distracting everyone and of course teasing your boyfriend Finn. Finn had been super busy on the India Trip video series and hadn’t been paying much attention to you as of late and so you stared at the back of his head, you got up and got him a beer to which all you got was a muffled ‘thanks’. You resumed your seating position, ‘Oi Finnegan!’ nothing! Which was strange because you know he hated his full name. ‘Would you notice me more if I started making out with Jack?” to this Finn perked up and turned to give you his classic smirk. Jack yelled out from across the office ‘I have no objections to this plan!’. You were laughing pretty hard by now. However the text from Finn had you quiet instantly, it was a link to Jace Everett - Bad Things followed by a winky face. ;)