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Caught In The Act

Word Count: 855
Author: Ashlyn
Request: “Hey you should do a getting caught in the act preference it would be so good”
Warnings: smut
Notes: N/A

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New Chaser [Part 1]

REQUEST: hi! I don’t remember if I’ve requested before, but could I get and imagine where your Oliver’s little sister and you’re in the same year as the twins. you like Fred and you tell Oliver and he tries to get you two together with the help of George? thanks love! you’re amazing xx

Why thank you! I maybe got a little carried away and sort of took a slightly different direction with it (George tells Oliver instead) but I hope you enjoy!

Part 2 here


“Morning, Wood!” The two teenagers snicker as they enter the Quidditch change rooms, ready for practice. “That really does get less and less amusing each day” Oliver lazily replies without making eye contact.

“Everyone listen up, I have an announcement to make” Oliver spoke up once all the gear had been set up. “Now, as we all know, Katie is out for the next few matches due to last week’s game against Slytherin” the team murmured in disgust under their breaths as they recollect Crabbe and Goyle’s dirty playings in the last match.

“So, I’ve brought it upon myself to find us a substitute chaser” again, the murmuring started as they all wondered who it would be, “Everyone, I’d like to introduce you to my baby sister, Y/N” she stepped out from behind the tapestry with a nervous but beautiful smile beaming at her new team.

Fred absentmindedly looked up from his conversation with George and took a double take at the girl next to Oliver. She was breathtakingly beautiful and he couldn’t avert his eyes away from her, going unnoticed by Y/N, but not to George. “You taken a fancy to Y/N now have you?” he nudged his slightly older brother, “About time you bloody well noticed her” Fred snapped out of his trance from the beautiful girl and directed his attention towards George, “’Ey? Do we know her?” George groaned and swatted at Fred, “She’s in our Potions class you idiot, how have you not noticed her? she’s always gawking at you”

Fred’s eyes went back to Y/N who was now introducing herself to Angelina and Alicia. “Doesn’t surprise me that you don’t recognise her, it’s either us or her being sent out by Snape, she’s a bit of a mischief maker herself. When we’re being told off, she’s giggling, and when she’s being told off, you’re too busy trying not to blow the joint up”

“She’s pretty, isn’t she” Fred said airily for the fourth time now it must’ve been, “Yes Freddie, she’s lovely, and gone. The team’s gone out on the field already, would you get up already?!” George hoisted Fred off the bench by his sleeve and dragged him out onto the pitch, where Oliver was giving Y/N a quick rundown on all the players.

Once Y/N was in the air and practicing with the other girls, Oliver went up to Fred and George, “What’s the problem with Y/N?” he asks blankly to Fred in particular, “Why were you staring at her so intently just before? Don’t think she’s as good as Katie do you?” Before he could continue George jumps in, “nonono that’s not it, after all, she’s a wood, must be good!” “Flattery will get you nowhere, Weasley” Oliver replied with the same blank expression, “You’re being awful quiet, Fred, which means you’re plotting something probably, and if it involves Y/N in any way—“ George quickly cut him off, “Fred, go and help Angie with the Quaffle, would you?” with that Fred nodded and went over to help Angelina get the stubborn Quaffle out of the case.

“Look, Ollie—“ “Oliver, if you will” Oliver folded his arms, “Oliver, whatever. Listen, Freddie doesn’t want to upset Y/N or judge her chasing or anything like that, he actually has a bit of a fancy towards her” George leaned in to say the last part so that none of the other players would overhear.

Oliver’s eyes widened in shock, “No, no, no. I will NOT let that trouble maker make a move on my baby sister, he’ll be a bad enough influence just being on the same team!” Oliver seemed more outraged than George anticipated, “Oh come off it Wood, you haven’t seen the way she acts in potions with Snape, it’s enough to make me jealous of her antics” George chuckled while Oliver remained with his arms folded and an even deeper scowl on his face, making it clear that he wasn’t believing what George had to say.

That’s when George realised he was going about this all wrong, and that strategy needed to be used if he was going to get anywhere with this.

“Alright, suit yourself. I s’pose Marcus Flint wins this round then” George begins to walk off in the direction of Fred and Angelina, “what the hell are you talking about Weasley” Oliver seemed to have a hint of worry in his voice now. “Well, the word going around is that the Slytherin captain has eyes for your sister too, and since Freddie isn’t allowed to try and win her over, I guess that means Flinty has easy access to Y/N” George tried to hide his smile as not to give away his clever lie.

As George began to once again set off towards his brother and Angelina, Oliver grabbed him by the arm. “What do you want me to do to get Y/N and your brother together?”


Part 2 up soon!

004. Youtuber Preference: First Video You're In


Marcus was filming, walking around Hyde Park with friends and just documenting what the day out brought them. He hadn’t anything in mind or any particular theme, it was just a chance to show off everyone with a free day, hanging out together, and catching up. He was filming the ducks, narrarting as he watched them plunk their heads in the water for the pieces of dried bread Zoe and Alfie were tossing in for them.

A hiss sounded behind him and he spun around to spot Jack, cheekily cocking his head over to the side a few times as if to say ‘Quick, look in this direction’. Marcus took his friend’s suggestion slowly and put you and Finn right in the center of his video. 

You two had chose the other side of the dock to watch the docks, sitting above the water and watching as it rippled. You were talking mindlessly about how filthy and cold it probably was. At first, Finn asked if you wanted to find out, his eyebrows wiggling as he teased that he would push you in, but he inched closer to you inside and you met him halfway. Neither of you realized you were being recorded until gifs of the moment popped up all over Tumblr and were being tweeted at you.

Fans seemed disappointed that Finn was currently off the market, but most of them just seemed happy that he seemed happy. And he assured you that he absolutely was.


From the beginning of your relationship, you told him plainly that you weren’t interested in doing a girlfriend tag or any silly YouTube video with him. You loved watching his videos, but you knew that you would be hard on yourself if you were to be in one with him. Plus, you feared the hate that you knew other people received when they were in YouTube videos or anything that was viral. 

It was by accident that you actually did wind up in one, but it was so sweet and short that he couldn’t bring himself to edit it out. You looked so cute. The group of you had gone out New Year’s evening, after being lazy all morning and working off your hangovers and just relaxing. It was blustery out, but the cold felt nice on your skin. The group of you walked through the dark, passing Stamford Bridge, and Marcus turned to catch a small snippet of you, and without any prompt from him you looked right into his camera’s lens and called out “Happy New Years!” cutely, flashing one of your biggest grins.

“She is so pretty!” A flood of comments were on the video even though you didn’t even know he put it in at first. Of course, you received a handful of cruel comments about your teeth and even one particularly rude girl saying you had the voice of a cat after sucking a helium balloon, but in general, the reception was warm. 

Joe Sugg:

“Birthday girl!” Behind the camera, Joe cheered as the waitress left you with a large dessert in front of you. As full as you were from your bithday dinner, there was suddenly room. Besides, Zoe already had a spoon in hand and seemed to eager to help you out with it and you knew Alfie and Joe would oblige too. 

“Are you going to film me eating this entire thing?” A little intimidated by the mountain of whipped cream before you, you asked.

“You bet. Every bite. Are you ready?” Joe nodded. He loved teasing you about your former days as a cheerleader in high school. It was all in good fun because he wouldn’t turn down the opportunity to see you prance around in your uniform. However, now seemed like a good a time as any to poke a little bit of fun at you. “Give us a quick cheer. You can do it! Fight, fight, fight!” Laughing, he did his best impression which only made Zoe look at him like he had a head growing out of his head. 

Licking your lips, you looked right into Joe’s prized camera and gave him what he wanted. 

Once the video was uploaded, you were expecting people to say you were gross or weird, maybe whine that he filmed your birthday at all, but there was enough kind comments that you felt a little bit warm inside. You were sort of glad you let him film you especially when you read that people thought you and Joe were “perfect for one another”.


Louis  was filming, just trying to get some extra footage for the day of the latest adventure a group of YouTubers had embarked on. You had settled into a Holiday Inn Express hotel room for the night. It had two queen beds in it so you and Alfie decided to take one and Louis could have the other. 

You were sitting on the bed together, winding down before sleep and watching television when Louis caught a weird moment between the two of you.

“I’m ready to sleep.” Casually, you mentioned to your boyfriend and looked over your shoulder at the pillows waiting for your head.

“I still feel wide awake.” Like it was breaking news, Alfie announced.

“Well, what do you want to do?” You weren’t going to join him on a late night stroll, you were too tired, but you could probably manage a card game or even a round of Scrabble on your iPad.

Alfie was shaking around on his spot on the bed, trying to think of a suggestion, when it just popped out of his mouth, “Let’s get weird!” Louis spurted out a snort and you just shook your head.


Sawyer was filming, a crazy night back at his apartment with a group of friends. You and Mazz had a very strange sexual tension between you both from the moment you met, but you weren’t together. You two just toyed and teased each other happily. You knew he was crazy about you and it was mutual, for now, that felt like enough. 

He was scanning the room, taking in Sam on the computer looking for a loud song to crank, a couple of his non-YouTube friends pouring drinks in the kitchen, and then he followed Mazz as he burst out of a bedroom in a onsie and raced to the ping pong table you were resting on, grabbing you and taking you down onto the couch with him, laughing as you giggled. 

As soon as the video was uploaded, fans reacted with a mixture of 'How cute is Mazzi’ to 'Who is that slut touching my man?’, but you didn’t mind. You were glad it was Mazz caught in the onsie and not you.


You didn’t know he was filming. He had sent you a text to come over after your shift, so you did just that. You knocked on the door and heard his feet clamoring towards you, he even yelled out that he was coming. You were completely caught off guard at the sight of his friends with cameras held up to their faces as he greeted you.

“We’re filming a video!” He told you once you were being tightly hugged in his tattooed arms.

“I can see that….I’m not going to be in it, right?” You checked, but Sam just shrugged his shoulders and kept you in his arms for a moment longer.


In a Sprinkle of Glitter video, Louise was asking you your beauty regime and you were going to film a tutorial for a Marilyn Monroe look after. Every now and then, after asking you a plain question like what your favorite skincare line was or what celebrity fragrance you endorsed, she would crack up causing you to look at her with a puzzled expression. 

“Sorry!” As she began to lose herself to hysterics, Louise held up her hands in front of her red face. “Your boyfriend is behind you." 

You whipped your head around to spy Casper being his usual goofy self, dancing against the window like a backup dancer in a Britney Spears music video.

"He is such a goob.” You looked back with wide eyes and plainly told the camera.

Only an hour after Louise uploaded the video to YouTube, CasperIsTaken and Goob were trending worldwide on Twitter. You hoped that was a good omen.


“My bird being a dork.” Testing out a new camera, Jack filmed you as you danced on the edge of his bed, the sound of Kings of Leon’s new album making you groove.

“You’re not actually filming, are you?” After a few seconds of moving around playfully, you double checked. 

For as open as he seemed in his videos, Jack guarded a good chunk of his life since becoming an internet sensation and your relationship was part of that chunk. You doubted he would upload you without a long conversation before hand.

“No. I’m just playing with the camera. Dance away.” He assured you.

You completely forgot about the cute video. It wasn’t until two months later that the video went viral. Finn had found the clip uploaded onto Jack’s laptop and jokingly put it up on Keek, figuring it would be harmless. 

Hate flooded your Twitter mentions and some of the comments were completely deranged. Jack was beloved that much you knew, but it still hurt when you read comments berating you or saying that you didn’t deserve Jack or should go and die in a hole. Occasionally, someone would point out that you were gorgeous and that everyone should be pleased for Jack that he had such a lovely mate, but it didn’t mean much when it was only one in every ten comments that was kind.

Caught In The Act (Marauders)

Word Count: 674
Author: Ashlyn
Request: “Hey can you do a smut preference for the marauder era when you two get in the middle of the deed.”
Warnings: Smut
Notes: first Marauder preference!

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Wait… Why is everybody freaking out about Jack and Ella? I saw the comments on Jack’s IG and people are all like, “IS THAT YOUR GF?” or “YOU HAVE A GIRLFRIEND?!”. They’ve been together for a while now 😂 I think i first found out about them on January 2013 back when Alfie and Joe was a roomate. I do think they broke up for a little while but then got back together, Jack even gave her a surprise visit to Australia on December 3rd (since she moved there from London). If you’re asking how do i know, they’re both very active on facebook (personal fb), that’s how i know, they’re constantly commenting each other’s pictures, which is so cute.

But i guess i wouldn’t be surprised if not everyone knows both Jack and Finn ARE taken, they keep their personal lives very private to protect their loved ones. 

Jack also came to Ella’s prom as her prom date btw (Ella is 19).

I can clearly see why he fell for her, she might not look like a supermodel (but still is super gorgeous), but she’s real, fun and she’s not a bitch. The one thing i know for sure why Jack loves her is because they share the same interest. She’s adventurous and not afraid to look silly. And you can just tell she won’t use Jack for fame (although she is a youtuber herself).

I wish there are more guys like Jack though, aside from being the gorgeous human being that he is, he also don’t see girls JUST from their appereance. 

I’m so glad he picked Ella, she’s the perfect girl for him.

Where You Do The Deed**

Word Count: 202
Author: Ashlyn
Request: N/A
Warnings: light smut
Notes: I’m watching Phineas and Ferb

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He Asks You Out

Word Count: 748
Request: N/A
Author: Ashlyn
Warnings: N/A
Notes: (f/f) = Favorite Flower

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Disney Princesses

Word Count: 538
Author: Ashlyn
Request: none
Warnings: none
Notes: I was watching Cinderella and got the inspiration to write this

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First Arguement

Word Count: 440
Author: Ashlyn
Request: N/A
Warnings: N/A
Notes: This is terrible, I wrote it in about 30 minutes and had no idea what to write

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First Time Together**

Word Count: 1122
Request: N/A
Author: Ashlyn
Warnings: Smut and Swearing!
Notes: I’m so tired right now

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The Yule Ball Dress

Word Count: 438
Author: Ashlyn
Request: None
Warnings: None
Notes: it’s been forever since I’ve updated and I cannot say sorry enough. Also I’ve decided to take Marcus out because it is always so hard for me to write a part for him

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Your Date

Word Count: 575
Request: N/A
Author: Ashlyn
Warnings: N/A
Notes: (f/f) = Favorite Flower

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Your Year

Word Count: 34
Request: N/A
Author: Ashlyn
Warnings: N/A
Notes: The Golden Trio are in their second year in this preference, any characters not in second year have their year next to their name

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