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New Chaser [Part 1]

REQUEST: hi! I don’t remember if I’ve requested before, but could I get and imagine where your Oliver’s little sister and you’re in the same year as the twins. you like Fred and you tell Oliver and he tries to get you two together with the help of George? thanks love! you’re amazing xx

Why thank you! I maybe got a little carried away and sort of took a slightly different direction with it (George tells Oliver instead) but I hope you enjoy!

Part 2 here


“Morning, Wood!” The two teenagers snicker as they enter the Quidditch change rooms, ready for practice. “That really does get less and less amusing each day” Oliver lazily replies without making eye contact.

“Everyone listen up, I have an announcement to make” Oliver spoke up once all the gear had been set up. “Now, as we all know, Katie is out for the next few matches due to last week’s game against Slytherin” the team murmured in disgust under their breaths as they recollect Crabbe and Goyle’s dirty playings in the last match.

“So, I’ve brought it upon myself to find us a substitute chaser” again, the murmuring started as they all wondered who it would be, “Everyone, I’d like to introduce you to my baby sister, Y/N” she stepped out from behind the tapestry with a nervous but beautiful smile beaming at her new team.

Fred absentmindedly looked up from his conversation with George and took a double take at the girl next to Oliver. She was breathtakingly beautiful and he couldn’t avert his eyes away from her, going unnoticed by Y/N, but not to George. “You taken a fancy to Y/N now have you?” he nudged his slightly older brother, “About time you bloody well noticed her” Fred snapped out of his trance from the beautiful girl and directed his attention towards George, “’Ey? Do we know her?” George groaned and swatted at Fred, “She’s in our Potions class you idiot, how have you not noticed her? she’s always gawking at you”

Fred’s eyes went back to Y/N who was now introducing herself to Angelina and Alicia. “Doesn’t surprise me that you don’t recognise her, it’s either us or her being sent out by Snape, she’s a bit of a mischief maker herself. When we’re being told off, she’s giggling, and when she’s being told off, you’re too busy trying not to blow the joint up”

“She’s pretty, isn’t she” Fred said airily for the fourth time now it must’ve been, “Yes Freddie, she’s lovely, and gone. The team’s gone out on the field already, would you get up already?!” George hoisted Fred off the bench by his sleeve and dragged him out onto the pitch, where Oliver was giving Y/N a quick rundown on all the players.

Once Y/N was in the air and practicing with the other girls, Oliver went up to Fred and George, “What’s the problem with Y/N?” he asks blankly to Fred in particular, “Why were you staring at her so intently just before? Don’t think she’s as good as Katie do you?” Before he could continue George jumps in, “nonono that’s not it, after all, she’s a wood, must be good!” “Flattery will get you nowhere, Weasley” Oliver replied with the same blank expression, “You’re being awful quiet, Fred, which means you’re plotting something probably, and if it involves Y/N in any way—“ George quickly cut him off, “Fred, go and help Angie with the Quaffle, would you?” with that Fred nodded and went over to help Angelina get the stubborn Quaffle out of the case.

“Look, Ollie—“ “Oliver, if you will” Oliver folded his arms, “Oliver, whatever. Listen, Freddie doesn’t want to upset Y/N or judge her chasing or anything like that, he actually has a bit of a fancy towards her” George leaned in to say the last part so that none of the other players would overhear.

Oliver’s eyes widened in shock, “No, no, no. I will NOT let that trouble maker make a move on my baby sister, he’ll be a bad enough influence just being on the same team!” Oliver seemed more outraged than George anticipated, “Oh come off it Wood, you haven’t seen the way she acts in potions with Snape, it’s enough to make me jealous of her antics” George chuckled while Oliver remained with his arms folded and an even deeper scowl on his face, making it clear that he wasn’t believing what George had to say.

That’s when George realised he was going about this all wrong, and that strategy needed to be used if he was going to get anywhere with this.

“Alright, suit yourself. I s’pose Marcus Flint wins this round then” George begins to walk off in the direction of Fred and Angelina, “what the hell are you talking about Weasley” Oliver seemed to have a hint of worry in his voice now. “Well, the word going around is that the Slytherin captain has eyes for your sister too, and since Freddie isn’t allowed to try and win her over, I guess that means Flinty has easy access to Y/N” George tried to hide his smile as not to give away his clever lie.

As George began to once again set off towards his brother and Angelina, Oliver grabbed him by the arm. “What do you want me to do to get Y/N and your brother together?”


Part 2 up soon!