harries twins

@finnharries: Exploring the streets of Manhattan during sunset. ~ New York. This is far too fun to do alone. Upload a picture of yourself jumping somewhere you love and tag it #worldjump. In 4 weeks I’ll post our favourites on the blog on jacksgap.com. Try and keep the jump as similar as possible to this one. Show me a place your passionate about! #worldjump


Imagine: Skyping with Jack & Finn while in class because you’re bored and them trying to make you laugh…

You’d finished the assignment your teacher had given you about twenty minutes ago and now you sat at the back of the class bored out of your mind. You sneak out your phone and text Jack explaining the situation, and instead of getting back to you the Skype icon comes up.

You click accept to Jack’s call and are surprised to see both Jack and Finn smiling at you in their creepy twin way. You try not to laugh or draw attention to yourself but then the twins start pulling funny faces at the camera to try and make you laugh.

You spend the rest of the class on the verge of tears from the stupid things they’d done to try and make you laugh. How did you get so lucky to have two best friends like Jack and Finn?