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Okay, um…so recently I posted two little drabble-like fics where Gordon Ramsay was the new Hogwarts Potions professor instead of Slughorn (totally based on this post). You can read those first two here and here…and now here’s part three! It’s the one you’ve all been waiting for…a confrontation between DADA-Professor!Snape and Potions-Professor!Ramsay! Hope you like it!

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modern!losers club + movies n video games
  • Richie and Eddie play animal crossing together all the time
  • Richie always comes to Eddie’s town and absolutely destroys it while Eddie chases him around and yells at him from across the room
  • Richie ends up feeling bad so he goes around Eddie’s town and waters all his plants and gives him all his bells
  • Eddie gets revenge by fucking DEMOLISHING him in mario kart
  • Like how the hell did this boy get so good
  • Richie and Stan compete in guitar hero like ,, every weekend
  • Ben secretly has the Hannah Montana game on Wii
  • Eddie and Ben watch romcoms and Harry Potter together, they bonded over how they both think Slytherins deserved better
  • No doubt all the losers watch Stranger Things together
  • Bev is crushing on Eleven, just saying
  • Richie is shook by how much Mike looks like him
  • Eddie is shook by how nice this Alternate Universe Richie is
  • Richie and Mike binge watch the Jurassic Park series all the goddamn time
  • Bev and Stan love Kingsman and went to see the second one on opening night
  • Bill loves Star Wars but none of his loser friends have ever seen it
  • One day he sits them all down and makes them watch it
  • Richie and Ben? Yeah now they’re in love with Star Wars like these nerds are head over heels
  • Bill Richie and Ben get together every three years to watch all the Star Wars movies, even when they’re adults

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A Little Thing Called Love: Chapter One

Author’s Note: This was an idea that I’ve had in my head for the past couple of days. I’ve been wanting to write a full on fan fiction, so here is Chapter One. If there are grammar or spelling mistakes, I apologize. I typed a majority of this out at two a.m. because I couldn’t wait to get all of these ideas typed out. I don’t have a set plot line for this story, so if you have any suggestions, please send them in! Feedback is much appreciated xx I hope you enjoy the beginning of a love story between Harry Styles and Jessica Thompson.

Jessica’s POV

It was a rather cold morning in London, almost below freezing. I wasn’t surprised though, it was the third of December after all.

I had no idea why I chose to study abroad in London. I despised the cold, but I didn’t mind weather that was on the chilly side. Autumn was my favorite month back home.

But as much as I hated the cold, I found myself with my hands shoved in my coat pockets, heading towards a restaurant to get some breakfast.

When I had arrived in London, I was quick to search out a breakfast place. I loved breakfast any time of the day, but I never seemed to wake up during the normal time breakfast was served, so more often than not, I ate brunch.

As I approached the door, I read the special for the day on the chalkboard that was placed right outside. It was Sunday which meant the special for the day was Breakfast Scramble. It consisted of multiple food items, and it pleased me because I loved a good variety in my food.

A smile spread across my face as I opened the door. The warmth from inside instantly hitting me. I walked in and waved to one of the waitresses. I had been coming here once a week for almost four months, so you could say the staff knew my face pretty well.

I pulled off my beanie as I headed towards my usual seat by the back window. As I was walking, I used my hands to try and flatten my hair I was sure looked unruly after taking my beanie off.

There normally wasn’t a lot of people here at this time, just a few stray people who did as I did and overslept. I was surprised when I found three people sitting next to the table I sat at.

At the table sat a younger woman, an older woman, and probably the most beautiful man I had ever seen.

The man was sat against the back wall, and so I did the same, mainly because if I had sit facing the wall, I knew my eyes would wander over to their table more than it should.

I set my beanie down beside me, and when I looked up, the waitress was there. “Hey Jessie! You want the usual drink. Perhaps the special for today?”

I smiled warmly at her and nodded gently. “You know me too well.” I laughed lightly as she wrote my order down and told me she’d be back with my drink shortly.

As I was waiting, I heard my phone ding, signaling I had received a notification. I didn’t know what it could be, considering I used social media very little, and had hardly any friends in London. The only people the notification could have come from were my friends and family back home. It was only eleven o’clock here, so that meant it was six o’clock in the morning there.

I pulled my phone from my pocket, and typed in my passcode. It was something far too typical, and anyone that knew me could probably guess it (it was my birthday, excluding the year, therefore what I had typed in was 0428).

As I unlocked my phone, I saw the message was from my best friend, Dylan. It wasn’t unusual for her to be awake this early, but it was since it was the weekend. I assumed she was scheduled at work for an early shift.

Dylan: Are you coming home for Christmas? I got you a gift already, and I would hate to have to spend MORE money shipping it ALL the way to London.

I laughed to myself at the text, hoping no one around me heard. They might would think I was a bit insane.

I knew Dylan was being a bit sarcastic, and I also knew that I had told her I wouldn’t be able to come home for Christmas. I wasn’t able to muster up enough money to pay for the round trip plane flight, and I knew she was upset about the news I had given her a few weeks ago. I had missed Thanksgiving as well.

I hated I couldn’t be there for the holidays, but school was my main focus. I wasn’t sure how to respond, but I managed to type back:

Jessica: Too bad :( You know I’d be there if I could xx. Oh, and since I guess I’m not getting my present, can you at least tell me what you got me?

I pressed send just as Emma, the waitress, came back with my drink. I thanked her with a smile on my face as she walked towards another table.

My phone dinged again, so I looked down at it.

Dylan: Not a chance in hell Jessica. Guess you’ll just have to wait and see until the next time you get home :)

I laughed to myself again. I really had to stop doing that, but Dylan’s humor always made me laugh, it’s the reason we became best friends after all.

Luckily I had time to text her back before my food arrived.

Jessica: Wow. So rude of you to keep such a thing from your BEST friend :( P.S. I’m eating brunch at my favorite breakfast place, and there’s this really cute guy sitting five feet from my table, and I’m doing my best to not stare at his beauty. I think you’d be proud :)

I thanked Emma again as she set my plate on the table. When she walked away again, I grabbed a knife and began spreading jam on my toast. I wasn’t a fan of grape jelly, only strawberry.

I hummed to myself happily as I bit into the toast. I knew the Breakfast Scramble was going to be way too much for me to eat by myself, but I figured if I had at least half of everything, I could save the rest for later.

I grabbed a fork and began eating the rest of my meal, sipping my orange juice in between bites of food. For some reason, I always did a little happy dance while I ate food. I barely noticed I did it, and I hoped and prayed that no one else did either.

I soon began to feel full, and when Emma came back around to ask if I needed anything else, I requested a to-go box. Once she went and got the box and brought it to me, I loaded it up with my leftovers. I had already given Emma my card so when she handed me the box, she gave my card back as well.

I gathered my to-go box and scooted my seat back, making my way towards the door. I took in a deep breath, bracing myself for the cold air I knew was about to hit. I pushed the door open, and walked outside, heading down the street.

Harry’s POV

I was sat at a table with my mom and Gemma. It was Gemma’s birthday so I decided to treat my family to a nice brunch. The restaurant we were in was probably my favorite.

I was laughing at something Gemma had said when I saw her. She was probably the most beautiful woman I had ever seen.

The girl’s hair was a light brown, and the little bit of sunlight that was peaking through the clouds outside shone onto it, making her hair appear as if some of it were blonde. Her cheeks were tinted pink from having been in the cold, and her hand was a bit disheveled. I assumed it was either the wind, or the beanie that was in her hands.

My mom broke my attention from her though, and I was forced to re-enter the conversation. However, I saw her heading in my direction from my peripheral vision, and I couldn’t help but smile. I knew she wasn’t heading to talk to me, but she was headed towards the table beside us.

I tried not to stare too much at her. It was Gemma’s birthday after all, and I didn’t want to seem rude by not paying attention to her.

As we sat and ate our brunch, I peaked at the girl through my peripheral vision multiple times. I cracked a smile whenever I saw her laughing at her phone, and doing a little happy dance while she was eating her food.

She had gotten up before I ever got the chance to introduce myself. I wasn’t sure how I even planned to do so, but once I turned to look at the empty table, I saw her phone and beanie laying on the chair that had sat beside her.

My eyes widened and I turned towards the door. I saw her figure walking out and heading down the street. Everything else I did after went in a blur.

I excused myself from the table quickly and moved to the table she was sitting at. I picked up her phone and beanie, quickly jogging out of the restaurant and down the street. I didn’t see her anywhere on this road, so I assumed she had turned off on another street.

Right as I turned around the corner, her phone dinged. The screen lit up and I couldn’t help but let my attention be drawn from the street and to the light emitting from her phone.

On the screen, there was a text message from someone named Dylan. I assumed it was probably a boyfriend of hers and I immediately felt discouraged. But there was a preview of one of the messages and I didn’t mean to be nosey, but I assumed it was talking about me.

Dylan: If he’s right beside you, go get his number! You need a love life Jess, and they always say that you meet the love of your life in college…and although you’re not in the city of love, you’re kind of close ;)

A smile appeared on my face as I read the message, and as soon as I looked back up from her phone, I ran into her. It was by accident, and my hands instinctively put my hands out, trying to steady the girl. “I’m so sorry!” I spoke a little louder than I should.

I think the girl remembered my face from the restaurant because a smile lit up her face. “It’s okay!” Her eyes scanned my body, and her smile grew bigger. “Do you just go around taking people’s personal items?” Her smile turned into a smirk, and a light shade of pink grew on my cheeks.

I went to rub the back of my neck sheepishly until I realized that my hands were full. I stuck them out towards her, and she gladly took the items from my hand. “It’s not something I make  habit of, but when a pretty girl leaves very important items in my favorite restaurant, you can’t help but take them.” I was feeling more and more confident as I spoke.

The girl’s cheeks were already pink, and after my comment, they turned a light shade of red. “Well, thank you.”

I hadn’t quite noticed her accent, and I smiled softly. “You’re welcome.” I had traveled the world and had been to many places in the United States, but I couldn’t quite identify where she was from. “Where are you from?”

She was pulling he beanie over her ears as I asked her the question, and I saw her eyes raise up to mine. I assumed she didn’t think I was going to ask questions about her from the expression on her face.

“I’m from the United States…North Carolina to be more exact.” She tucked a stray piece of hair underneath her beanie. “I’m Jess by the way…and you are?” Her eyebrows were curved in a way that signaled she was actually interested in the answer, and I was a bit surprised that she didn’t know.

I was never one to assume people knew my face and what I do, but it was very rare to find someone who didn’t see me as more than I was. “I’m Harry…Harry Styles.” I smiled softly and placed my hand out in front of me to shake Jessica’s gently. She did the same, and I couldn’t help but smile at how tiny her hands were compare to mine. She was also a good bit shorter than I was as well.

“Well…it’s nice to meet you Harry.” As she spoke, I noticed she seemed a bit impatient and I decided that I would excuse myself so she could leave.

“I’m sorry if I’m holding you up.” I bit my lip, looking back towards the direction I had came from. “I should probably get back to my mom and sister, it is her birthday after all.” I chuckled gently and shoved my hands into my jeans pocket.

She laughed softly and nodded. “It’s okay.” She paused for a brief minute. “Thank you again. I don’t know what I would have done without my phone. I’ve got a huge Biology test to study for, and losing my phone would have just been…awful.” She put emphasis on the word before sliding her phone into her back pocket. “Tell your sister that I hope she has a wonderful birthday.”

I smiled down at her. She was unbelievably beautiful. “I will…and you have fun studying. I’m sure you’ll do great.” I honestly didn’t know how she was going to do, but everyone needed words of encouragement.

A blush rose of her cheeks again. “Thank you.” She looked down at her feet before bringing her hand up, her thumb pointing in the direction she had been heading. “I guess I’m gonna go now.”

I nodded and bit my lip. “Maybe I’ll see you around? Do you eat there often?”

I saw a smile form on her face as she nodded ‘yes.’ “I eat there once a week, it’s probably my favorite place to eat in London.”

I probably looked like an idiot at how big I was smiling, and my dimples were definitely showing. “I’ve never met someone who had the same favorite restaurant as me.” I chuckled lightly before taking in a breath of cold air. I hadn’t realized how cold I actually was until now. “Well…I’m going to head back to them now.”

Jess smiled at me as I turned around and waved at her while she did the same. It was stupid of me to want to see her again, and I already knew I was going to be coming to the restaurant a lot more often than I already did, but there was something about her that I couldn’t identify, and I wanted to learn more.

As I walked away, a smile was pressed firmly on my face as I reentered the warmth of the restaurant. Mom and Gemma had facial expressions that were asking ‘Where have you been and where in the world did you go?’ but all I could manage to tell them was “That girl that was sitting beside us, her name’s Jess, and she told me to tell you that she hopes you have a good birthday.”


Made a new masterlist since the last one doesn’t work anymore.

Hope you’ll find what you need in the masterlist! (even thought it’s pretty messy)

And… May the force be with you ~

The Walking dead

Rosita Espinosa

Wrong side

Maggie Greene

In love

Dating Lauren Cohan would include

I’ll protect you

We need to be strong (part 2)

My mom

Lose it all


My mom

Sasha Williams

Dating Sasha Williams would include



You’re welcome


Dating Laura would include

Jessie Anderson

You’re too damn cute

Dating Jessie Anderson would include

Welcome to Alexandria


Saving Rick, Michonne and Carl (gif)

I’m so proud of you

Beth Greene



Saving Rick, Michonne and Carl (gif)

It’ll take time

Glenn Rhee

In love

Cuss words


Negan lets you live because he wants you to be a part of the saviors (gif)

Ignore that explosion

Dating Negan would include



The day will come you won’t be

Shane Walsh

Having a fight with Shane (gif)

Don’t push me away


Saving Rick, Michonne and Carl (gif)

In love

I don’t want to hurt you

This is the end, isn’t it?

Prove me wrong

This isn’t about you!

I’m proud of us

Was that sarcarsm

Leave me alone

Trust me


Matching tattoos (part 2)


Do not touch her



Meeting Jesus for the first time (gif)


I did a pregnancy test

I did a pregnancy test (2)


I’m pregnant

Daryl Dixon

Remember when you used to care

It wasn’t that bad

Trust me



The day will come you won’t be

Baby wolf

King Ezekiel 

Talk dirty to me

Being friend with Ezekiel and Shiva would include


I had to see you again

I lost the baby


I won’t hurt you

Merle Dixon

First kiss

Twd family



Fear The Walking Dead

Alicia Clark

Sneaking off

I will always protect you


Ofelia Salazar

Dating Ofelia Salazar would include

Broken heart (part 2)

Nick Clark

Nick Clark having a crush on you would include

Thank you

The world before

I’m a dad

I will always protect you


Nick Clark being jealous would include

Chris Manawa


Madison Clark


The Walking Dead Games


Being Clementine’s big sister would include

Are you okay?

Game Of Thrones

Daenerys Targaryen

Dating Daenerys Targaryen would include

You don’t have to be jealous

Would you marry me?

Arya Stark

Dating Arya Stark would include

The woman I fell in love with

No child of mine

Sansa Stark

Fighting for her

Dating Sansa Stark would include

I’ll follow you

Myrcella Baratheon


Wynonna Earp

Wynonna Earp


You don’t have to be jealous

Star Wars


Dating Rey would include

You’re a force user and help Rey during her training would include

I’m back

Happy birthday

Captain Phasma


I missed you


Poe Dameron

Being drunk and Poe Dameron’s reaction would include

Ahsoka Tano

Dating Ahsoka Tano would include

Barriss Offee

Dating Barriss Offee would include

Sabine Wren

Dating Sabine Wren would include

Tomb Raider

Lara Croft

Dating Lara Croft would include

Old ennemy


Lethal Weapon

Maureen Cahill

Dating Maureen Cahill would include

The 100

Raven Reyes

Dating Raven Reyes would include

Lost you




Echo Kom Azgeda

Safe with me

Octavia Blake

Dating Octavia Blake would include


Ai hod you in

Clarke Griffin

Be strong

Can’t let you go

Monty Green

By your side

Finn Collins


Bellamy Blake

Horror movies marathon

The Shannara Chronicles


Dating Eretria would include

Amberle Elessedil

Dating Amberle Elessedil would include

DC Comics

Wonder Woman

Diana Prince

Dating Diana Prince would include

Discovering you have powers and telling Diana would include

4th of July


New job

Adopting a cat with Diana would include

Wrong spell

It’s your birthday


Miny trinity


My hero

Gotham City Sirens

Harley Quinn

Gay pride

Dating Harley Quinn would include

Poison Ivy


June Moone

I’ll wait for you


Alex Danvers

Dating Alex Danvers would include


Kara Danvers

Dating Kara Danvers would include



Lena Luthor

She isn’t single

The Flash

Caitlin Snow / Killer Frost

Dating Killer Frost / Caitlin Snow would include





Movie night

Jesse Quick

Dating Jesse Quick would include

I’ll find you

Gotham ( tv show )

Tabitha Galavan


Feeling loved


Martian Manhunter


Fooling around


The Avengers

Wanda Maximoff

Being Tony Stark’s daughter and dating Wanda Maximoff would include

Wanda helping you with your powers would include

Natasha Romanoff



Dating Valkyrie would include

Tony Stark

Being Tony Stark’s daughter and dating Wanda Maximoff would include

Guardians of the Galaxy


Dating Gamora would include


Michelle Jones

Dating Michelle “ MJ “ Jones would include

May Parker


Agents of the SHIELD

Daisy Johnson

Dating Daisy Johnson would include


Jean Grey



Betty Cooper

Dating Betty Cooper would include

My girlfriend

Veronica Lodge

I won

Don’t screw it

Halloween movies


Is that my hoodie?

Cheryl Blossom 

Dating Cheryl Blossom would include

I will help you

Nothing is wrong with you

Stay awake (part 2)

I won



Not secret anymore

Don’t screw it 

Shut up

Love at first sight (part 2)

I’m not good enough

We are in love

You’re safe with me

I will always miss you

Second try


She’s my girl

Halloween party

Please, don’t jump

You need to eat (part 2)

Are you jealous




Make it up


Jughead Jones


Toni Topaz



Claire Novak

One week


Dating Rowena would include

Being Rowena’s apprentice would include

Charlie Bradbury

I am a hunter

You’re not mad?

Dean Winchester

Dating Dean Winchester would include


Just breathe okay?

To the rescue

Fixing car




Sam Winchester



Just breathe okay?

To the rescue




Harry Potter

Hermione Granger

Being a Gryffindor and dating Hermione Granger would include

Being a Slytherin and dating Hermione Granger would include

Being a Ravenclaw and dating Hermione Granger would include

Being a Hufflepuff and dating Hermione Granger would include

Restricted Section

Summer holidays

Pansy Parkinson

We have to fight

Dating Pansy Parkinson would include

Ginny Weasley

Dating Ginny Weasley would include

You make every day worth living

Not enough

Luna Lovegood

Dating Luna Lovegood would include


Lavender Brown

Dating Lavender Brown would include

Fleur Delacour

Being Fleur Delacour’s friend would include

Triwizard Tournament

13 reasons why

Hannah Baker

Dating Hannah Baker would include


Don’t you dare to die on me

You’ll be alright

Jessica Davis

Dating Jessica Davis would include

I love you

Zach Dempsey

Dating Zach Dempsey would include

Clay Jensen


The Last of Us

Ellie Williams

Dating Ellie Williams would include


Teen Wolf

Allison Argent

Allison Argent having a crush on you would include


Lydia Martin

Stay with me



Malia Tate

First date


American Horror Story

Jimmy Darling

I love you

Tate Langdon

You’re too perfect

Violet Harmon

Perfect relationship

Person of Interest

Sameen Shaw

Dating Sameen Shaw would include


Dating Root and having PTSD would include


Beverly Marsh

Dating Beverly Marsh would include

Stranger Things

Joyce Byers

Dating Joyce Byers would include


Ellen “ Shepherd “ Briggs

Dating Ellen Briggs would include

I love you

I’m high af right now but the fact that i can listen to a song with just niall’s voice, a song with just louis’ voice, a song with just liam’s voice, a song with just zayn’s voice and a song with just harry’s voice is fucking mind blowing but thEN IF I WANT TO HEAR ALL OF THEIR BEAUTIFUL VOICES TOGETHER!!! I CAN JUST LISTEN TO A 1D SONG!! it’s beautiful man

Everyone Lived.

Everyone lived. When Harry was born, Lily hardly saw him because Sirius was fitting him into a tiny leather jacket, Remus was reading to him, and James was already trying to sneak him to the Quidditch supply store to get Harry his first toy broom. Christmases were spent with full bellies and rooms stuffed with laughter, and there wasn’t a single person without flushed cheeks from all the wine. Lily’s eyes sparkled, and there was always a joke on the tip of James’ tongue. All Harry knew was love, love, love, from every corner of the universe.

Everyone lived, and every Thursday afternoon, Sirius and Remus took Harry to the “library”, which was the secret word they taught him for the ice cream parlor. With each trip, they ordered the biggest sundae that was offered with three spoons, and Harry always ate nearly all of it. They kept it up until the day Harry asked Lily to take him to the library and, when confronted with the shelves piled high with books, he asked her where they went to order their ice cream.

Remus and Sirius got married when Harry was three, and Harry was the ring bearer. Lily cried the first time she saw him in his tiny dress robes. They were just long enough that he nearly tripped halfway up the aisle. There wasn’t a single pair of dry of eyes in the audience that day.

Everyone lived, and on Harry’s sixth birthday, he celebrated alongside Neville with all their friends and family. James gave Harry his first set of toy Quidditch balls. He, Ron, Neville, Draco, and Ginny all played together until Draco pushed Neville off his broom and into the cake Alice had spent hours working on. Lily tried so hard not to laugh at Neville’s frosting-covered face, but instead she went beet red and gave herself away to everyone.

Draco said he was sorry. He actually meant it.

Everyone lived, and the moms had a Lockhart book club, which consisted of everyone getting wine-drunk and complaining about their husbands together. Draco, Neville, Harry and Ron eavesdropped and reported back to their dads, who were standing around the kitchen armed with beer, about what they did wrong that week. Each of the meetings somehow coincidentally ended with each of the men stopping by to bring their respective wives bouquets of flowers or boxes of chocolate “because they just felt like it.”

Everyone lived, and Draco and Harry were friends, believe it or not. When Narcissa and Lucius had a date night, they dropped Draco off at the Potters. James told them scary stories in the darkness of their blanket tent. Lily used magic to cast shadows all over their living room, and Harry and Draco wouldn’t sleep for the rest of the night. But Lily kissed each of their foreheads and assured them each that everything would be fine, because she and James would never let anything bad happen to either of them.

She meant it.

Draco and Harry stayed up until their eyelids were simply too heavy to bear, but Harry managed to remain awake till Draco was completely asleep before closing his eyes. It was one of the most peaceful things he’d ever seen. He wasn’t exactly sure why he thought that. Not yet, anyways.

Everyone lived. Everyone got a little bit older. The kids all went off to Hogwarts, somehow managing to stuff themselves all into one train compartment, even with Hermione once she joined. Draco and Harry got put into different houses, which was a relief to everyone around them. “they already bickered like a married couple without rooming together,” Ron said when they were first sorted, “I don’t want to think about what we’d have to deal with if they were sharing a dorm.”

The only time Harry and Draco forgot about their friendship was when they played against each other in Quidditch. There were no rules when you needed to be the first one to the snitch.

(I suppose there weren’t any rules when it came to making out with your best friend in an empty corridor after drinking half a bottle of fire whiskey, either.)

Sixth year came with sly glances and brushing fingertips in the hallway; throwing all caution to the wind and risking friendship for feelings Harry and Draco had been denying since they were kids. Ron and Hermione exchanged knowing looks, but no one said a word. Not even when Harry inconspicuously crept out of bed nearly every night at half past two with his Invisibility cloak in tow, not returning until the sun was just peeking out over the mountains, if at all. He looked happier than ever that year, secrets tugging on the corners of his mouth every time he spoke.

Everyone lived, and when Draco and Harry came out to their families their seventh year, everyone groaned. “You owe me ten Galleons,” was the first thing James said to Lucius, and Harry knew then that everything was going to be okay.

Because everyone was here, surrounding him, breathing, alive. They all hugged him and Draco at once, cheeks smooshed together, a mess of laughter and “I love you’s” and kisses on foreheads. They were all connected then, their pulses stitching them together with a bond Harry knew nothing could break.

They all knew hurt; they knew pain and suffering, and they knew loss, but most of all, they knew each other. They knew love, and they knew hope.

As they stood there, a giant amoeba of people from all walks of life, some more challenging than others, Harry let go of the breath he felt as though he had been holding for his entire life.