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agree with your last response to that anon and to add onto that imagine if all the larries just disappeared. do they know how much things wouldn't be done ? we lead so many projects, voting, calling in etc. sad how we're diminished to this

I think all the boys would be in for a rude awakening if Larries no longer did stuff for them, and that’s why I think it’s so unfortunate that we continue to be treated like absolute shit after all these years. Louis and Harry have definitely done things over the years to show that they’re grateful for us (the bears were a huge one) and more recently, Louis took special care to emphasize how grateful he is for ALL fans, but stuff like what happened today with Gemma still happens from time to time and it’s really unfair and upsetting to watch.

We lead projects and charity efforts for the boys and the vast majority of us do our best to support all four boys, but especially Harry and Louis, so it’s frustrating that we’re ALWAYS reduced to the worst and most annoying among us. Yes, there are Larries who are annoying, invasive, and rude, but there are also hets, Narries, antis, and other groups of fans who do annoying, invasive, and rude things, yet they never receive negative attention for it the way we do every single time. And yeah, Larries are a large and super engaged segment of the fandom, so you probably see it more from us (the Larry comments on Twitter and Instagram are beyond fucking annoying and they need to stop), but it’s not a coincidence that we’re the ones who are continually targeted with these types of rants and rude comments. We’ve been abused for years by “the boys” (aka 1DHQ), their friends, their family members, their beards, and other fans (who are encouraged by 1DHQ and the behavior of all those other people, of course), and having been here for nearly five years and watched this happen again and again, I’ve gotta say that it’s really fucking exhausting and it does the opposite of motivate me to be an engaged fan, which is a damn shame.

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Hi!! Sorry to bother, but I was thinking.. isn't this a not-so-smart thing to do for H right now? I mean, I'm SUPER excited for his music and I can't wait to hear it, but I honestly thought he was gonna wait till after Dunkirk. Do you think one will overshadow the other? I mean, im sure they thought about that obviously, but.. the two things just seem a little too close in time to me... (ps sorry for my English, it's not my native language, and thank you for your time!)


So, here’s the thing. This fandom has been saying that the best way for Harry to release his music would be to wait for Dunkirk promo to be over. I, for one, months ago, when asked how I’d handle Harry’s career moves, had theorised something like that. In the last weeks, though, it started being clear that their plans were different. And you know what? I think I’m gonna trust them over fandom’s talks, because they’re professional and they’re inside and close to the situation. Sure, to go with his first music project right at the same time as his first movie project, that mean they MUST be really confident they have great material in their hands. If they only put out average stuff, that’ll end up not so good. This also mean something people might not have considered. That yes, Harry wants to be an actor and a respectable one (he wouldn’t have gone for this kind of role otherwise), but that he wants to be a musician just the same, if not more. 

To do a joint, double promo push, you have to be brave and take a risk. What’s about to come for Harry is so so very delicate. They seem to be quite confident and I don’t see a reason to be worried about it. I’m personally excited and tend to trust them, if only for the huge bet they’re about to make. Harry’s been so very queit and hidden for an infinite time, he’s ready to handle this now. And if it works out as it’s meant to do, well, he’ll make a very big boom.

Your English is perfect and if it weren’t- just like mine- it certainly wouldn’ be a problem xx

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I mean solo Harry will probably bury dad Liam, but at the same time let Louis have a moment for himself please

but like….if this is really liam’s kid, or even just from the world’s perspective that it is his kid, burying it with his super anticipated solo news isn’t a good or nice thing for harry to do either? and no, i don’t think this is harry wanting to fuck over his bandmates AT ALL, just like i don’t think it was liam’s decision to drop this news tonight, but i just don’t get any of this and why this stuff is happening. i don’t understand why there still seems to be this push to divide the fandom. like what the fuck is the deal behind the scenes that this is still happening? it’s so absurd. it’s one thing when the boys are coordinating appearances to avoid overlapping, and it’s another when they seem to coordinate stuff INTENDING for it to overlap. like when another man magazine and niall’s song dropped on the same day. i get that the fandom is super engaged on days like this, but it also pisses people off and it forces people to choose what they want to focus on, which splits up the fandom and causes nastiness between the different groups of fans. and it’s so so so so frustrating because it shouldn’t be this way and i don’t understand why they still make it this way. i’m exhausted.

No discourse but…wtf is with people implying that Cynthia, Cisco’s comic canon love interest, was brought on the show because the writers wanted to subvert [insert crackship]..



Nick Harris: 
“Somebody asked me the other day - they were doing a feature on him - ‘is he actively involved in these moto2 and moto3 teams?’ they asked me, thinking that he just put his name to it. I said yeah he’s involved, he rides every single day with them at his Ranch, he’s - well there he is - he’s absolutely their mentor in every single way.” (Qatar)

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I just hate how everything is always our fault. What about the people sending her tweets shipping Harry with every other girl/guy on the planet. Is that not a big deal? What about all the people sending tweets about how they want Harry to do sexual things to them? That's not bad either. It's always the larries that get the hate. Even though we're the ones that start all the projects to help promote their music and raise the most for charity. I'm so done.

we are this fandom’s punching bag

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Why are these boys determined to kill us on March 25th?! First we got baby Payno, now we got Harry doing the same thing he did before Another Man, and Louis is performing at a huge festival. All we need is for Niall to drop his album or post a golf pic and complete the fucking circle.

And a chest rug selfie. Start writing my fucking obituary.

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so i just saw the harry thing and im like *libby voice* SO ALIVE

queen im like.. rihvived *libby voice* harry aiko productions returneth 

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It's your larrimation/SAO&VocabL. otp anon and I need to know all the thoughts on the thing that Harry aka dramatic baby Mick Ziggy Starboy just shabammed on us with a 30 sec. advert? recorded on someone's phone? off of the tv? And then he's wet? And eyes? And Xavier Dolan? Maybe? He just released the kracken. I was not ready.



Now…let’s pretend this is a story all about how Harold’s life got flipped-turned upside down, and I’d like to take a minute…DONT YOU DARE SMIRK…to show you what happens after he drowns at Dunkirk

Time for a new start, new art, goodbye smoke and mirrors, he leaving the dark

got that light ahead Harry, you’re making us wary, could this new path of yours be revolutionary?

reach out and grab it, the past is the past. What a visual metaphor for a true iconoclast

He sees beyond him, but what does he do? Stay in the dark or fukin COME THROUGH?


we see you Hersh and your soul-snatching greens

april 7th we’ll know what this afterlife means. 

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Larries claiming Liam announcing his child who was only born this week on mothers day (how sweet really) and Harry doing things that have obviously been planned months in advance (6 months since the AM drop) and it being some sort of slight towards Louis??? They just proved how much they have only EVER cared about Louis and larrie. They don't give a shit about the others their lives or their careers, harry included even though he is ostensibly part of their larrie ship.

But like do they think they’re choosing to do this to hurt Louis on purpose?

Or is Bossman responsible?

Why is Bossman doing this?

Because that’s some crazy #Yachts vs Closets stuff if Bossman somehow managed to plan for Liam’s baby to be born 3 days before Mother’s Day or that Harry gets to have a hugely built up lead single promoted just now in order to hurt Louis.

Is their argument at the end of this just gonna be “Bossman hates Louis and is forcing the others to lead incredibly successful happy lives purely in the best way to spite Louis”?