My biggest questions after season 4 BTW spoilers!!

1. Is shiro still a clone because the writers really made me question if what I believe to be clone shiro is actually the real shiro! So good job writers

2. Did Lotor learn to dislocated his shoulders or is he just really double jointed or was it just the spur of the moment thing like well I guess my only way out if this is just to dislocate my both shoulders lol

3. What is going to happen to Narits cat???

4. Does Shiro have a family back on earth or not?

5. Still what is Keith and Shiro relationship?? what is they’re backstory on earth?? I need to know!!

6. Are Lance and Hunk childhood friends or did they just meet at the academy and become friends there?

7. Why does Hunk never really talk about his family back on earth?? does he have one??

8. Is Matt 25 or is he younger because I’ve seen some people say he’s the same age as Shiro and same people say he’s younger Idk

9. Is nerits cat the same cat from Honerva (harrar)

10. When and Where the did Lance learn this because it doesn’t just come out of nowhere

If you’re Black and American and tired of being insulted and

assaulted by every Tom, Dick, and Susan; by every Afua, Babatunde, and Halim; by every Jose, Mercedes and Juanita; by every Rahman, Rahima and Harrar; by every Jean, Jacque and Madalene; by every Phillip, Annabelle and Leslie…

Follow Black American OURstory and strap up with some knowledge of your Black American self and others. Time to start bustin back… by speaking truth to power and prejudice! 

Time for everybody to pump their brakes on their disrespect of us, and either get down with our struggle, or lay down. It’s clear that our 9s spray but we need to serve notice that in 2015…