Players of Endgame
  • Marcus Loxias Megalos / Minoan / 16.24 years / 5th
  • Chiyoko Takeda / Mu / 17.89 years / 2nd
  • Sarah Alopay / Cahokian / 17.98 years / 223rd
  • Alice Ulapala / Koori / 18.34 years / 34th
  • Aisling Kopp / La Tène / 19.94 years / 3rd
  • Baitsakhan / Donghu / 13.02 years / 13th
  • Jago Tlaloc / Olmec / 19.14 years / 21st
  • An Liu / Shang / 17.46 years / 377th
  • Shari Chopra / Harrapan / 17.82 years / 55th
  • Kala Mozami / Sumerian / 16.50 years / 89th
  • Maccabee Adlai / Nabataean / 16.42 years / 8th
  • Hilal ibn Isa al-Salt / Aksumite / 18.69 years / 144th
Endgame D&D

Hosting an Endgame D&D and we need players!!
Currently the cast includes:
Minoan: Keegan
Koori: Elijah
Harrapan: Utem
Nabatean: Adlei
Aksumite: Eikon
Donghu: Chi
Shang: Bo
Celt: Dara

Sumerian: Azazle Cahokian: N/A Olmec: In need of player

Its being held on discord so let me know if you’re interested! We still need a Mu, Sumerian, Cahokian, and Olmec
Like all games the first move is essential

My brother is reading Sky key, the part where the Harrapans decide to go to their stronghold. He’s like “damn what an over powered plan, and when big Alice comes to help Shari, the other players are gonna get so wrecked” welllll

According to my brothers insta, ankh nigs is on ten today.

Like fareal y'all are a detriment to the movement. And why truth about black origins of the human species gets confused with this reactionary desire to black wash all history because we learned white washed versions of our history.

Imma say this in chronological order, as a person who collegiately studied art, art history and socio-anthropology.

Earliest evidence of upright standing hominids that evolved from a common ancestor with non upright standing apes (chimps) dates as far back as like 7.4 million years ago.
That is when humans officially stop being apes like chimps and gorillas. And it happened in Africa 7.4million years ago.

There were many species of upright standing ape-like creatures. Homo habilis and erectus along with australopithicus afarensus and anthrolopithicus were upright standing apes that left Africa and depending on their migratory paths interbred with each other.
700,000 years ago. This is basic anthropological data. Its what is taught in the most basic pass fail anthropology classes. This is what’s most widely accepted and agreed on by all the scientific and academic communities. Out of africa theory (the most recent widely agreed upon one) spans multiple out of africa waves.

Science is literally only unclear as to why there is only one species now after so many existed side by side.

Which is easily answered by interbreeding and isolation, and dwindling resources. Again the whys and hows are the vague parts science doesnt know.

I just named 3 different upright standing apes that lived along our ancestors in africa for multiple millennia and eons. Now some of these hominids screwed and became neanderthals and denisovans.
200,000-70,000 years ago.

Mind you the genetic cocktail of soon to be human had branched out from africa with neanderthals in the middle east and denisovans moving toward russia. This is the time of archaic humans. Cave men start at the decline of our more chimp like relatives in africa around the birth of homo erectus in africa.

Homo erectus, the architype archaic human that fucked neanderthals and denisovans was still in africa fucking other upright ape people. Refining its form and leaving africa in waves.
The first wave left africa and stayed along the equator and became melanesians/ aborigines
The second wave fucked stayed in the areas neanderthals and denisovans shared and fucked both, 100,000

the third wave fucked neanderthals in the middle east and progressively moved along with their half neanderthal children deeper into europe creating europeans.
100,000-70,000 years ago

This is not a hard concept.

So for you problack people grasping at straws.
The upright standing apes that made humans as a category of apes came from africa.
700,000 yrs ago
But neanderthals and Denisovans and other upright standing apes lived all over.
100,000 yrs ago
Our early black humans fucked the cave men and made different races.
70,000-yrs ago-30,000 yrs ago.

And now we have the beginnings of human tools post stone age written history and the different “races” exist
20,000-5,000 years ago.


That is different than saying all indigenous people where originally black. But at the same time similar.

Evolution doesnt stop. And what people from those groups pass as black, do so because they have direct lineage to the upright ape cocktail that created Bantu people. Who have the largest concentration of dna that actually makes us HUMANITY by academic definition.

Their blood lines have concentrated expressions of those ancient lineages where as everyone else in europe and the northern parts of asia have a much higher concentration of neanderthal and Denisovans dna; and through xenophobia, geographic isolation, and strategic incest, bred them selves for certain traits.

This shouldn’t still shake your notions on black being the origin of the species as all hominid genetic lines come from africa, but evolution isn’t restricted to our continent. And neither is the advancement of culture. Also the part of Africa that holds the genetic codes for the whole world is the horn of africa. Bantu people are from the west side in the rich rain shadow of the mountains that cut africa in half. Meaning people left the horn of africa and went through the desert and the grass lands of south africa to get to the west coast. Infact the pygmies of the congo along with the ones on the andaman islands of india, and native australians have the oldest unbroken/mixed genetic lines.


Yes there are small black peoples in every country. But being black isnt specific to africa. Being BANTU (west african ethnicity) is, just like northern asians and europeans are a clear sign that cold temperatures almost inherently breed people who xenophobic-ally invade, rape and pillage people from equatorial countries.

Whiteness and blackness are north vs south.
The whole word isn’t white, neither is it black.
Its brown and pale mother fuckers cant stay in their own countries and leave southerners alone because they decided to live in places with winters and annually migrate to other places and take their resources.

This is basic history. Look at the huns, the hans, all of european colonialism/feudalism, the feudalist period of china, korea and Japan, the erasure of jamon people in japan, the aryan harrapan civilizations subjugation of earlier blacker indian peoples indigenous to south india.
Hell the Polynesians inadvertently did it to Melanesians before north east asians tried fucking over Laos and Vietnam.

Pale cold people seasonally move south and fuck over black tropical kingdoms. That is the summary of all human history.
There is no need to fucking make up dumb shit like original native americans were black and built up america as the first egypt before egypt.
Thats stupid as fuck
Also its more accurate to say egypt was a nubian/sudanese colony made to trade down river with Mediterranean populations.

Truth is better than fiction go research shit. And i mean from credible scientific sources, where the researchers in the field are credited. primary and secondary sources research. You are already on the internet you are half way there.

Confused about a word i used or a ape i mentioned, copy and paste exists. But please stop reposting these faux pseudo black supremacy memes and articles that are purely conjecture.

I get you mad at seeing black folks celebrate st. Patties instead of black history month. But the Twa people of central africa are not the basis of the goblins and dwarves of celtic lore.

Dwarfism is a human genetic trait that becomes dominant when populations spend extended isolation on island nations.
Western european lore is based on main land neanderthal blooded big bodied Saxons (Danish, and Germanic peoples) and Gauls (latin french) going to england and ireland and meeting with the varyingly dwarfed populations of celtic/ gaelic people with even higher neanderthal blood concentrations becoming dwarfed through island life and interbreeding with them.
Bottom line period.

Fake woke ass ankh mutha fuckas.