Hey guys, Sam here. I know it’s been like a million of years since my last follow friday and I forgot to do it again last friday so here’s my sexy sunday and is a very special one because, first: i didn’t forget to do it lol & second: it’s my very first sexy sunday so yeah. I know I don’t really talk to every single one of you, but you always make my dash look perfect and I really love you. Don’t ever delete or I’ll delete your lifes ok. xx Ps: please ignore my shitty edit :(

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And a very special love to this gurl who is blog sitting me while I can’t be on: cumhaz

I love you all and sorry if I missed you, everybody has xmas urls and omg :(


Hey girl, i love you so much and we’ve been friends for so long now and I hope we stay friends for a rly long time (like 5ever).  Have an amazing day and enjoy being 17!  All the best and we’re going to do all the things we plan on doing one day, happy happy birthday xx!

harrystylestagram  asked:

i just had no idea what that meant and i was thinking of cats the musical and how creepy that is and i dont like it and i had a cat named fish but we gave it away thats my story

No, musicals are the worst things to ever exist.

I have a cat, my family calls him asshole cat because well, he’s an asshole.