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Happy Birthday Harpy Valentine and Happy Valentine ~ ♥

I guess it’s my first time drawing Val this seriously; my love for the Birb really grew those past months thanks to @greedyharpy to whom I should totally dedicate this little drawing /v.

Poor Val, his name is totally a pun but that’s one of the reasons we love him so much ♥


I am jumping on the winged bandwagon. Have a Captain America. 

*Edit: Iron Man is finished.*

The first picture is crooked, which is kind of my fault. The second is mostly there as a close up on the designs. I forgot about his shoes though. 

We’ll see how far I can get with this. I want to draw Iron Man and Black Widow as well, but the others are up in air.

There was a vague story running in my head when I drew this which is why Cap ended up having tattoos instead of his costume, but writing was never my forte.

And Iron Man has a small presence here, I wonder if it is noticeable.

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A - age: 20

B - biggest fear: death/non-existence

C - current time: 7:30am

D - drink you last had: water

E - every day starts with: scrolling through my phone and begrudgingly accepting the fact that I am indeed awake for another day

F - favorite song: Put Your Records On by Corinne Bailey Rae

G - ghosts, are they real: nah

H - hometown: Tucson, AZ

I - in love with: Michael Willett and another guy I’m crushing pretty hard on (but no names 😉)

J - jealous of: talented people

K - killed someone: do book characters count?

L - last time you cried: hard to say since I’m a cold hearted binch (jk it was like a few days ago 😂😂)

M - middle name: yes

N - number of siblings: 1

O - one wish: to finally live a life where I’m content with who I am and be happy (also finding true love would be awesome too)

P - person you last called/texted: my aunt

Q - question you’re always asked: are you ok?

R - reasons to smile: family, friends, music, art, books, animals, a sunny day, movies, just the little things that make the darkness of life a little brighter

S - song last sang: Be a Lion from The Wiz

T - time you woke up: 7am

U - underwear color: black & red

V - vacation destination: Brazil, Puerto Rico, Ireland (I’ll get there someday)

W - worst habit: procrastination

X - x-rays you’ve had: just on my teeth at the dentist. This klutz still has yet to break a bone or whatever

Y - your favorite food: cookies (and if desserts don’t count then burgers)

Z - zodiac sign: gemini

Alright kiddies your turn!!! Imma tag @arabprincee @kunda-astratta-montosse-canda @popmybuckle @damnitsten @stentastic @forensirob @awesomelunawolf @uncommondolphin @nick-ademu5 @thegayaxeman @its-jackp and anyone else who’d like to do it!!

I’m not even bothering to understand.