Team Rocket VS Team Skull!

savagepassion  asked:

I'm getting the feeling Henry and Bendy are going to bond over their mutual PTSD. It wasn't as noticeable before but I think Bendy as he is now is probably in a constant state of exhaustion/agony. I know for a fact if you hang around the door after Bendy chases you in there you can hear him pound on it for moment then lean on it gasping for air before limping away. Somebody save this poor boy. ;_;


@squigglydigglydoo WE CALLED A THING

Uh I mean, yes there’s gonna be some trauma and bonding over trauma, though for different reasons than in-game. Let’s just say Bendy isn’t supposed to look like that when Blot Bendy and leave it at that for a while, mm?

This shot from the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope shows a maelstrom of glowing gas and dark dust within one of the Milky Way’s satellite galaxies, the Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC). This stormy scene shows a stellar nursery known as N159, an HII region over 150 light-years across. N159 contains many hot young stars. 

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Was Ghazan ever shown to employ Waterbending-like moves in his usage of Lavabending? It would make sense as as an Earthbender - whose movements are based on the rigidness and solidness of earth - would have to change their style of movement to accommodate to the more liquid-like state of lava, yes.

Unfortunately, neither Ghazan nor Bolin use waterbending like moves to waterbend, even though it would make sense for them to do it (although Bolin seems to come sort of close…they still both use pretty rigid, and rooted movements though). 

Anyway, the only person who uses waterbending style moves is Avatar Jafar:

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I’ve had a strange week. Its been quite hectic and a little peculiar, but there have been some lovely things. I got my new glasses, for example. And I finally found some good history revision guides. I’m also finishing “Books Vs Cigarettes” by George Orwell. I hope you’re all staying as calm as possible with exams lurking around the corner.