Pt. 1: Here’s a GIF of the original storyboards for the “Camp Lebanon Flood Sequence” from Moonrise Kingdom. A lot of the shots changed/ or the script was rewritten. But my boards were handed out on set, so you’ll see a lot of it sticks pretty closely. Also at this point I knew Edward Norton was cast, but Harvey Keitel hadn’t been yet… or else I would have made it look like him!


Inside Sony Pictures Animation - Storyboard Artist Patrick Harpin


“From Away” Animated Series Trailer!

Hey world!

Here’s a trailer for the new animated series I’m workin on, called “FROM AWAY”!

(Warning: I’m guessing this is Rated “R”. There’s some cuss words and a couple naked people in it.)

I wrote, storyboarded, animated, and edited the 13 minute pilot episode in my apartment, on my Cintiq. This trailer is made up of footage from the pilot.

I went to Calarts for Character animation when I was 18. After my second year I got called up for storyboarding bootcamp at Pixar, and survived.  After my third year I dropped out to work at Blue Sky, and somehow ended up storyboarding “Moonrise Kingdom” for Wes Anderson in NYC, after that I was writing and supervising on season one of “Clarence” at Cartoon Network. Since then I’ve worked with Genndy Tartakovsky on “Hotel Transylvania 2” and “Popeye”.

I really miss cartoons that weren’t solely aimed at kids, that were allowed to be somewhat realistic, like “King of the Hill”, or cinematic like early “Simpsons”. I produced the “From Away” pilot to try and prove that it could work, knowing that something this “low concept” or “adult” would never make it through the development process unscathed. This is not a kickstarter, I’m looking for distribution for the rest of the series. I’ve already planned out the first two seasons, and have begun boarding Episode 2.

If you want to see the full pilot and are interested in distributing the series, email me at:



Alum Patrick Harpin is featured in video from Sony Pictures Animation. He talks about his journey to become a storyboard artist, and the work he’s doing. There are some great photos of Patrick’s time at CalArts, including some pics of other alums. Patrick’s credits include storyboarding Wes Anderson’s film Moonrise Kingdom, and writing episodes for Skyler Page’s Cartoon Network show Clarence.


The best dumplings ever! The BEST!
My favorite dumpling restaurant in Mitaka, named “Harupin”.
Take away is also available.



三鷹 ハルピン


If ya wanna see a “spooky” Clarence episode, tune in for “Belson’s Sleepover” this Thursday night! It’s one of the last scripts I wrote for the show and I’m pretty proud of it. I borrowed a lot from “House on Haunted Hill”, and even a little “Texas Chainsaw Massacre”…
Storyboarded by Ian Wasseluk, Charlie Gavin, Derek Evanick and Diana Lafyatis!

Thursday night at 6:30/5:30c on Cartoon Network

I am a Haitian woman. Daughter of slaves from Africa. I wish I knew where they came from. But I know I’m African, and that’s enough. I’m a child of the world and nothing else. I’m human. I’m a woman. And nothing else. I don’t want to be anything else but a woman. I’m a Haitian woman, daughter of African slaves, and a child of the world. And here I am. I stand proud with my Indian Sahri and African headwrap. I stand proud not because of who I am, but because what I’m able to do. I’m able to do them because of my past. Because of what my African fathers and mothers did for me. And for that I am grateful.


Photographer: Ozgur Donmaz
Makeup Artist: Leanne Harpin


Fonts Fight Cancer

Buy Fonts Save Lives is the brain child of Paul Harpin. After the death of his 26 year old niece, Laura, Paul created a new typeface family to sell in her memory. Other type designers and experts kindly joined him by donating their typefaces to help raise funds to help save lives. So far they’ve raised £200,000 ($289,000 USD). 

The fonts are £20 each. All proceeds go to: Cancer Research UK and Macmillan Cancer Support

“As I have always said — you don’t have to like my font LAURA, but please buy it, or buy one of the other brilliant fonts on our site. Thanks to every purchaser and thanks to MacMillan and Cancer Research for caring.”

Fight cancer with fonts: Here.

daisy and confucius

psycho candy
qu'est-ce que c'est
coca cola coca cola

i love brando
in a warm snifter,
leadbelly bootleg
from a drifter,

frigid fingers in my mouth eat
orange clockwork going south

bruno ganz as jonathan tesh
radioactive dancing flesh

perkus-tooth gnuppets
harvested a marlin
the bottom-bare brandy
rattled his harpin

red this poem in highschool lit
no one stoodunder a bit of it


Mud Flaps Flappin in the Wind - by Reggie Watts


Take’em ooo rowna road whatcha goin down baby,
it’s-a ninteen sissty-five, you aint gotchuh stereo on,
an i dont know if I can take another light on my own.

Ya putcher ding down harpin and you’re flippin it bad
and you aint got another switch sir you’re just feelin so sad
and you can tell n’nother person that she’s evernescence on-on your  growth.

And you can do whatcha do when yer doin it good
butchoo cant do what you didn’t when ya did it last week
cuz next week’s another week and if I have to remind you
then you don’t understand the basic concept of time, ya

and if you wanna do it, ya can’t
then it’s up to you because you know that you’re limited
by a plan that you’ve bn erkin on n’ berkin yer flaz
and ya put it (inhale) n’ya meanin’
and ya mud flaps flappin in the wind.