Beautiful Ruins by Jess Walter is Audible.com’s Best Audiobook of 2012!

Performed by Edoardo Ballerini

“Ballerini’s handling of this fantastically complex narration is so accomplished you keep forgetting that it’s a performance. He’s called upon to speak both native Italian and the clumsy speech of Americans with an uncertain grasp of the language…[Ballerini] is a true collaborator, and with Beautiful Ruins he delivers the best narration I’ve heard all year.” — Laura Miller, Salon, September 2012

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Meet Kare R.:

In the over seven years Karen R. has been with HarperAudio, her main focus has been to request, cajole, beg, wheedle, and plead for such things as book interiors and approvals whilst making sure that there is not an angry mob of editors, authors and production supervisors carrying pitchforks and demanding her hide.  She has been privileged to work with such authors as Michael Crichton and Neil Gaiman, and to meet such luminaries as John Stossel and Robert Wagner.  The high point of her career at Harper was NOT meeting Lauren Bacall the day she came to record her audiobook, but spending time playing with the actress’s dog in the recording booth.

Prior to working at Harper, Karen spent three years in the creative services department at Random House Children’s Books, where she was constantly asked by family and friends what Dr. Seuss was really like (dead) and could she get them the next Harry Potter book (no).  Before her illustrious career in publishing, Karen spent eight years working for a business research organization in their conference department, creating meeting kits and badges.  During this time, she could often be found running around swanky hotels, quoting Mel Brooks movies (“We don’ need no stinkin’ badges!”) and drinking way too much bad coffee.  She’ll gladly take audiobooks over badges any day!