Prompt: Perhaps super!sis falling for Red Arrow? (Young justice?) I love your writing!! ♥️

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    There’s some part of being Superman’s little sister that some people find intimidating. You understand where they’re coming from, after all the papers have nicknamed him the Man of Steel. At the same time you can’t really bring yourself to care. To you Clark is a dork. A dork with heat vision, but still a dork.

    He’s the big brother who would take you into town on Saturdays, carry your pumpkin to the county fair, steal cookie batter when you baked for bake sales, and who had all night movie nights when Ma and Pa were out of town. He’s ten years older than you, but he was still your best friend.

    You had been a surprise to Ma and Pa; a high risk pregnancy that never should have made it past the first trimester. Ma had been on bed rest for seven months, knowing the tiniest movement could end you. Clark had always insisted you were strong, that he could hear your heartbeat from a mile away.

    You may not have been blood but you were as close as two siblings could be. It only made sense that you join the family superhero game. You had no aptitude for fighting, but you were smart. Really smart. Hacking and programing was your number one skill along with inventing infiltration plans.

    You had trained with the rest. Lending them a hand where you could, and getting your but kicked in self defense classes. You had been the one to convince Speedy to stay on. You had been the one to hack Cadmus’ system. You had been the one to tell Ma and Pa about Conner.

    Superboy had wanted little to do with you. And Clark’s decision to stay away had led to your first big fight. You hadn’t talked to him for nearly a year. Eventually he had gotten a clue, and Conner had become your younger brother. You liked to tease him about that.

    Your relationship with Speedy, now Red Arrow, had also grown. The team nicknamed you Empath, because you always seemed to know how people were feeling, and how to end a bad mood. Roy’s current bad mood was over Cheshire. “She left me.”

    You stare at him from the couch. You’re hanging upside down, “Can you blame her?” You right yourself, “You’ve been obsessed with finding the original Speedy. You’ve neglected everyone in that pursuit, you’ve left little time for anyone else.”

    You watch him scowl, “If I wanted a lecture I would have gone to Dinah.”

    You shrug, “I’m telling it like it is.”

    You watch him storm off, and a moment later Kaldur appears, “He’s still not doing well.”

    You stare at the Atlantean, “You’re not doing so hot yourself.”

    He meets your eyes, “Nightwing and I need your help.”

    You sigh, already knowing this isn’t going to end well.


“are we bad parents? for not, like, punishing her?”
“what makes you so sure? did you see ireland’s face?”
“uh huh. I told her, ‘watch out for your mother, she’ll try and touch it.’ we can ground her if you want, for sneaking out. the shiner on her face seems punishment enough, though.”
“we could ground her for two days? or get finn to give her a stern talking to!“
“god, maybe we are bad at this.”

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so i am having trouble connecting with cora and vetra's characters. is there any insight into these two lovely ladies you can offer (i know you romanced cora with your ryder at the very least). i want to like them but i just feel very meh towards them both. thank you!

Ah, I’ll try :)

First, I think Cora’s philosophy is obviously asari-centered. She is building a garden - literally and figuratively.
As she says it herself on Eos: “Asari think in centuries. Lay a foundation, then step away – let it grow into something you might never expect.”
That’s when she starts planting the first seeds of her garden, literally.
Figuratively, there are many things that happen during Andromeda that makes me think she is working on a mental garden. She’s allowing herself to grow in a way that she couldn’t back in the Milky Way.

Cora is focused on authority figures: she puts way too much expectation on them and hero-worships them to the point of not seeing things clearly. If it’s not an authority figure, it’s someone else who could replace them. “Someone she needs in her life” - it’s as important to her as putting the first seeds of her garden. The only thing that makes her romantic relationship with Ryder healthier than her relationship with previous mentors is that Cora at that point recognizes her problem.
Her loyalty mission made her issue very clear to her. I can’t stress enough how rare it is to see a character as fully self-aware as Cora is. I was extremely surprised. Of course, Andromeda is full of characters who learn from their mistakes and I dearly love them but Cora, she takes it to the next level. She analyzes herself so completely you are basically left staring at her wondering what else you could say to her that she hasn’t said herself.

She knows she put too much faith into the asari not realizing that they are, in her words, “just as lost as we are.”
She also put too much faith in Alec Ryder, the “old man” who was right in picking Ryder as Pathfinder because Cora always looks for a mentor, someone else to have a plan. She has no idea at that point that she was never a true candidate for the Pathfinder title but it still rings true in a way.
Despite her struggles to understand why she’s not the new Pathfinder, she’s never once nasty toward Ryder. If she makes a comment, it’s about herself. It’s not “Why would Alec pick Ryder?”, it’s “What is wrong with me?”
And she makes it clear that she will be loyal to Ryder now that they’re the Pathfinder. She’ll be there if they need her.
At the end of her loyalty mission, she also tells Ryder that Alec was right to chose them and not her. She’s not saying this to get compliments. It is what it is. Later, she starts to mentor Vederia. She reassures her and is very positive about her accomplishments and progress. This isn’t new or specific to Vederia: Cora is kind.

With her romantic storyline, I like that she appreciates a Ryder who remains sweet and kind despite all the trouble they have in Andromeda. She has a soft spot for sweethearts.
And when you romance her, she is adorable? Like genuinely adorable? She is at times very shy and other times very clear about what she wants. I think she likes to keep it exciting, with a bit of guessing. But she always takes it step by step, making sure you as Ryder feel okay with whatever she does with you.
She is also incredibly romantic. She dreams of adventuring across the stars with Ryder. “You and me, a rover, a tent” she says.
She also signs her messages with little x for kisses and it’s the cutest thing.

Now Vetra: I didn’t romance her. I don’t know her as well as I do Cora.
But I think Vetra has something incredibly relatable about her: the fact that at some point in our life we are forced to make the best of a bad situation. This is basically what she did when she found herself raising Sid by herself, which is not an easy task and no doubt forced her to make sacrifices. It must have been really hard.
When Ryder asks her why she came to Andromeda, she says: “When you’re young and stupid, you make bad decisions. Piss off the wrong people. That sorta thing never goes away. Not for you, not for the ones you care about. I don’t want to not come home one day.”
It made me like her instantly because boy, do I understand what she means. It’s so hard to be the person that comes after the ‘young and reckless’!you. It’s so hard knowing you have to deal with the consequences of all the stupid shit you’ve done but here you are, a completely different person now. Someone who desperately wants a second chance.
And that second chance, Vetra took it and it wasn’t for a selfish reason. Almost everything she does, she does it for her sister.

Sid is “her responsibility” but Vetra was young herself when their father left. This means she had to mature fast and take on the role of the parent.
This is why her loyalty mission is so interesting: Sid is forcing her to switch roles, to leave her role as “parent” and become a sister again (a role that she was always supposed to take but never had the chance). It means Vetra has to accept that she will not always have a perfect control of every situation and that her sister is becoming her own person.
Sid becoming her own person means Vetra is not always going to be around to protect her.

At heart, Vetra is concerned about Sid seeing the ugly side of what she does. But Sid already sees the ugliness and doesn’t shy away from it. She makes the choice to face everything Vetra faced herself. The key word is there: choice. Sid is choosing to get involved.
Vetra doesn’t like it. She could be resentful because she struggled so much and wants more for her sister… But Vetra respects Sid too much. She sees that going against her wishes is not a good thing to do, which is why they end up working together to create a new and healthier dynamic between them.
I have the utmost respect for Vetra in this situation and even think we would all be so lucky to have a Vetra to take care of us.

Did that help a little?