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31 July 2016, 22:54 || and honestly i was just about to pick up the phone and then i realized that i didn’t do nothing wrong || 

i have my finished protein notes! i drew out the reaction that the enzyme TIM (triose phosphate isomerase) carrys out :) these muji pens are honestly my favorite writing utensil ever!


It’s finally November!! Which means university is around the corner ahhhh! I’m so excited for what this month has in store for me. I’m looking forward to the first day of university since it’ll be my first year! Have a great November everyone, stay safe. 🌱 | Instagram: @medstudie​ 🌱

[George Harrison is] one of the few morally good people that rock and roll has produced. He’s one of the people who have turned their attention to goodness. He’s extremely generous, and gives support you’ll never hear of.
—  Eric Idle, The Australian Women’s Weekly, 28 April 1982 [x]

When I was on the cover of Vogue, my older brother went in to buy it. The girl at the counter said, “Oh, Winona Ryder had a boob job,” and he was like, “No, she didn’t,” and the girl goes, “Yes she did, look at her tits.” My brother got in this fight with this girl, it got really ugly. You know, I have a chest and people assume it’s not real because I’m small. People who are catty think that if someone has an attractive feature, it can’t be real.”

-Winona Ryder, Entertainment Weekly, (February 1994)

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Don’t ask anything, the only thing you should know about this is that I’ve sinned. XD

Actually I’ve started this a few hours ago, but then that little tragedy had ruined my fun and I gave up. Then two hours later I’ve discovered that some amazing people were worried about my condition, I was instantly a bit happier so I decided to continue this. Now it’s done, I hope you like it. This a bit messed up thing is especially for the people who truly care about me, you know yourself.

For now, the only thing I wish is to be in a new squad since my former one is now…inexistent and it makes me feel anxious.

Also, I do not want this edited or reposted.

George Harrison and Olivia Trinidad Arias with Denny Laine and Mal Evans at the Venus and Mars party held by Paul and Linda McCartney and Wings aboard the Queen Mary II, docked in Long Beach, California, 24 March 1975

Photo: The Australian Women’s Weekly

In memory of Mal Evans, 27 May 1935 - 5 January 1976.

“Mal [Evans] was the nicest, gentlest person; he was a big guy, but he was really sweet.“ - George Harrison, The Beatles Anthology