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Behind the scenes of The Stolen Earth / Journey’s End (Part Eight)

Excerpts from Doctor Who Magazine #398, as reported by Benjamin Cook

“Right, so we see Freema spinning a Dalek,” says Billie Piper, alias Rose Tyler, “and that’s when me and Lis [Sladen, who plays Sarah Jane] decide to grab one too?”

“And when they spin,” wonders David, “aren’t they going to smack into each other?”

“Yes, can we rehearse this?” requests Barnaby Edwards, the chief Dalek operator.

This is the sequence of Donna taking control of the Crucible.  On the take, Barnaby keeps spinning, and spinning, and spinning.  “Sick bag for Barney, please,” requests Simon Morris [First Assistant Director].

“Ladies and gents,” says Graeme, “when the Daleks start going potty, you’re delighted, congratulating one another, loads of energy!”

“Can I ask a question?” says Catherine.  (”Oh God, she’s off again,” teases Captain Jack actor John Barrowman.)  “When I’m doing this,” - and she flicks some switches on the central console - “can I do this?” And she back-kicks one of the levers.

“She’s stealing your thunder, dude!” John says to David.

“All my best bits,” David nods. 

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