harper is a clown

Imagine Jason walking into the Apartment and seeing this big ass blanket fort in the living room. Like the biggest blanket is attached to ceiling, draped over the sofa and dining room chairs. It looks like a giant circus tent.

Lian comes flying out and hugs him.

“Hi, Jay-jay! Come into my Cirus!!!” And pulls him in.

To took all of Jason’s willpower to not start fall on the floor laughing when he saw Roy, Wally, Dick and Kyle covered glittery children makeup (from the dollar store), ribbons and hair clips with colorful feather boas. He couldn’t laugh, he’s Lian-bug made this beautiful masterpiece. She runs the fort out to get something.

“We’re playing Cirus. We’re the acrobats.”

“From the looks of it, I thought you guys were the clowns”.