harper is a clown

Okay but can you just imagine how the Batfamily would react to the whole “Killer Clown” nonsense plaguing America? Like immediately after it aired on the news Bruce would be hanging out in the lounge with the family when suddenly Jason crashes through the window like a human cannonball with every single gun he could find attached to him. All he would do is give each of his siblings a look and say “Let’s roll” before walking out, each of them following him while Bruce just goes back to sipping his tea. He’d been expecting this, of course.

So they all suit up, Dick grabbing his escrima sticks, Tim his bo staff, Steph a bat, Damian a katana, and Cass a shovel. And they all strut out of the Batcave like in an action movie to meet up with Roy, Kori, Wally, Kon, Colin, Harper, Selina, and Helena outside. And Jay just goes “We’re going clown hunting” and they take off.

They break off into pairs, Red Hood and Arsenal, Spoiler and Batgirl, Robin and Abuse, Red Robin and Superboy, Starfire and Huntress, Bluebird and Catwoman, and Nightwing and Kid Flash. They take off in all parts of the country, focused only on bringing in every clown they find. And it’s glorious.

Barbara would be in the Batcave tracking each and every clown, giving the team coordinates to where they are. And man, was it a bloodbath. Clowns were running in fear as they were being chased down by a bunch of rage-driven vigilantes with very bad histories with clowns and no problem with beating them into a coma. This time there is no playful commentary, no conversations over the comms, just victorious cheers whenever one is brought down. And Bruce is just so proud of his babies destroying people all together. Alfred actually sheds a tear at the beautiful sense of unity.

In the morning there is an announcement on the news that the killer clowns have been brought in to police stations all over the country. Nobody knows who did it, but the clowns have learned their lessons and citizens are grateful. Cut to Wayne Manor, where their entire clown-fighting squad is chilling in the living room, draped over couches and spread out on the floor with pure exhaustion, reminiscing on the good deed they’ve done. Cue Alfred waltzing in with a giant platter of maybe 500 waffles, and they all do a collective fist bump complete with an explosion like cool people, because they are freaking awesome.

Days later the Joker is still hiding in his basement, too terrified to go outside and face the wrath of a bunch of awesome teenagers.

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Of course Roy dresses as cupid for Halloween and shoots a shit ton of arrows at his grumpy bae

Imagine Jason waking up in morning and he’s about to make his coffee then suddenly a rain of suction cup arrows (like the ones at the dollar store) come flying at him. Jason is honestly ready to square 👏the 👏fuck👏up. Until Roy yells out

“Happy Halloween Day!

“Halloween is 34 days away.”

“Everyday is Halloween Day with us ¯\_(ツ)_/¯”