Prompt fill #1, for @haroldwrens: Albert, Coop, and Harry watching Star Trek reruns together.

“Whoa, whoa… wait.” Harry froze halfway in raising a bite of popcorn to his mouth, leaning forward to blink at the TV screen. “Spock is smiling? What about that whole Vulcan non-emotion thing? I thought…”

“… Vulcans don’t have emotions?” Albert reached across Cooper for the popcorn bowl. “Think again.”

The confusion on Harry’s face was actually endearing; enough for Albert to almost forgive him for confessing he’d never liked Star Trek as a kid. Watching tonight’s reruns had been Cooper’s idea; not that Albert was ever going to turn down a proposal like that. Harry had just tagged along for the company, and any resentment Albert might have harbored towards his presence had melted away at the man’s dogged attempts to understand.

“What Albert means,” Cooper explained patiently, “Is that Spock does have emotions. He just represses them, because he’s vowed never to let them betray him. Which means he’s often perceived as unfeeling or cold. Am I right, Albert?”

Albert took a gulp from his beer and shrugged. “Close enough.”

Harry was still frowning, but the proverbial light bulb seemed to be materializing above his head. “Right. I think I get it now.” He jabbed a finger in Albert’s direction. The couple of beers he’d had so far were manifesting as broad gestures and warm, loopy smiles. “So Spock is you, right?” he asked Albert, triumphantly. Then, nodding at Cooper, “And you’re… Captain Kirk?”

Cooper sucked down a breath that was two-thirds amusement, one-third something else. “Actually, Albert and I have discussed this, and come to the conclusion…”

“Nice try, Harry,” Albert cut Cooper off. “Long story short: if it’s analogies you’re after, then he’s Spock and I’m McCoy. And if you’re looking for a Kirk, just look in a mirror. Rookie mistake. Keep it up and you’ll learn.”

The look on Harry’s face was both amused and deeply skeptical. “Nah.You’re Spock?” He grinned at Cooper. “You two are pulling my leg, right? Spock is a walking mystery, constantly guarding himself. Don’t tell me I read the character that wrong.”

“You didn’t,” Albert said, taking a perverse pleasure in the way Harry’s flush deepened as he tried, unsuccessfully, to grasp the connection. Albert had no intention to enlighten him. If Harry was half the friend he wanted to be, he’d figure out Cooper’s true colors soon enough. “Now,” he went on, smoothly. “Wanna know why Spock smiled when he saw he hadn’t killed Kirk after all?”

“Well, that’s easy, isn’t it? He smiled because he and Kirk…” Harry’s brow puckered. “Wait. Why did you say I was Kirk again? Kirk and Spock, they’re not…?” 

The tenderness on Cooper’s face was a thing of beauty. “Harry, my friend… just keep watching. You’re in for a treat.”

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just remember, although this may seem incredibly stressful, it will soon end and you can have a nice break off from college. i'm sending you love and luck! college is so stingy about vital info it sucks.

That’s the problem. I am on break. All of this stuff is just happening now. :/

But thank you! (And it really can be)