CONGRATULATIONS to the WINNERS of the Contest on the Person of Interest Discussion Forum!!!

The winner of our Grand Prize - the autographed Blu-Ray/DVD Season 2 set is HaroldWren!

And the winner of our First Prize - the Comic-Con Key Card Set is tumblr’s own Gallifreyan-Detective!

Thank you so much to all who entered!  And thank you to Warner Bros. for providing us with the Blu-Ray/DVD Combo pack and allowing us to raffle it off on our site.

Here’s to a wonderful Season 3 of Person of Interest!


haroldwren  asked:

just remember, although this may seem incredibly stressful, it will soon end and you can have a nice break off from college. i'm sending you love and luck! college is so stingy about vital info it sucks.

That’s the problem. I am on break. All of this stuff is just happening now. :/

But thank you! (And it really can be)