harolds club

abominable a/b/o porn prompt:

(I’m thinking about this as nathan/harold/john but insert your own tbh)

omega harold and alpha nathan are in an established (mb not monogamous) relationship. harold’s having greater difficulties coming due to age, suppressant change, injuries, w/e.

nathan likes sex but he’s very straightforward about it. he’ll happily do whatever harold asks, but harold has to ask and specify what it is he wants. it makes harold feel unwanted, so he clams up and jerks off in more elaborate ways.

nathan has an Idea.

so nathan takes harold to some mating club (”you know i hate those places” harold grumbles) and he’s like, remember your safeword harold

harold is like ….this will end in tears. but recently even his elaborate setup of toys has not been helpful with climax and he’s willing to go with nathan’s flow.

they get a private room and start having sex, so far so good. then when nathan is knotting harold and harold is still so frustratingly far away from climax, the door opens and in comes a beta stranger (who happens to be john)

harold is like WTFFFF but nathan’s like, hey, wanna safeword?

harold… stays quiet.

john basically worships harold’s body, occasionally directing nathan to give a better effect. harold, who’s been lucky to come once in the last week, comes like 3-4 times, until he’s limp and completely beyond words.

(john has a kink for omegas and their biology, but most alphas are v possessive and most omegas want someone who can knot them. harold feels like john settled for him and like nathan is outsourcing the parts of sex he doesn’t enjoy; john thinks he’s just a toy to them; and nathan is busy patting himself on the back bc He Solved The Problem!)

Literally, this year we’ve had:


  • AIMH being the second most retweeted

There was probably more but I don’t remember


  • Louis at HArry’s birthday party 
  • Lairport 2015
  • Zourry clubbing together
  • “Harold, are you up for it”
  • AIMH hitting 1M


  • Louis and Be In A Band
  • Nadine and Harry split up
  • “Which of the boys would you kiss?” 
  • Zayn’s cheating rumours
  • “Sorry for what it looks like”
  • Zayn going home with stress
  • “First day of spring, see you later”
  • Elounor split up
  • Louis ‘kissing’ the girl in the pool
  • Louis literally shaving off his beard
  • Harry posting in colour
  • I will survive
  • Andy shaving his beard on Liam’s insta
  • Bruce
  • Eleanor and Max 
  • Louis being so happy on stage
  • Lottie deleting the pictures of her and Eleanor
  • Lottie and Gemma hanging out
  • Articles about Harry helping Louis over his breakup
  • The tour rider leaked
  • Zayn in the studio with Naughty Boy
  • The boys killing it in South Africa
  • Zerrie house shopping
  • Louis tweeting again
  • Louis’ Instagram being resurrected
  • Louis posting the selfie with Niall
  • Louis getting his social media back
  • Zayn’s solo album announced
  • Louis VS Naughty Boy
  • The return of sassy Louis


  • Louis throwing even more shade
  • Dubai show
  • Louis with the twins
  • Niam airport
  • Larry MIA together
  • Shirtless Louis
  • Louis’ lovebite
  • Harry at Shamrocks
  • Caddy Niall
  • Louis in Doncaster
  • 5foot9
  • The Coca Cola advert

Please feel free to add to my list or correct where any mistakes are but they have had no chill this year and I need to sleep for like ten thousand hours 


Person of Interest meets Orphan Black.

Awesome video by Root Se7ens.

George Harrison during a rehearsal at The Cavern Club, Liverpool, 22 August 1962 (Courtesy of The Source: Savage Young Beatles)

Photo: Bill Connell/Les Chadwick

The following is an excerpt I’ve typed up from Joe Flannery’s book Standing In The Wings: The Beatles, Brian Epstein and Me, regarding George (and his parents)… It’s quite lengthy, but offers a wonderful insight into George, his love of music and cars, and his personality, in 1962. Hope you enjoy!

“That summer of 1962 still ‘looms large in my lunchtime’, as the Beatles might have said. […] [W]hen the early morning light dawned over Gardner Road and a Beatle or two had, yet again, stayed overnight, it was up to me - ‘the Colonel’ as John and George often called me - to get them home and make sure they were safe in the arms of their families once again. I didn’t simply have to do this, I felt committed to doing it. Brian [Epstein] and I had standards and Liverpool has always been a city in which one had to keep one’s wits about oneself. It’s difficult to remember those four lads as lads, after all this time. But that’s exactly what they were […].

Dawn in Liverpool, at least in the summer months when it isn’t raining, can be spectacular. A big sky full of promise, streaked and blotched with clouds of red and amber fire, can be a rude awakening to a young, bleary-eyed musician who had come off stage a 2 in the morning and slept perhaps an hour or so on an overstuffed chair in front of the fire. No sooner had that fresh, moist, salty air and dramatic half-light hit George or John or Paul than they were immediately awake, talking thirteen to the dozen about the previous night. No sooner, however, had they piled into my lovely Vauxhall Cresta than the fresh air coupled with the heat from the interior of the car sent them into a sleep-induced trance once again - except for George, that is. The Speke district of Liverpool, where George’s family lived, was usually last on my list of drops. It was a council estate on the outskirts of the south end of the city, built alongside the river on the road towards Widnes and Runcorn. It was quite a drive from the Stoneycroft area which housed my flar and, shortly before reaching Harrison’s home, George would eagerly persuade me to allow him to have a little drive of the Cresta. It was a big car, but George was fascinated by vehicles and speed, and was determined to learn to drive as soon as possible.

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