Hello World! It took us a while but we’re still around. A lot has happened since the last update and we’re now prepared to regularly update you about it. Here’s a first teaser of what awaits you in our game. Hand made in the real world- interactive and three dimensional in the digital.  ෴✍


Today we have an excellent example of how talent runs in the family. Fabi, our architect and photographer amongst other things, brought his sister Eva in to help us out with some of the outfits.

While she was knitting ridiculously tiny socks from organic cashmere (!…) Fabi put together these Birkenstock-like sandals from rubber, cork and leather. Now he just needs to solder the ladybug-sized buckle and a new character is all set for the game! 


First off, welcome to our new followers! It’s exciting to share this crazy process with you.

Now, in order to give you a decent impression of what awaits you in our game we’re giving away a little secret: A first full scale in-game screenshot! This is where our main character Harold hangs out when he’s not busy mopping the floor or otherwise helping out his boss, Professor Moreaux. In this shot we caught him in his Pyjamas!  


Hello Friends,

a couple of days ago we received a visit from a TV team who were shooting an episode for a youth program called Loop. Loop is a new show coming up on RTL, a big network in Germany, and aims to explain basic scientific curiosities. The episode we were interviewed for will explain sensory perception and how it can be tricked.

Animation would be considered such trickery so we were asked to give some insight into the subject and how it was used in the game we are working on! 

We’ll be able to share some of the show once the episode’s out (For now please enjoy our behind the scenes footage..) Stay tuned for updates on new environments, our technical feature (including how the sets are ultimately assembled on the computer for example) and more!