Okay guys. I’m gonna be real with you for a sec. The Captain Underpants movie is coming out in June, and y'all in the LGBT community and those who support it should totally make sure you watch it!! The movie is based off a 12-book series. In the last book, one of the protagonists, Harold, is revealed to be gay. This is super huge for an elementary series of kids books!!

The movie coming out is based on the first four books (that I’m aware of), and if it does well, Dreamworks will probably finish making the series. It would be so important to have that sort of representation for young LGBT kids seeing this movie!! I’ve rarely seen movies where kids are revealed to be LGBT, and that would be such a huge stepping stone!

Anyway!! This movie looks really fun and exciting on top of having the two protagonists that are minorities (Harold’s best friend George is black, and both boys have AHHD). So support it if you can!!

imageryofinterest  asked:

Favourite episodes for each character?

Ooooohh interesting! I have actually not thought about this before.

Lionel Fusco: The Devil’s Share. His showdown with Simmons was a beautiful scene that really highlighted both how far he had come as a character, and how much they lost when Carter died 

Joss Carter: Endgame. Carter perfectly pulling the strings to bring down HR was amazing to watch

Sameen Shaw: 6741. Needs no explanation really, this episode was wildly creative and extremely well done

John Reese: Prisoner’s Dilemma. An underrated ep that mostly consisted of just John and Carter talking, and still managed to be wholly engaging (if we’re talking best scene though, then I gotta go with his heroic sacrifice from Return 0 because nothing will ever top that)

Root: I struggled with this for the longest time because I adore Aletheia and Prophets, but I have to go with Root Path as the quintessential Root ep. It had everything from her doing the opening monologue over the credits, to her kicking ass in combat mode, to her acceptance into the team by Harold… it was just a beautiful ep. 

Harold Finch: ARRRGHHHH?!?!?!??! I just… how… I can’t. Zero Day/God Mode, RAM or The Day The World Went Away. YOU CAN’T MAKE ME CHOOSE!! (Zero Day/God Mode mainly for Harold’s flashbacks which were fucking amazing and the culmination of an arc that was started in the goddamn Pilot, RAM because I adore how it tied everything together with Harold at the center, and ep 100 because WOAH!!) 

TM: It has to be Return 0 and If-Then-Else. Actual masterpieces, both of them. 

anonymous asked:

Library or subway? Favourite other location (ex. Samaritan HQ asylum, NSA, the bank in Asylum/YHWH)? Favourite shots?

I have a very soft spot for The Library! It was a lot more cluttered and was more atmospheric than The Subway which was so open and empty. Also, I love how much history is associated with The Library – right from Nathan and Harold’s fight there, to Dillinger, to the present day with our current team. I also adored the cracked glass board!

Favorite other location would have to be Times Square. They’ve shot there pretty often throughout the show and I adore it every single time. The most recent scene set there that comes to mind is Harold and SAM’s showdown in Return 0.

I have an entire poi aesthetics tag, and there are so many absolutely stunning shots that I just picked the first 5 that came to mind immediately!: