Shoes- Crack(ish) ficlet

Inspired in part by this

Harold stood at the exit of the event hall, wiggling his toes inside his sock clad feet.

“What happened to your shoe?” Harold jumped when he heard a voice beside him but relaxed when he found a familiar face.

“You asked me to create a distraction,” Harold replied with a shrug.

“So you threw your shoe at the guy?” John asked in an unamused voice.

Harold’s eyes narrowed at the younger man in response, “Well it got his attention. Stopped him from going to the bathroom, didn’t it?”

John looked at Harold’s feet again and nodded towards the other empty feet, “You threw both shoes at him?”

“No. But if he saw me walking around with one shoe, he would have known I threw that shoe at him.”

“And he wouldn’t know it was you if saw you without both shoes?” John mocked the older man rolled his eyes. “I doubt there are a lot of men here with missing shoes, Finch.”

“I was about to leave, Mr. Reese. But it began to rain and I did not wish to get my socks wet,” Harold replied with an edge in his voice.

John watched him for a few seconds and sighed, “Okay, let me help you then.”

“And how do you plan on doing that?” Harold questioned.

John got down and braced one arm beneath Harold’s knees, the around his neck and lifted him off the ground. The older man squeaked when John swept him off his feet.

“Mr. Reese, what are you doing?”

“Harold, put your arms around my neck or you’ll fall,” John warned him.

Harold nodded and wrapped his arms around his friend’s neck for security. He found himself impressed by Mr. Reese’s strength and also in awe of how gentle he was.

As John started carrying him towards the parking lot, Harold heard whistles behind them. He looked over the younger man’s shoulder to find Shaw and Detective Carter at the doorway. Miss Shaw was the one whistling at them, while Detective Carter had her phone out, presumably recording them.  Harold felt his cheeks heat up at the attention and he buried his face in John’s shoulder.

anonymous asked:

Harry is going to be such a proud dad. Once the baby is born and you've had the first week or so to recover, just seeing your families and closest friends, your house will be constantly filled with a stream of visitors Harry has arranged to meet his precious newborn. All the one direction boys, their families, Nick, Ed and all the old London crew and everyone in LA will constantly receive photos until the three of you are able to fly out there so he can show his kid off to everyone over there.

Digital life is a nightmare, cause he’s going to be that dad with the walletful of cards except worse cause phones hold way more. Not that they’ll mind, cause Baby Styles is going to be the cutest little ball of cheeks and laughter that the world ever did see – I just know it.