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the signs as wlw memes

aries: harold, they’re lesbians 

taurus: gal pals 

gemini: are you an x wlw or a y wlw? 

cancer: rhianna and also rhianna 

leo: handmaiden and feudal lord 

virgo: bulletproof lesbians 

libra: clarke the husband 

scorpio: dick allcocks from man island

saggitaurus: as a lesbian… supporter

capricorn: (insert random thing here) is a lesbian

aquarius: headphones girl

pisces: (minor inconvenience) is homophobic

It’s very simple. I’m alive. I live in Pittsburgh. I like men. Not just as friends. I’m also a human being. And my gear works. So I want to have sex. I like to have sex a lot. That’s the story. Now, I’m good at what I do, an advertising exec. I have decent taste. I’m crass. I’m snarky. I’m very sarcastic. And a lot of people make me want to kill them. But that doesn’t change the fact that I’m a man, my sex organs work, I’m not attracted to women for whatever reason, I didn’t create the human race so I don’t know how that works, and maybe someday somebody will, but for the moment nobody does. I just know what makes me excited or gets me up or gets me down or however you want to put it. That was Brian. He wanted what he wanted and he was going to get it, and he didn’t care. It’s not because he didn’t care about other people. It’s because he had equated reality with satisfaction and he was acknowledging his animal side. And not to say the animal side is better or worse than the intellectual side or the spiritual side but it’s a side, and it’s one of the things he enjoyed expressing. So we just have to be honest with each other. Everybody, whether you like it or not, has sex in your brain, somewhere. And hopefully it’s in your body a lot, too. So, get over it, right? Just get over it. Just do it. Be safe, but just do it.
—  Gale Harold on how he understood the character of Brian Kinney [x]
I’m surprised I never saw a PoI fic where Kara survived

Just… Mark Snow went somewhere else, maybe exploded some innocents. It could’ve happened in canon, it’s not far-fetched.

And then! Endless possibilities for fic! Maybe she finds “the traitor” Harold Finch and abducts him(that was her goal for the whole series right) and John comes after them
and Kara thinks that John would hate Finch too because of the laptop and Ordos but of course he doesn’t and he saves Harold
and then Harold thinks John will hate him BUT THEN John gives that forgiveness speech he gave him later IN CANON (”My life changed when I said nothing in that airport…”) and then they are happyyy !!! ((…or. Something. It’s not like I have a WIP I’ll probably never finish. def not me. nope))
Like it’s SO CLOSE to canon the characters could be beautifully IC (IC fics are my kink ok)

So if anybody knows of a fic with a premise like that, point me to it pleeease!

Or if anyone feels inspired to write it, feel free and THEN point me to it!

Afternoon Fic - (Museum of Interest - POI AU) - Epilogue

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Part Five

Part Six

Part Seven

Part Eight


Now I do have some timestamp ideas of cases from the show and how to handle his ragtag team of museum misfits in the middle of it.  Come on who wants to see Snow dealing with Rexy cause he shot her best friend in the whole world?  Or Attila? 

At the moment this is the Epilogue.  


~ Epilogue ~

They had a lot to talk about, but by the time they dropped Nathan off at his Penthouse, and got home, they had just enough energy to shower and fall into bed.  Without hesitation, Harold curled into John’s arms and slept soundly.  

He woke up to the smell of food cooking, and his stomach making it known he was hungry.  Harold climbed out of the bed, showered, got dressed in his rare casual clothes and ventured out of the bedroom, towards the kitchen.   With a soft smile, John set a cup of tea on the breakfast bar, followed by eggs, bacon, and toast, a simple meal that was one of his favorites.

They ate in silence, just content to be in each others company.   John cleared the plates, washed up, and with the last dish in the dishwasher, he turned and leaned against the counter looking at Harold.

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Okay, Harold. Let's be real, since Mrs. Jeanne is not here. TELL US ALL ABOUT YOUR COLLEGE EXPERIENCE! Have you smoked weed? Have you enjoyed your sexual orgies yet? Have you gotten any girl pregnant? Or are you the nerd type that nobody likes? Straight A student? Probably with a scholarship? ;)))

Well I have smoked weed a few times and it’s really quite nice when in those rare instances where I feel like it. I haven’t been in any orgies or anything, but I did have a one night stand once and that’s probably the wildest thing I’ve done sexually. Like… I didn’t even call her afterwards. I felt a bit bad but that was what we agreed on so… 

I did go to college on a scholarship and I’m still on top of my class but I have a lot of friends. I’m in a lot of clubs so I met many people that way and I’ve always been told I’m good at making friends.

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Okay but honestly what if i DID transcribe that interview??

                     OUT. || When people are like “lol yea me too” when I say I love Jeremy Gilbert but @hauntedgilbert knows how emo I am for JEREMY GILBERT. OF MOST IMPORTANT PEOPLE, HE IS MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL. 

Defense of Harold Wayne Frumpkin from Rugrats

Harold is just a little boy and so here’s why you should cut him some slack.

He’s seen as an unneeded extra to the cast

Well, he has a name and a personality (look at Angelica’s Assistant) and comes back a few times. This seems more like “minor character” than “unneeded extra”. Unneeded extras are those no-name, one-dimensional faces in the crowd that are only there to fill in the blanks. In Star Trek, these are called “redshirts”. It would seem a bit pointless hating on a no-name extra, and once they have a name and a personality, and come back a few times, they have been “promoted” from extra to character, so your hating is just a stalemate.

He’s annoying

Well, that’s a matter of opinion. What annoys me might not annoy you and vice versa. And lots of people find three-year-old boys annoying at times but still like them a lot, or even love them, so why should a cartoon one be any different? Particularly as this is a show about little children.


What do you mean by that? If you mean he’s clumsy that’s no reason to hate a character. Stu, Chuckie, Chas, and Taffy are all a little clumsy, but nobody hates them. And you’re likely to come off as mean for hating someone in real life just because they are clumsy. And besides, three-year-olds are hardly ever completely graceful.

His design is seen as ugly

That’s just petty. One person’s ugly is another’s handsome. And beauty is only skin deep.

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Hello, dear Harold! Are you making sweet flow charts with anyone special these days?

Nah, I’m primarily making flowcharts with the club and some of my friends. I would love to find someone with the same passions as me though, but maybe first after I’m done with my studies. I’ll probably get a paid internship at dads company, so maybe there’ll be another cute intern there or something. Hopefully she’ll also be down for trips to small café’s and nights at the beach with blankets and root-beer.


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"You went dizzy their for a second. Can you here me now?"

Tapestry doesn’t respond right away, holding onto Harold’s clothes to keep herself upright. Her eyes are screwed shut, breathing shallow as a vision washes right over her.

Which is bad. Usually they wait for her to sleep.