The mastermind that is harry styles.

When i see all of these photos, interviews and the depth and artistic mind of Harry, all i can think about is, remember all those theories we had about Harry doing something specific that seemed generic, cause it was a connection to something or other from the past… Like how he wore blue plaid for his first music video as a teenager (WMYB) and had it in mind to wear a blue plaid for his last video as a teenager (MM) like it was not a coincidence. I think that he did this, he was aware, and he did it for some reason because now i see with this article that he’s the kind of person to find that this means something. Like… It doesn’t feel as “just a fan theory” anymore. It feels and looks like something he’d 100% plan and do… And it hurts so good.

Afternoon Fic (Museum of Interest - POI AU) - Part 8

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Part Seven

There’s an epilogue and the main story is done.  There is some ideas of small timestamps to go with this … but we’ll see how that goes.  And which Afternoon Bunny attacks next.


“Harold.”  John moved into a defensive stance.  "Run.“

He didn’t have to be told twice.  Harold fled the area, making his way back up the stairs. He ran into Nathan, who was being chased by Huns.   Neither said a word, and kept running.  Harold wasn’t sure how be he ended up back into the Egyptian Exhibit.  He slid into one of the darkened alcoves and pulled Nathan in with him.  They watched as the Huns ran by, along with one of the Security Guards.

"What is going on?”  Nathan asked, eyes going wide when he noticed the Jackals were staring at him.

“It would seem that the Museum comes to life at night.”  Harold glanced at him, then back at the Jackals.  

“No wonder they need a night guard.”

“Well the old ones are trying to rob the place at the moment.”  Harold almost screamed when he felt a hand on his shoulder, only to cry out in joy and tuck himself into John’s arm.  "Are you okay?“

"Gus is an asshole, and we’ll not talk about the fact he got the drop on me.”  John cringed as he stretched his shoulders.  "Let’s get you two safe…"

Harold cried out as he lost his grip on the tablet as it was yanked out of his hands.   Nathan tried to stop the older guard, only to get knocked flat with a left hook.   He stared up in shock, holding his bruised cheek.

“Sorry guys, but someone is going to have to take the fall.”  Cecil locked them in the exhibit.

“You do realize that locking us up in here, and then robbing the place, shows we didn’t actually do it.”  John pointed out, hands gripping the steel gate. “I will hunt you down, and I know how, Cecil.  No matter where you go, I will find you.  You will never be free, always wondering and looking over your shoulder.”

“Did you learn that in the CIA?”  He mocked him.

“Also learned how to slip poison into drinks, plant car bombs without being seen, and I’m pretty damn good shot with a sniper rifle.”  John’s smirk was verging on psychotic.  "I’ve never missed a shot.“

"Your boyfriend is a psycho.”

“My boyfriend is going to kick your ass!” Harold yelled after him, as he ran down the hallway.

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December 1943 issue

John Ryan, “Murder at Chantilly"

T.V. Faulkner, “Detective, Private"

Hal Norton, “Death Rides a Horse"

Robert A. Garron, “Don’t Do It, Mister"

Harold de Polo, “Ration Coupon No. 18"

Roger Torrey, “Clean-Up Kill"

Seattle Mystery Bookshop    

Stranger Things/Stonathan

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If you’re tagged, that means you either liked, reblogged, commented etc on my original post about someone creating a stonathan group chat. Well, it’s happening!

It’s going to be on the whatsapp. All you have to do is contact @steveharringon (who kindly put this together) your phone number and country code. ITS INTERNATIONAL. ANYONE IS WELCOME.

@everythinghockey thank you for showing interest in creating one!

So if you want to be stranger things and stonathan trash, join the group chat.

p.s: there’s like 10 of you I couldn’t tag for some reason!

p.s.s: some of y'all urls are fucking hilarious. pardon my french.

Something that hecks me up

The scene I posted a link to in the last ask, where Harold is yelling at the Dark Overlord, hecks me up so bad???

Cause like, he says that because Assistant’s hat didn’t change her appearance, it was her real hat, and he’s mad that they kept it from her.

Which means that Harold’s hat isn’t his. Does Harold even have a hat? What would his magic really be? Would he just be a magic-less person like Hobo without the Dark Overlord’s intervention? Why did the Dark Overlord intervene at all? Help me.

-Mod Cirrus