harold's kitty

Adult George/Lisa and Harold/Billy Pet Headcanons

( @lil-space-king and i developed these together)

- George and Lisa have a female cat named Mecha Petey

- Harold, being the animal lover he is, is a sucker for Mecha Petey and frequently gets trapped with her in his lap

- The human whom'st Mecha Petey loves the most will always be George no matter what Harold does

- Billy is allergic to most animals and gets sneezy when Harold cuddles with Mecha Petey, Harold doesn’t care because he thinks cats and Billy’s sneezes are cute, much to Billy’s displeasure.

- Lisa refers to Mecha Petey as Miss Kitty

- Since Harold is an adult and can do whatever he wants, he shamelessly picks stray cats up off the street, each time with a new hope that Billy will let him keep it. Each time this ends with Billy staying firm on the “No” answer so George and Lisa end up getting a new cat every time.

- George and Lisa currently have five cats now, they’re anxiously anticipating the next one Harold is going to bring.

- Nik and Meena love every single new cat uncle Harold brings for them.

- George wishes he had the guts to say no to Harold when he brings a new cat to their house but hE CAN’T HE WON’T EVEN LET LISA TELL HIM NO

- Lisa learned to accept her furry fate after the fourth cat

- On Harold’s birthday, Billy surprises Harold with a sphynx kitten. They name him Weasel and give him little sweaters to keep him warm.

-Weasel has a low groaning meow that always sounds unhappy, don’t be fooled, he loves his humans.

-Weasel doesn’t like getting picked up though and will stiff arm you much to Harold’s dissapointment. Weasel gives you affection on his own terms

- Mecha Petey’s meows are just a series of squeaky meeps and chirps and she always answers to George’s voice and loves sitting on his shoulders

- Mecha Petey purrs immediately if someone picks her up, Meena and Nik like using her as a pillow when she’s sleepy and curled up.