harold moon

Dear Younger Me...

You will learn how to draw feet-

You will learn how to draw hands-

You will get pretty good at drawing hair-

You will get better at drawing eyes-

You will get better at drawing mouths-

You will be able to draw characters from the side, with different looking noses-

You will finally be able to draw muscles and fat-

You will be able to draw bones and skeletons that look like actual bones and skeletons-

You will be able to draw animals, monsters, and fantasy creatures-

You will be able to draw kissing-

You will be able to draw and design the characters you imagine in your head-

You’ll stop making all the characters you draw white and you’ll stop imagining most characters as white-

You’ll figure out how to create illustrations, and use different styles-

You will be able to draw real people-

You’ll get better at drawing than you used to be-


Kaname/Mikumo + Akira/Yukari

you’ve all heard of the Red and Blue Gays™ so let me introduce… the Red and Purple Lesbians™

+ bonus: Villain Edition:


Chapter 2 of my fanfic “Like The Sun and The Moon” is up!

This was a lot of fun to write, and honestly, the only hard part was coming up with a first name for George’s mom. 😅 If you knew how many names I browsed through before finally settling on “Laverne”…


Christ, will I ever stop posting CU art? Probably, but not now.

Anyway, I was in the mood to draw my CU OC Laika, also known as Miss Understood. More background info here: https://mohegan567.tumblr.com/post/160637336528/got-some-inspiration-for-a-cu-oc-of-my-very-own

Captain Underpants and his sidekicks managed to catch Laika when she was roaming the streets at night, using a dog whistle and some rope. They wanted to find out who this mystery werewolf was and brought her to the treehouse. An unfortunate storm changed CU back into Krupp, who ran away screaming when he saw Laika.

George and Harold were at first afraid of the tied up werewolf, fearing she might try to eat them. But when her stomach started to rumble and she looked longingly at the box of chocolate chip cookies, their fear began to disappear. They decided it would be unwise to leave the werewolf alone for the moment and started writing and drawing some more CU comics to pass the time. When they read them out loud, to their surprise, the werewolf was chuckling at the jokes they were making. The kids decided to cut her free and spend the rest of the evening reading to her the stories of Captain Underpants.

Realising the werewolf would change back to a human again in the morning, they quickly gave her a long blanket so she could cover herself up. (We don’t want to make this story too creepy now people!) Eventually, they all fell asleep.

The next night: George and Harold knew the mystery werewolf was their substitute teacher and promised her they would keep it a secret.

George: Say Harold, the moon has already been full for three days now, right?

Harold: No, I’m pretty sure it’s been only two days. Why?

A loud howling filled the air as Miss Understood ran past them in werewolf form, bits of ripped clothing falling off of her. George managed to grab her by the scruff of her neck.

George: Oh no!

Harold: Here we go again!!

Bookish Nail Art

One of our favorite things is seeing our books come to life in forms outside of the pages! That’s why we loved stumbling on @just_alexiz and her amazing nail art.

She specializes in bringing childhood characters and images to life on her nails. Here are some of our favorites:

Where the Sidewalk Ends by Shel Silverstein

The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein

Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie by Laura Numeroff

Harold and the Purple Crayon by Crockett Johnson

Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White

Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak

Which ones are your favorites? 

hogwarts au pt. 2

by @ohfucktherewashomework

  • september 1st is a trip, man
  • (like, forget diagon alley. that was weird. ollivander creeped everyone out and took an hour to give root a wand. shaw ate three ice cream cones. harold’s dad nearly had a heart attack. but it was okay! everyone got out of it alive)
  • but the first of september is a trip
  • root arrives at kings cross first, alone, with an owl and hand-me-down pants that are three inches too high above her ankle
  • she’s not sure what to do, so she waits
  • she watches
  • john arrives next, his dad on one side and his mother on the other
  • they nonchalantly walk through the barrier
  • john is pretty proud of his toad
  • root follows them. john’s mother sees her and asks if she wants any help loading her trusty little trunk onto the train
  • root politely says no and fades enigmatically into the steam because she’s a melodramatic little shit with problems asking for help
  • shaw and her mother were told what to do by hersh when he came to speak with them, but they’re both skeptical
  • like, that brick looks pretty damn solid
  • they wait until they see someone else with an animal in a cage, and then mama shaw approaches them
  • “are you here for…the school?” she asks the father
  • it’s harold’s dad
  • he turns pink
  • “yeah,” he says, glancing around nervously. he’s so overwhelmed. poor guy
  • “do you know what we’re supposed to do, or…?”
  • he shakes his head. he really doesn’t want to say ‘walk through that brick barrier at top speed’
  • they start waiting together
  • harold doesn’t look at shaw. he’s reading his school books already
  • shaw doesn’t look at harold. she has a cat. who needs weird boys with glasses when you have a cat
  • they wait there, mama shaw trying so hard to keep a conversation going with harold’s dad, until carter’s family arrives
  • that’s much better
  • mama shaw and mama carter hit it off immediately, chatting about daughters and strange happenings and are we really gonna walk through that barrier?
  • joss’s dad says yeah, they really are
  • shaw thinks carter’s cool from the start. she doesn’t say anything until carter compliments her cat. shaw returns the favor by complimenting her barred owl. they roll their eyes at their mothers. shaw decides she can tolerate carter more than most human beings. sameen strikes carter as a little odd, but since when has odd been bad
  • harold is still reading
  • they finally get through the barrier
  • they get separated. shaw’s mum is making sure that her daughter has enough tea for the next seven years.
  • “maman, I’m coming back for christmas” “you can never have too much tea”
  • eventually eleven o’clock rolls around
  • there’s lots of hugs. john might shed a tear. no one can prove anything
  • one kid runs in late, huffing and puffing, and nearly misses the train
  • that’s fusco
  • harold finds a compartment and sits in the corner, his knees tucked to his chest, his book pressed against the window
  • root is also in that compartment, also reading. they try not to look at each other
  • john, unable to find anywhere else to sit, asks if he can join them
  • harold is in shock. john, with his puddlemere united jersey and checkered pants (his parents don’t know how to dress like muggles for the life of them), steals his heart from the get-go
  • he nods mutely, his eyes wide
  • root snorts. john glances at her and is kind of scared by what he sees. he sits down next to harold instead
  • root is very intimidating, okay. she accidentally stained her hands red for the week and is pretending it’s for the aesthetic
  • carter and shaw bumped into each other in the hall and are now compartment hunting together
  • they decide this bunch of weirdos is better than the kids who were making fun of shaw for saying goodbye to her mum in farsi
  • besides, shaw’s not really in a position to judge on the weirdo front
  • they ask if they can sit
  • everyone shuffles awkwardly and nods
  • they’re not really a talkative bunch
  • carter sits next to john and shaw gets saddled with root. root looks up at shaw and sees something in her
  • maybe it’s the frown. maybe it’s the bomber jacket that shaw’s mum bought from marshall’s on sale. maybe it’s the fact that shaw has a cat
  • whatever it is, root’s smitten. she stares
  • shaw looks root over carefully. when she gets to the red hands, she frowns, then meets root’s eyes with grudging respect
  • carter notices them too
  • “you kill somebody?”
  • root shrugs. that’s personal. shaw’s respect grows
  • john looks uncomfortable. so does everyone else.
  • carter breaks the silence again. “so…what are your guys’ names? i’m joss.”
  • “john,” john says. he grimaces at carter
  • harold is over the moon. john is such a good name. this poor little gay baby
  • “i’m, um, Harold,” he manages. john smiles at him.
  • oh god, john smiles at him
  • “i’m sam. sameen. whatever.”
  • root looks at shaw sharply, then grins. of course she would be named sam. they’re destined to be
  • root is also a little gay baby
  • “I’m root,” she announces
  • everyone stares at her. they could’ve just sworn she said her name was root
  • “like…the part of a plant?” carter asks
  • root nods seriously
  • “but what’s your real name?” harold pushes
  • sameen doesn’t like his tone. “she just said. it’s root.”
  • “no, her real name. nobody’s got a name like root.”
  • sam was ambivalent towards harold before, but now he’s tipping onto her bad side
  • john saves the day
  • “if she wants to be called root, why not? i think harold was just asking in case a teacher wanted to know”
  • harold wasn’t, but the short scary girl with the cat isn’t glaring at him anymore so he’ll go along with it. he nods vigorously
  • john tries to change the subject to quidditch teams, but is shocked to find out that only joss knows what quidditch is
  • like this boy is gobsmacked. horrified. appalled. he has to take a minute. joss pats him on the back. she understands
  • shaw says she likes football, which doesn’t make it better. she lives for the look of terror that crosses john’s face. she needs to tease this kid more often
  • root and harold were bored the moment they learned it was a sport
  • the trolley lady comes around with her sweets, but only john and joss have any money
  • the others pretend not to want anything, but it’s hard to miss the way that shaw’s eyes follow those cauldron cakes
  • they pull a harry potter and buy a few of everything
  • the rest of the ride is spent convincing harold that no, this bean flavor is actually a good one, I promise
  • he never learns

feel the beat now 

a mix for the best bros with homoerotic inclinations and a bad taste in tunes


The Night Out - Martin Solveig ✧ Talk Like That - The Presets ✧ Don’t Wanna Be in Love - Good Charlotte ✧ Shake It - Metro City ✧ Little Secrets - Passion Pit ✧ Anna Sun - Walk the Moon ✧ The Harold Song - Ke$ha ✧ Great Escape - Boys Like GIrls ✧ Beta Love - Ra Ra Riot ✧ On Melancholy Hill - Gorillaz ✧ Midnight City - M83 ✧ New Perspective - Panic! at the Disco

listen here