harold m hutchins

I’m bored and I want to draw...

I just watch Captain Underpants (WHICH I LOVE WITH ALL OF MY HEART BY THE WAY, SO AWESOME!) and I want to draw so much stuff for it. But I have no idea what. I have some free time so for the first time since forever, I am now accepting free ask requests for Captain Underpants drawings. All through “asks” on this blog only!

Please note: I am not going to draw all requests! I will only accept a few that I might like to draw out. No OCs, keep it pg13, personal headcanons for characters are okay I will like to hear them, pairings are okay, and no more than three characters per drawing. Thanks for reading!  Have a good night or day!  :D


anonymous asked:

I'm Harold Hutchins and someone tried to say on my own damn post that George & I 'seem like' straight kids to them. They're forgetting that I was CANONICALLY shown to marry a man in the future! Unless they think we're the male equivalent of gal pals or something. 'His husband' is an actual thing he wrote. Really, what even seems straight about me? Look at me and say I look straight, I dare you. Just... stop erasing the fact I'm gay. Please. Oh, and I remember having a huge crush on George.