harold is my soulmate

  • Me, standing in Barns and Nobel: *eyeing Carol*
  • Woman working there: That's a great movie. Of course any movie would be good if you get those two working together.
  • Me: yes, it's my favorite.
  • Woman: It's an amazing movie, I'd be lying if I said I haven't watched it three times already.
At the Brits '16:
  • Irving: Okay. Today is your day, son. Make it official in a very subtle way, okay? Maybe take his hand randomly or something like that. Alright?
  • Louis: Alright.
  • *Sometimes later*
  • Louis: I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, HAZZA! *strums guitar drunkenly* I WILL NEVER LEAVE YOU, HAZZA! *hiccups* I WILL ALWAYS BE BY YOUR SIDE! *sways a little* HAROLD, YOUR MY SOULMATE! *passes out*