The Machine never had the benefit of going to an ethics class. It probably taught itself ethics along the way and has struggled in making these very difficult decisions. It’s now struggling with the reality that it may have made some mistakes long the way. I think it came back to this moment of fragility and said to Finch “Hey, you made me in the first f***in’ place. If I’ve strayed too far from the mandate then there’s no better judge of that then you. So maybe I shouldn’t make it through this.” And I think the moment we arrived is one where Finch – and I wish these episodes could be an hour long but they can’t – is very much struggling with “Yeah, I’ve had my doubts and yeah you may have lost your way a little bit, but you still deserve to exist.” It’s an argument he makes to Caleb, who made a cameo on this episode, back in “2πR” when he said that it was better to have existed than to not have existed. Right? And the world is definitely a better place with the Machine in it. And that’s the resolution Finch comes to. Now what that’s going to look like next season in terms of Finch having to make some difficult choices as to how he brings the Machine back into the world, that’s a larger question.
—  Jonathan Nolan (x)
POI Finale Depress-Eat List

So you’re sobbing and hugging your Eeyore doll and suddenly your stomach begins to growl and there’s no homework in sight to eat…WHATEVER SHALL YOU DO?!?! D: D: D:

Have no fear, our chat friends have begun compiling a reference list for approved, surely-to-make-your-stomach-happy-but-the-rest-of-your-body-feel-even-worse (namely your eyes, thus it’s important to hydrate!) food items to accompany you on this horribly wonderful journey tonight…and beyond. Here’s a start, please feel free to add!

  • Pancakes
  • Steak (knife only, no forks)
  • Pastrami… extra mustard, spicy and yellow, and enough pepperoncinis to create digestion issues in even the strongest constitution. (hold the mayo)
  • Sencha Green Tea (w/ one sugar)
  • Donuts with extra sprinkles
  • Double shot macchiato
  • Truffled quail eggs
  • Cocktails (bonus points if you’re in Miami)
  • Rare first editions
  • Eggs benedict
  • Falafels
  • Mimosas (don’t forget to take the gas mask off first)
  • The best Chinese takeout you can find (w/ extra eggrolls to stare longingly at)
  • Energy bars
  • Bourbon (may also be applied topically)
  • Boilermakers
  • Ice cream cone (but only if you’re in the southern hemisphere)