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Woodsy Owl, the Forest Service’s anti-pollution mascot.

He was created in time for the first Earth Day in 1970, but wasn’t formally introduced until September 15, 1971. Congress passed legislation protecting Woodsy’s image and establishing his licensing requirements in 1974. Funds from licensing agreements went to promoting education about conservation and fighting pollution.

Bell Tower
Harold Budd
Bell Tower

This is a piece from Harold Budd’s album La Bella Vista. I had never heard of this album before tonight. But I was listening to another Harold Budd record and I started googling around and saw some references to this one. It was, apparently, recorded at a private party. One of the people at this party was Daniel Lanois, and he started recording when Harold stepped to the piano, without Harold’s knowledge. I’m always skeptical of these kinds of stories, mostly because I know how tempting it can be to tweak a few facts to make a better tale. But this is a gorgeous piece of music that runs just under two minutes. There are certain human feelings that can be best expressed through simple melodies on an acoustic piano, it’s uncanny. Is this because of movies? If so how does that explain Satie and Chopin? In any event I heard this for the first time tonight and I’ll be listening to it forever.

The Texas Killing Fields is the name given to a 25-acre patch of land bordering the Calder Oil Field in Texas. The area is located a mile from Interstate 45, also known as the Highway of Hell due to the high amount of fatal traffic accidents that occur on it. Starting in the early 1970s, the FBI and local police have found nearly 30 bodies dumped in the fields, mostly consisting of young girls. Many claim that the fields are “a perfect place for killing somebody and getting away with it.” It has been hypothesized that the killings were carried out by a serial killer, due to the similarities between the victims and dump site. Most of the victims have been 10-25 years old, with essentially the same hairstyle. Many of the bodies have also been dumped near a source of water. One possible suspect was murderer Edward Harold Bell, who confessed to the murders of 11 girls in Galveston County. However, due to a lack of evidence, police were never able to charge him for the I-45 murders. In 2012, DNA evidence proved that Kevin Edison Smith was the person responsible for the beating, rape, and strangulation of I-45 victim Krystal Jean Baker. Smith had been arrested on a drug charge, and detectives had taken the opportunity to scan the DNA on Baker’s dress and compare it to Smith’s, since technology back in 1996 when Baker was murdered inhibited the police force from doing so. A match was made, and Smith was sentenced to life in prison. However, Smith was never convicted of any of the other murders, and the killers of the rest of the women were never identified. In 2011, a film about the murders was released. Director Ami Canaan Mann visited the fields before the movie was made, and claimed that “you could actually see the refineries that are in the South end of Texas City. You could see the I-45. But if you yelled no one would necessarily hear you, and if you ran there wouldn’t necessarily be anywhere to go.”

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Carmilla- A photo analysis

This is the cast of Carmilla. Well, most of them. Look at their faces. If these are the last faces you ever see, you should feel honoured.

As a 16 year old doing English Lit and still waiting for promo pictures, I have decided I am qualified to talk about this.

First off, it looks like it might be staged but this is probably literally how they just show up when they’re filming.

First there’s Annie “I-woke-up-like-this” Briggs.

She’s there like “yes, I’m here, you’re welcome.”

Next to her is Sharon “the world is my runway” Belle

This is Sharon’s world. We’re just living in it.

Elise “tiny tot” Baeman is in front because she’s so smol.

And look at her. She is so ready.

She’s like…


Then we have Aaron “fashionably late” Chartrand

He’s not in line. Possibly a few seconds behind the others.

But it’s okay. If he got too close to Elise he would submerge her in darkness like an eclipse with his shadow.

On his left is Kaitlyn “ties are cool” Alexander.

Kaitlyn’s all “yes, I’m here. Yes, I’m walking through this ally. Yes, I was up all night playing Life is Gay Strange. Problem? Thought not.”

And last but not least we have Nicole “yo, so much shit went down in Season 0″ Stamp.

She’s thinking about how sassy Mel is and how can she channel it in all future endeavours.

Mel’s sass level is no laughing matter.

Not found:

Natasha Negovanlis and Sophia Walker.

But let’s be real. They’re too cool to walk.

They arrive to work by parachuting from a hot air balloon which is on fire and shoots sunglasses and confidence and are joined in mid air by snakes and other fictional vampires. They take turns punching Edward Cullen in the face and then their parachutes turn into jet-packs and they land silently on the ground, stopping only to grab a pair of sunglasses each as they fall and walk calmly into the building as their hot air balloon explodes behind them and their co stars stare on, slack jawed.

In conclusion:

Very well done to the cast and casting directors. Very pretty, incredibly talented cast who look good whether they’re walking through alleys or parachuting from balloons.

Also, I should never write Tumblr posts after midnight.


Found: Natasha “sexy pants” Negovanlis.

And I’m so glad I did.

The presence of sunglasses on her face is yet to be confirmed.

Bonus points for booty.

Also, look at that stare.

“Harold, they’re lesbians.”

Mistake Identity AU

Based on this: “I’m not actually the person you were set up on a blind date with but I was eating alone and you asked if I was someone else and wow you’re cute so of course I said yes and now you think my name is something it isn't”

He didn’t know what possessed him to say that his name was Harold.

But when Belle French had approached his booth at Granny’s, smile bright and welcoming and beaming at him, he found the lie falling easily from his lips.

Yes, I’m Harold. Yes, I’m your blind date.

She had only moved to town the month before and hadn’t had a chance to meet many people in town. Her new job as the librarian came with a small loft above the library, so he had never had the chance to meet her in his landlord capacity. He’d caught glimpses of her around town, always a bright spot among the dreary, unchanging dullness that was Storybrooke.

He was sure that the townspeople hadn’t neglected to mention his name – most likely followed by the title of “Resident Monster of Storybrooke”. However, it seemed that he was in luck and she had somehow never connected the name to his face.

Which was why, for reasons he still couldn’t entirely fathom, she believed that he was her blind date that evening.

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