103 Bones

So one problem I have with fandom is the praising of the 103 Bones scene, and viewing it in a positive light. The scene tends to be viewed as evidence of “badass” Kaneki, and how awesome he has become.

I don’t believe that was Ishida’s intention. And even if, for arguments sake, it was intended to be something for fans to enjoy……the scene itself is horrifying.

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CCG: The False Face of Justice

The more I look at things, the more it seems to me that :Re is building towards the eventual downfall of CCG.

Beginning from the introduction of the Doves, we saw a corrupt organization that claimed to “serve justice” while hiding many sinister secrets and allowing many horrible acts.

The further down the rabbit hole we’ve gone, the darker things seem to have gotten.

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Vriska is unnecessarily bitchy, cont.

Alright so in the recent update, Jake really needed a hug, and Tavros was willing to give him one. He was stopped, of course

We all remember that.

HOWEVER, Vriska’s caution was not only unnecessarily rude, but ENTIRELY UNNECESSARY in the first place! Why, you ask?

Because John has touched his sprite just fine without being prototyped. Now, of course, people CAN be prototyped

Just as easily as THINGS can. However, the person has to be WILLINGLY prototyped, like Davesprite. Dave jumped into the sprite with EVERY INTENTION of becoming prototyped. Objects, inanimate things, have no sense of will or willingness, so when they get dumped into a sprite the game automatically assumes that THINGS are meant to be prototyped. PEOPLE, on the other hand, can either intentionally touch to be prototyped, or touch just in general.

Jake needs a hug,

And Vriska needs to stop.

Hide’s intentions

Another round of addressing those Fandom Theories!

There’s long been theories and suspicions about how Hide is some sinister figure, and those seem to have been kicked up by the revelations about Kaneki’s mother.

However, there’s one major factor that opposes all those theories:

Hide has been one of our viewpoint characters in the series.

That means we have repeatedly seen what he is thinking and feeling, as opposed to the characters later revealed to be more sinister than originally thought. We know that Hide worries about Kaneki and takes actions to protect him, because he’s told us as much. We know that he misses his friend, and worries about his well being….again, because he’s told us as much.

His chapter in the first novel is all about Hide taking actions to protect Kaneki, even risking his life to do so. Hide is most certainly someone that can be sinister, but not towards Kaneki. Rather, we’ve repeatedly been shown that he can be incredibly ruthless and cunning when it comes to keep his best friend safe. There’s little he wouldn’t do for Kaneki.

You should fear Hide, but not because he’s secretly out to get Kaneki. You should fear him because he will do anything for his friend, and that includes luring Ghouls to their deaths or setting major events into motion.