Pan Head Billy – the High Plain’s Drifter

This is Pan Head Billy, a larger than life character, sitting astride his Harley on a dried-up salt lake bed a few miles outside Wendover, a small gambling town straddling Utah and Nevada. 

Not a lot happens in Wendover.

I had been shooting a Ford Fusion campaign in LA and after wrapping that shoot I decided to head out cross county for a road trip to capture landscapes for CGI back plates. Just driving from one state to the next, with the aim of passing through the Bonneville Salt Flats at some point (a great location – different every time).

After several days travelling and many back plates later we arrived. Out of nowhere I spotted 1000-odd bikers – seriously heavy characters – doing speed trials across a salt bed. They had diesel bikes, electric bikes, everything; if it had two wheels you could do the time trial, it was fantastic.

In the middle of all the hubbub was this dishevelled looking Pan Head Harley, we just had to find the rider!

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A joy riding skeleton in a Lamborghini Reventon

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