harmony & holden


After an entire week of being Mel or Theo to fight the embarrassment of the Conclave, Holden finally felt ready to have fun with people rather than scare them off. There was no face better than Phillip Terrance, who had enough natural charisma that he made friends without a real moment’s notice. And really, it took about three minutes in the middle of the quad before he was out laughing with a group of Salem natives, dancing and jamming with them as they blasted some music. “Uh, no, that’s not how you do the fucking robot. It’s like this.”

Favorite Girl Groups:

1) Fifth Harmony

2) Harmony Fifth

3) Hifth Farmony

4) Farmony Hifth

5) Fifthar Tharmony

6) Fifthmony Har

7) Fifth

8) Harmony

9) 5h

10) h5

11) the one with planet green eyes, Short Witchh, Chancho, CheeChee, and Godamni Kordeisus