Shuffle Tag!

I’m so sorry for being MIA for the past few months. I just broke up with my boyfriend and had to get away from tumblr because, well, I shut myself out :( But now I’m back! c: Better than ever and expect new story in the near future!

I got tagged by @mysteriousdane​ and @rainbowcheshi​, so happy!

Rules: put your music on shuffle and list the first 10 songs, then tag 10 people.

  1. Austin Basham - All Is Well
  2. WILD - American Love
  3. Phillip Phillips - Gone, Gone, Gone
  4. RADWIMPS - Katawaredoki
  5. James Bay - Let It Go
  6. Fifth Harmony - Work From Home
  7. Skylar Grey - Lemonade
  8. Us The Duo - Make You Mine
  9. Christopher - Heartbeat
  10. Anna Kendrick ft. Justin Timberlake - True Colors

My playlist is basically dominated with top 50 Billboard lmao. I don’t know if this is still a thing or not (because I got tagged weeks ago) but oh well, I tag @valhallansim @sapphiresims @lucasmunch @mizspiffysims @unicorninthemosh @pixiegal @simsemaia @mainsimster @beautifulplumbobs @official-simmerholic and everyone who wants to do this!

Protection bath!~

Yes I know, more bath magick. This one is an actual photo of my bath at least! Lately I’ve been feeling a lot of negativity in my life and I’d like to protect myself from that.


  • Chamomile
  • Lavender 
  • Epsom Salt
  • Sea Salt
  • Bay leaf

(Optional) Say your intent as you add each material into the water.

Chamomile for calming, Lavender for harmony, Epsom Salt for soothing, Sea Salt and Bay leaf for protection.

I stayed in for about 15 minutes and it was incredible! Now I tend to shower after my baths (to actually get clean) so as you’re showering or when the water is draining picture all the negativity going down the drain. Afterwards I grounded myself and solidified my intent.

I hope you guys enjoy this as much as I did!

Multilayered protection spell

So turns out I was in THE mood last week and did my first spell! Since improvisation is kind of my thing, I came up with a multipurpose spell which helped me cleanse, protect and ward my space. 

I first burned a couple of bay leaves and lit a some candles to get in the right mood. 

Then I used: 

  • salt : for protection and cleansing and also to make sure this  would last long (salt is used for conservation after all)
  • pepper: to ward and give some spice to the protection, to attack on       top of all the defenses. 
  • incense : mine is called ‘Harmony’, I’ve had it for a while and I thought it fit in the idea of an harmonious home 
  • ashes from the bay leaves (for cleansing)
  • cascarilla powder (powdered eggshells) : for protection (egg) and for a tough barrier (eggshells are made out of calcium, so are ourbones -mostly- hence the idea of giving my spell a tough ‘skeleton’)

Then it was all about stating my intent and setting my wards. I saw in my mind wave after wave of energy coming off me and filling every corner of my apartment, from floor to ceiling, all the while stating out lout my intent: that my place was safe, cleansed and protected, that nothing that I deemed malevolent or hurtful to me, my guests or my cats could enter and that the entities that I believe weren’t malevolent could enter upon asking permission. 

I meditated on it for a moment, observing the fumes of incense and when it was done I filled my jar and sealed it with the wax from my candle. 

I don’t need to describe you how high I jumped when I heard three knocks as soon as I blew the last candle. It was actually my upstairs neighbor but the timing was excellent. 

BAY AREAAAAA. i learned so much new terminology today like “HYFIE” and “GLO UP” and God knows what else. still don’t know what it means, but i’m working on it- at least i know Pepe the frog right?!!!! thank u for tonight, love you. and happy birthday Sophia!!!!!!!!!!! i didn’t get to sing you happy birthday on stage but im doing it on Instagram. I LOVE YOU by camila_cabello