harmony wood

Ancient spirits of the forest
Made him king of elves and trees
He was the only human being
Who lived in harmony
In perfect harmony

The woods protected were fulfilled his needs
Fruit by birds, honey by bees
He found shelter under trees
He grew up in their company
They became his family

A thousand seasons
They passed him by
So many times, have said goodbye
And when the spirits called out his name
To join forever, forever to stay
A forest spirit he became

—  In Perfect Harmony, Within Temptation
Harmony Korine's 'The Legend of Cambo'

While his parents were out working four jobs, Cambo spent his time learning how to survive in the rough backwoods of Alabama. When they went through a brutal divorce, he naturally fled to the woods to be alone. No traffic, no people, no responsibility—just pure survival.

The plan was to wait out his adolescence there until he could legally live life without his parents. He ended up spending two years alone in the wild. This episode of Profiles by VICE, from director Harmony Korine, tells Cambo’s story.

The Harmony: While these creatures superficially resemble the more peaceable Watchers, they are quite a separate entity all together.  Communicating in a low harmonious humming varying exquisitely in pitch and tone, these creatures seem to actively seek out other weakened creatures of the woods of various species.  We watched their approach to several, and in each case their actions were the same.  Calling amongst themselves the entire time, the weakened creature was violently trampled to death under their feet, it’s eventually empty husk melding back with the wood.  The Harmony demonstrate a sentience not seen in other creatures of the wood, showing the rudiments of problem solving and learning like nothing else in the wood.  We found they watched us with a conscious gaze, putting us ill at ease when in their presence.

The most disconcerting incident we had with these creatures was in the last night of our expedition.  While we set camp outside of the wood and our witch did provide us with all required barriers, we found a group of 12 or so each surrounded our site, standing facing us with their singular eye.  They remained watching until well after dawn, when they were scattered by the approach of our rendezvous team for our departure.  Whether or not they meant harm, contact, or simple curiosity we remain unsure.