harmony with each other

laurenjauregui Stay vigilant, watch out for each other, say lots of prayers for these women and their families. No human should be missing and we really need to fix how normalized the conversation about missing children has become. We have to stop being okay with the answer being that it is potentially due to human trafficking (which happens to be a billion dollars industry in United States) we need to start asking the right questions and getting the proper answers. We need to stop telling the girls to be careful and stay home so they are not abducted and if they are that they are not important enough to be reported about. This should be our focus; not bogus walls and war on other territories. We’ve gotta wake up to the terror here. And shame on the media for staying silent about these sort of important matters. #blacklivesmatter #latinxlivesmatter #findourgirls #bringthemhome

It’s more than Fifth Harmony, it’s more than just a girl group, this is sister hood. This is having the feeling to know no matter what happens, we will always have each other’s back.
—  Camila Cabello (past fifth harmony member)
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Camren Vines ll “What was it like meeting each other?”

Moondust by Jaymes Young

Virgo Love Matches

Aries: This can be a difficult union. The Arian brashness does not sit well with Virgo’s sympathetic nature. They both need to pass the olive branch. Taurus: These earth signs have a great deal in common and understand each other. They share traits, values and love-lists – perfect! Gemini: There is a connection with intellect and both are seekers of knowledge. However,Gemini loves freedom and Virgo is into commitment. Cancer: When there is love and attraction, this is an extremely solid relationship. Both have strong values and do not take their commitments and responsibilities lightly. Leo: This can be a difficult match. Leo wants to take control and Virgo takes orders from no one. However, they do have a great appreciation for each other’s intelligence and creativity. Virgo: These two are connected. They understand each other and appreciated just about everyone about each other. But both harmony and drama can be present. Libra: This union can look good together, but in real life, Virgo’s quest to make Libra a better person can wear thin on Libra’s sensitivity. Virgo needs to understand Libra more, and Libra not to take everything so personally. Scorpio: There can be a deep connection with these two, but not everyone will see it. What goes on behind closed doors, can build a strong union for life. Sagittarius: Magical on many levels, but opposites on other levels. Sagittarius is visionary, while Virgo is detailed oriented. They can encourage or irritate each other. Capricorn: This earth sign match is heavenly. Rock solid, and they’re there for each other, always and forever. Aquarius: There is definitely a fascination here, but Virgo is orderly and Aquarius can live in chaos. It’s can certainly be unpredictable. Pisces: Opposites can attract. And if the magnetic connection is strong enough, both will hold on tight, otherwise they can both let go.

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I hope there is a tribe somewhere that doesn’t have guns, television, nor pesticides, and whose people live in peace, harmony and mutual respect for each other, their animals and nature. And I hope that no one will ever find them.“

-Sereno Sky, author of "Lonely Traveller

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Some people, seem to be upset that we didn’t saw them talking about the kiss. But let me tell you, we didn’t have to see it. Definitely Victor and Yuri had some changes in their relationship after the kiss and they talked about it and they found each other to appeare so strong and confident and in harmony. They’re teasing and happy in each other’s presence and very comfortable with touches. We didn’t have to see The Talk because we saw this:

Their eyes already told us, that both are very very happy about the way their relationship developed.

okay the thing that I love most about viktor and yuris dancing is that it is harmonious, unlike how yuri danced with the other skaters.
just look at this shit:

their moves are so similar. and this is without practice… this is spur of the moment dancing and they’re doing the same thing;
and they MIRROR eachother:

their dancing doesn’t evoke any sense of competition to me, but harmony - they just understood each other without words. This reflects their relationship so well that I could cry

No wonder viktor fell in love with him. they are meant to do a duet be together.

someone: jikook

me, an intellectual: a beautiful relationship about companionship, praising, back hugs, sweet glances and cute smiles, a little bit of jealousy, massages, protecting each other, dancing together on dark dancing rooms, going out together for shopping, recognizing the other’s hands, pictures and videos of each other sleeping, harmony while singing, knowing what the other dislikes, remembering the slightest thing about the other, sharing clothes, matching shoes and jackets, babying each other, petnames and last but not least LOVE