harmony tattoo

Thank you from the bottom of my heart ssweet-dispositionn . You wrote this tattoo for me this past Wednesday when you were on tour in Dallas. As a child I was sexually abused by my grandfather and my whole life I asked myself why this had to happen to me and I felt as if “there will be an answer let it be” answered my question like a puzzle piece. This is something I’ve struggled with from my childhood until now and it’s not something I can just get over, but this tattoo is a step towards closure and I wouldn’t have had anyone else write this out. Thank you for your pure soul, advice via social media, and your beautiful voice. Thank you for making me feel loved when I feel like I have no one. Thank you for getting me through days I never thought I could. Thank you for being you, just thank you. I love you.


Please tag her if you can, I really want her to see this