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Happy Valentine’s Day!

With a couple posed in a loving embrace, encircled by large pink hearts, a reference to the frivolity that characterizes French Rococo painting, Kerry James Marshall’s Study for Vignette meditates on beauty, love, romance, and harmony in the black experience. Learn more about the work. 

[Kerry James Marshall. Study for Vignette. 2004. Crayon, gouache, and pencil on paper. The Judith Rothschild Foundation Contemporary Drawings Collection Gift. © 2017 Kerry James Marshall]

Venus in the houses

The house your Venus is in represents what you find beautiful, what you value/seek in relationships, and how you relate to others.

Venus in 1st house: You are naturally charming, diplomatic, and friendly. People are drawn to you, and you seem very easy to talk to. You appreciate and value art and beauty. You look for the beauty in everything you experience. In relationships, you value harmony and balance. You are attracted to those who are polite and sociable.

Venus in 2nd house: You may be slow to start in relationships, and you don’t like to jump into things. You have strong values and morals and you aren’t easy to persuade in those areas. You appreciate and value your possessions. You have a taste for luxury and money, but you are also known for being generous. In relationships, you value security and safety. You like to be comfortable. You may show your love to others through gifts.

Venus in 3rd house: You are verbally expressive and like to keep the peace and settle arguments. You appreciate and value communication and thinking. You like to be admired in your relationship. You like to compliment others and you have a graceful way with words. You are likely to be good at poetry or writing. In relationships, you value mental stimulation and you like to change things up every once in a while.

Venus in 4th house: You seek harmony and beauty in your home or home life. You are a very sentimental person and you like comforting items, and may have a lot of things that have memories or emotional value to you. You appreciate and value your home and comfort. In relationships, you show your love through sympathy and nurturing.

Venus in 5th house: You enjoy romance and flirting, and you like to entertain. You like to surround yourself with beauty and things that make you happy. You value creativity and excitement. You have a very playful flirting style and you love to have fun. In relationships, you are warm and loyal.

Venus in 6th house: You like to be helpful and useful in your relationships. You are a bit more subtle when it comes to showing love or affection. You appreciate and value little things and actions in relationships. You like to feel appreciated and show your loved ones how much you appreciate them often. In relationships, you are subtle and understanding. You are very friendly and pleasant in work situations, and tend to get along with your co workers easily.

Venus in 7th house: You are a peacemaker and like to be balanced. You are agreeable and charming, and people are naturally drawn and attracted to you. You have a tendency to enter relationships too quickly, but you value your relationships. You value and appreciate harmony and romance. In relationships, you are delightful and affectionate.

Venus in 8th house: You are intense and love wholeheartedly. You are very devoted and passionate, although afraid of vulnerability. You dislike mundane, everyday things, and you are attracted to all things taboo and enjoy deeper topics. You value and appreciate passion and loyalty, and you find beauty in secrecy. In relationships, you are loving and real.

Venus in 9th house: You are attracted to adventure and like to see the big picture of things. You like to learn and be educated, especially about the world or philosophies. You may enjoy travelling and like long journeys. You value and appreciate enthusiasm and knowledge. In relationships, you are idealistic and independent.

Venus in 10th house: You are very aware and conscious of your appearance and impression to other people. You are likely to be popular in your career. You like to be recognized for your talents and are likely to be attracted to authority. You value and appreciate inspiring and helping others, and your career. In relationships, you are respected and respectful.

Venus in 11th house: You like to make friends and be friends before starting a relationship. You bring your friends together and are attracted to unique qualities or talents. You have a soothing effect on people. You value and appreciate creativity and fairness. In relationships, you are fair and free.

Venus in 12th house: You have a tendency to hide your artistic side and like to be alone. You are very compassionate, but being affectionate or trusting isn’t easy for you. You tend to hide your emotions and romantic needs. You value and appreciate peace and solitude. In relationships, you are mysterious and giving.

the signs and their special colors

aries // red
the color of fire and excitement

taurus // pale blue, mauve
the soft colors of refinement and gentleness

gemini // yellow
bright and luminous, the color of novelty

cancer // sea green, silver
the shimmering colors of the water and the moon

leo // gold, orange
the magnetic colors of the sun

virgo // navy blue, gray
classic colors of refinement and taste

libra // blue, lavender
the colors of romance, harmony, and refinement

scorpio // crimson, burgundy, maroon
the glowing colors of passion

sagittarius // purple
uncommon color of royalty and the artistic

capricorn // dark green, brown
classic, comforting colors of nature and the earth

aquarius // electric blue
the clear color of the sky

pisces // pale green, turquoise
the dreamy colors of the sea

Attracted to...

Venus in:

Aries: Boldness, High Energy, Confidence, Intensity, Adrenaline

Gemini: Wit, Intelligence, Play, Giggles, Knowledge

Taurus: Sensuality, Stability, Loyalty, indulgence, sexuality

Cancer: Imagination, Nurture, empathy, humor, sensitivity

Leo: Drama, adoration, affection, extravagance, admiration

Virgo: Wit, Care, practicality, intelligence, Serving

Libra: Harmony, diplomacy, intelligence, romance, fairy tails

Scorpio: mystery, transformation, secrets, intensity, possession

Sagittarius: Expansion, humor, optimism, freedom, travel

Capricorn: Support, formality, productivity, ambition, dry humor

Aquarius: Eccentricity, originality, innovation, quirks, intelligence

Pisces: Art, Spirituality, empathy, escapism, illusions

Reblog if you believe bands save lives

I got into a whole discussion with someone because they do not believe that a band or other musician can save a person’s life because they do not know them in person. 

Education in Harmony

Author: blackmustache

Rating: T

Status: Completed in October 2012

Word Count: 28,105

Summary: Blaine doesn’t meet Kurt during his sophomore year at Dalton - but fate intervenes and makes sure they still cross paths a little later in their lives. When Blaine is about to start his first year studying Musical Theatre at Tisch School of the Arts, he loses his iPhone in a New York City cafe - and fashion major Kurt is the one who finds it and returns it to him. And if negotiating his new friendship with Kurt and all that entails (possible romance, surviving meeting Rachel Berry and occasional karaoke nights) doesn’t keep Blaine busy enough, he’s living with Cooper who happens to be in rehearsals for The Worst Play in New York.

Tropes/Genre: alternate meeting, future!fic, bestfriends!Klaine, romance, Cooper Anderson, college!Klaine

Lynne’s review: I really loved this! Wonderful build up of their friendship first, and a sweet, beautiful conclusion.

Read at: AO3

Any Planet in the seventh house can distort and amplify the way we view those around us, especially on a personal one to one basis. 

The Sun can create a shared ego, where the self becomes a demi-self without the expression of someone close. Their light can be found in others. 

The Moon creates emotional expression, shifting ties, where one minute you want to engulf them and they next you wish to be in deep solitude.

Mercury creates a movement that has to be fast paced and intellectually stimulating.

Venus desires romance, harmony, maybe even a little bit of shallowness, yet something with charm and class.

Mars creates conflict, but also passion, a relationship and view of those around you where they are both mutually empowering but challenging.

Jupiter here desires expansion, growth, and people with this placement can view others as their flying carpet to fulfillment and a new spiritual appreciation. 

Saturn can restrict, cover up feelings about those around us. People with this may find others baffling and uneasy to approach.

Uranus creates sudden changes, an electrically charged view of those around, where they meet their rebellion and freedom in someone else.

Neptune creates an illusion, a love and admiration that can shatter reality entirely. Yet, chances are you will feel let down by your own absurd expectations of others.

Pluto creates a binding, where one cannot simply shatter their ties with others, but carry them with them as their own cosmic footprint.

theicequ33n  asked:

Can you tell me how signs do with their own sign in a relationship?

So when like signs come together in a romantic relationship the compatibility is 50/50. On one hand there is a lot of understanding between then, on the other hand they can easily smother each other with similarities.


When these two come together the relationship is filled with passion! They notice each others confidence, can understand one anothers need for independence, and they can keep up with each others enthusiasm and activity. The biggest struggle for two Aries is a clash of egos and dominance. Both want to steer the relationship, they might try to make decisions without the other partner, and also their tempers can easily flare up. This relationship is pure fire.


Two Taurus can make a very comfortable and stable union. They are attracted to each others down-to-earth persona, can relate on a lot of physical levels, they can be sensual and romantic together, and together they have a high rate of faithfulness and longevity. But these two are STUBBORN. They clash due to stubbornness, a fixed nature, and from a lack of activity. Communication and change can be stagnant in this relationship and both can be unmovable in conflict and decision making. 


The whirlwind relationship! Each others wit and energy will entice one another. They have a strong mental connection and can understand each others intellectual approach to life. They are communicative together and accept each others need for independence and variety. An issue with these two is a lack of stability and a lack of passion and/or emotional connection. Both are highly ruled by the mind and have a scattered energy. This creates an unstable and detached feel to the relationship.


These two will be attracted to each others emotional appeal. They understand where the other person is coming from on a lot of levels and this relatability creates a romantic and strong connection. They can take care of each other and both are loyal to one another.  There is a lot of nurturing going on in this union but Cancer is all about having emotional control. These two both want to be in charge of the home and the way the relationship emotionally changes and develops. These two can easily smother each other and their sensitive, guarded nature can create a lot of miscommunication and wounds. 


These two can actually get obsessed with one another. Leo loves to impress and wants to find someone impressive. They will admire and impress each other. They live in the limelight together, indulge in creativity, and both are warm, generous, and affectionate. They could fight for attention and the spotlight and have territorial issues. Both are prideful and stubborn and this will cause a huge clash. 


First, I have to mention I have read some astrologers claim this is the best “like sign” pairing. They can understand each others peculiar, fussy, uptight, intellectual approach, and adaptable yet routine ways. Both have high standards and ideally they can meet each others standards. They create a realistic and devoted union. They support each other and are honest and communicative together. Their issue is having too much criticism and nervous energy in the union and no one really helps the other to relax. Despite being an earth sign there can be some instability because Virgo is a mutable sign. All mutable signs are flexible and have an aspect of changeability.


This relationship is all about peace, romance, and harmony. They can feel each others balanced and flirty nature and will be drawn in by that. They relate to each others abstract mind and might even understand one anothers indecisive trait. This sign is all about partnerships and cooperation and when two come together they make an ideal team. This relationship can be filled with equality. Communication is good on a shallow level and they are great at smoothing over conflicts but this can actually be their downfall too. Deeper communication doesn’t always happen because both might be afraid to get too intense, both fear conflict, and the relationship in general can be too passive.


This is another passion tornado in the zodiac. These two will love each others intensity and passion. They will also sense each others mystery and deepness and want to explore one another. Both will be loyal and protective of each other. On an emotional level these two can uncover a lot about each other, will learn a lot, they can handle each others intensity, and they can make a solid connection. Both are fixed in their emotions and opinions, Scorpio is controlling, vindictive, jealous, and possessive, things can easily get messy and painful in this union. Wars will be fought when conflict happens. 


What’s great about two Sagittarius is that they will respect each others freedom and can support one anothers dreams. These two can keep up with each others energy, they are spontaneous and adventurous together, and they get each others bluntness and progressive, big-picture thought process. This is actually a really good union to ease each other into commitment and love. But things can get really unstable in this relationship, both can be reckless and negatively impulsive with each other, and they can easily burn each other out.


These two are picky and slow in love, sometimes even overly practical. When two Capricorns come together they get each others practicality, values, and even materialistic views. I want to mention that they are both great providers, can build up a good life together financially, and can support each others careers. This relationship is highly stable and both are faithful. Capricorn is all about control…. and there will be control issues. Also while Capricorn is all about their partner having a career some can get jealous or unhappy if their lover makes more than them. Capricorn usually wants to be the breadwinner. Great pair when it comes to the material and practical world but both need to be in control. Emotional expression is also stunted in this pairing and Capricorn needs someone who helps them to open up emotionally.


Sometimes an Aquarius can only find someone who gets them and accepts them in another Aquarius. One upside of this union is these two will truly respect and understand each others individuality, need for independence, and their intellectual mind and opinions. The mental connection here is strong and both will be weird and brave together. They are likely to have an unconventional relationship and they face the changes in the world together head on. If two Aquarius lovers have differences in lifestyle and opinion watch out! Both are stubborn in their ideals and even controlling. Aquarius thinks they are always right and can even be a hypocrite. Intellectual conflict is this relationships biggest threat as well as having a lack of emotional expression and connection. When two Aquarius are totally on the same page with ideas and opinions they can move mountains.


Two Pisces can create a lovely relationship filled with romance, affection, and emotional expression. They give each other space to daydream and their intuition seems to almost merge. They reassure each other and they almost try to create a fantasy out of their union. They please each other and are highly giving. Yet, Pisces is manipulative and fluid and things can easily get lost, confused, one person highly manipulative and the other used, or in general there is a feeling of instability and vagueness. Pisces desires a stable partner and another mutable sign can make Pisces feel more changeable and even insecure.

Things I Associate With the Hogwarts Houses:

Gryffindor: the colours red, gold, orange and brown, bandaged hands, coffee, bruised Knuckles, red lipstick, leather boots, volcanoes, fist fights, being sent to the principal, golden chandeliers, fall, mahogany wood, demonstrations and protests, retro vintage, travel, ‘Oh shit’, loud laughter, drinking games, stopping a bully, forests, eyes glowing from excitement, yellowed paper, bonfires, ginger hair, golden jewelry, cozy sweaters, heated arguments, road trips, bold changes, bluntness, detentions, adventures, whiskey, spontaneous actions, beer pong, frat parties, lions, bears, wolves, dragons, swearing, angry tears, fireplaces, dares, christmas, partners in crime, pranks, wide grins, ‘I have an idea’, fast food, chimney smoke, martyrs, roller coasters, fireworks, young delinquents, soldiers, chaos, flares, speaking up, war, rebels, taking risks, adrenaline, stubbornness, breaking rules, band-aids, drunk laughter, truth or dare, alarms, hangovers, energy, leadership, fighting sports, running, snowball fights, neon lights, cinnamon, riots, razzias, messy hair, swords, explosions, bluelight, anonymous masks, arm wrestling

Slytherin: emeralds, the colours green, black and grey, poison, foxes, snakes, silver, platinum blonde hair, hissed threats, vodka, blood drops, amulets, black leather jackets, money games, casinos, hired assassins, curses, motel rooms, grey skies, abandoned places, cheating on something, blue veins, frowns, vengeance, fake smiles, oppressiveness, strict parents, subways, quiet tears, dark lipstick, matches, tattoos, highways, smoke, tired eyes, ravens, short haircuts, snarls, coats, empty hallways, dyed hair, poker, roses, thunderstorms, ocean’s, black nail polish, soot, B/W, fancy cars, matt black, bones, smirks, wine, medusas, old mansions, haunted houses, perfectionism, winks, sexual tension, sweet torture, cemeteries, the moon, sleepless nights, the sound of a knife snapping open, latin, black eyeliner, secrets, traps, fog, pestilence, viruses, sass, extravagance, ‘devil’s advocate’, having status, ambition, persistence, character development, elegance, headphones, lockers, mints, cigarettes, hardwood floors, busses, chameleons, wild flowers, sins, cracked glass, broken mirrors, quiet nights, railroads, black tea, secrecy, dark humor, mystery, predators, hidden emotions, held grudges, dust, horror movies, ripped jeans, velvet, lipstick stain, magic sigils, icy anger, cold mornings, empty hallways, ear piercings, champagne, incense, skeletons in the closet, chills running down your spine, collarbones, solitude, baths, nettles, silver eyeshadow,  expensive evening dresses, ice, lightning, blurred pictures

Hufflepuff: vibrant colours, sunflowers, marketplaces, fruit, colorful candy, pastel, strawberry blonde hair, ponytails, blue skies, summer, kids laughter, ladybugs, random acts of kindness, voluntary work, freckles, hippies, hummed songs, meditations, flower patterns, brightly lit rooms, smiling at strangers, orange lipstick, laughter lines, hugs, pancakes, summer drinks, spring break, open air festivals, sprinkles, slush ice, walking barefoot through grass, frozen yoghurt, the 70′s, dresses, easter, cotton candy, world peace, glitter, candy wrappers, giggles, holding out a helping hand, happy dreams, daydreaming, umbrellas, floral wreaths, sharing a meal, dances, butterflies, second chances, bees, wide open fields, happy tears, gifts, beach cruisers, soft kisses, blushing, milkshakes, confectioneries, cupcakes, beaches, attack hugs, parades, dandelions, donations, clumsiness, rainbows, animated films, relaxation, comfort food, first love, imagination, playfulness, nostalgia, positive mantras, harmony, romance, picnics, one of a kind, holding hands, childhood memories, newborn babies, warm blankets, freshly baked cookies, braided hair, fairy tales, bubble baths, watercolour paints, fuzzy socks, homemade pie, fluffy things, crystals, light shining through trees, bells, big beds with lots of blankets and pillows, lace, popsicles, tooth gaps

Ravenclaw: asymmetry, the colours: blue, white, silver and beige, glass marbles, tidiness, neat handwriting, ballett, ‘best in class’, certificates, museums, photography, art, hair buns, glasses, bookstacks, journals, libraries and bookstores, perfectly done nails, clean mirrors, desks, foreign languages, cafés, poetry, white bedsheets, macbooks, water bottles, sketches, polaroid, coffee shops, hastiness, deadlines, white clouds, astronomy, snow covered trees, feminism, 50′s, patent leather shoes, typewriters, tidy rooms, science, history, ikea furniture, raised eyebrows, sarcasm, lists, modern offices, mac cosmetics, the smell of new books, ties, rolling eyes, sitting at your homework until past midnight, jeans, vogue magazines, feng shui, yoga, classical novels, calligraphy, greek, owls, newspapers, research, documentaries, winning a debate, competitions, solving problems, riddles, curiousity, multi-tasking, historical figures, hackers, classical music, the new york times, fancy pens, caffeine, salads, cold waves, smartasses, ink stained hands, live theatre, hot espresso, impatience, responsibility, dry humor, knowledge, early mornings, changing schools, dark chocolate, alone-time, numbers, fresh scents, deep thinking, concepts, quills, technology, finals, formulas, sealing wax, falling asleep on your desk, sculptures


anonymous asked:

do you think there are any basic herbs that witches should just have around (common ones used in spells etc)?

Most of the common culinary herbs (fresh or dry) have a variety of uses that can be applied to lots of different spells.  This combined with your own personal associations can give you a multitude of different options.  I have an extensive correspondences list here if you are interested, but here are a few off the top of my head that I consider “common” herbs/spices (this is by no means exhaustive).  This is not so much a list of “must haves” as it is a “look what you can pick from to cover all your spellcasting needs.

(just a quick note: go with whatever association feels right.  If associate basil with sleeping more than you do any of the other listed intents, go with that one)

Basil: Banishing Negativity, Spell Breaking, Clairvoyance, Divination, Protection, Purification, Bless/Consecrate, Luck, Success, Money, Wealth, Prosperity, Wishes, Strength, Love, Romance, Sex, Lust, Fidelity, Fertility, Truth, Honesty, Peace, Harmony, Happiness, Positivity, Balance, Fire, Imbolc, Beltane, Lammas, Samhain

Oregano:  Mental/Psychic Powers/Development/Awareness, Psychic/Prophetic Dreams, Protection, Luck, Growth, Love, Romance, Weddings/Marriage/Handfasting, Heartbreak Relief, Peace/Harmony, Healing/Health, Happiness, Positivity, Air, Animals

Thyme: Banish, Curse Breaking/Protection, Mental/Psychic Powers/Development/Awareness, Clairvoyance, Divination, Sleep, Dreams, Psychic/Prophetic Dreams, Nightmare Protection, Cleansing, Purification, Bless/Consecrate, Luck, Money, Strength, Bravery, Courage, Confidence, Compassion, Love, Romance, Meditation, Healing/Health, Happiness, Positivity, Beltane, Litha, Lammas, Samhain, Water, Legal Issues

Rosemary: Banishing Negativity, Wisdom, Knowledge, Mental/Psychic Powers/Development/Awareness, Sleep, Dreams, Nightmare Protection, Protection, Cleansing, Purification, Bless/Consecrate, Luck, Wish, Inspiration, Strength, Bravery, Courage, Confidence, Memory, Beauty, Love, Romance, Sex, Lust, Fidelity, Honesty, Truth, Peace, Harmony, Meditation, Healing/Health, Alleviate Depression, Mabon, Imbolc, Beltane, Lammas, Samhain, Yule, Air, Legal Issues, Longevity

Bay Leaves: Exorcism, Wisdom, Knowledge, Clairvoyance, Prophecy, Divination, Cause Nightmares, Protection, Purification, Bless/Consecrate, Luck, Money, Wishes, Success, Prestige, Inspiration, Energize, Strength, Memory, Love, Romance, Peace, Harmony, Health/Healing, Imbolc, Yule, Fire 

Sage (not necessarily white sage): Wisdom, Knowledge, Mental/Psychic Powers/Development/Awareness, Clairvoyance, Divination, Protection, Psychic Protection, Purification, Bless/Consecrate, Wealth, Prosperity, Wishes, Inspiration, Love, Romance, Sex, Lust, Weddings/Marriage/Handfasting, Peace, Harmony, Meditation, Healing/Health, Mabon, Litha, Ostara, Samhain, Air, Longevity

Chamomile: Sleep, Dreams, Nightmare Protection, Protection, Purification, Luck, Money, Wealth, Prosperity, Beauty, Love, Romance, Peace, Harmony, Meditation, Relaxation, Healing/Health, Alleviate Depression, Anti-Anxiety, Stress Relief, Mabon, Litha, Lammas, Samhain, Water

Lavender: Mental/Psychic Powers/Development/Awareness, Clairvoyance, Divination, Sleep, Dreams, Protection, Purification, Luck, Money, Concentration, Memory, Love, Romance, Sex, Lust, Chastity, Virility, Fertility, Peace, Harmony, Relaxation, Healing/Health, Alleviate Depression, Anti-Anxiety, Stress Relief, Happiness, Positivity, Balance, Beltane, Litha, Air, Longevity

Mint: Exorcism, Mental/Psychic Powers/Development/Awareness, Clairvoyance, Protection, Purification, Luck, Money, Prosperity, Love, Romance, Sex, Lust, Healing/Health, Anti-Anxiety, Stress Relief, Beltane, Litha, Lammas, Air, Travel

Spearmint: Exorcism, Increase the power of spells,  Mental/Psychic Powers/Development/Awareness, Sleep, Dreams, Lucid Dreaming, Remembering Dreams, Nightmare Protection, Protection, Bless/Consecrate, Luck, Success, Money, Wealth, Prosperity, Wishes, Strength, Love, Romance, Sex, Lust, Healing/Health, Anti-Anxiety, Stress Relief, Happiness, Positivity, Air, Animals, Travel

Peppermint: Mental/Psychic Powers/Development/Awareness, Divination, Sleep, Dreams, Lucid Dreaming, Remembering Dreams, Protection, Purification, Bless/Consecrate, Luck, Money, Wealth, Prosperity, Wishes, Love, Romance, Sex, Lust, Healing/Health, Anti-Anxiety, Stress Relief, Happiness, Positivity, Fire, Animals

Salt: Banish Negativity, Protection, Purification, Cleansing, Bless/Consecrate, Grounding

Pepper: Exorcism, Banishing Negativity, Curses, Increase the Power of Spells, Protection, Gossip, Fire

Cinnamon: Wisdom, Knowledge, Increase the Power of Spells, Clairvoyance, Divination, Protection, Bless/Consecrate, Luck, Success, Money, Wealth, Prosperity, Inspiration, Strength, Love, Romance, Sex, Lust, Peace, Harmony, Healing/Health, Lammas, Yule, Samhain, Fire

Garlic: Exorcism, Spell Breaking, Clairvoyance, Divination, Protection, Bless/Consecrate, Success, Money, Gossip, Strength, Bravery, Courage, Confidence, Sex, Lust, Healing/Health, Lammas, Fire, Longevity, Protection Against Storms

Onion: Exorcism, Spell Breaking, Clairvoyance, Divination, Psychic/Prophetic Dreams, Protection, Bless/Consecrate, Success, Money, Gossip, Sex, Lust, Health, Healing

Ginger: Mental/Psychic Powers/Development/Awareness, Psychic Protection, Success, Money, Strength, Love, Romance, Sex, Lust, Balance, Ostara, Lammas, Fire

Paprika: Banish, Curse

** Note: My source for all of these correspondences come from various posts that I have reblogged in the past that can be found in this tag.  I do not claim authorship for any of it, just the organization of it.**

Acute Triangle - by Brightki

√ Dramione (Draco x Hermione)
√ Setting: 10 years later
√ 1 chapter
√ My score: ❤❤ (okay)
√ Rating: M
√ Language: ***** (close to no mistakes)

Hermione encounters her favorite mistake at a black tie affair for her husband.

My notes: Nope, can’t really picture Hermione cheating on Harry. Not like this anyway.