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Discordant Harmony (spoilers! Massive spoilers!)

If you dont want to be spoiled, than dont read this! The entire episode was spoiled online and it tells everything on what is going to happen in this fluttercord episode! Again if you dont want to read it, dont continue! (I already read it and i am fangirling like crazy) ———————————————-/—/-/——————————————————-///————————————- Discordant Harmony When Discord realizes all of the effort Fluttershy goes through hosting their weekly tea parties, he offers to host the next one at his place - tomorrow! Having never hosted a tea party before let alone one worthy of Fluttershy, Discord panics. Only after popping around Equestria collecting strange and unusual party supplies does Discord discover the chaos he’s created in his realm. In hopes of making his place Fluttershy-friendly, Discord completely normalizes his realm and then himself. Upon her arrival Fluttershy is surprised to find Discord in a suit and tie wanting to discuss boring topics like the weather. But when Discord suddenly starts to fade away before her eyes, Fluttershy deduces that since Discord is a being of pure chaos, acting normal must be what’s causing him to disappear. Fluttershy takes it upon herself to act like Discord and cause some chaos. Discord gets caught up in the spirit of her adorable chaos making, and is soon back to his normal not-so-normal-self. Discord admits he made all of these changes because he was worried she’d see how different they are and end their friendship. Fluttershy explains she values their friendship and likes him because of their differences. Discord is relieved and soon the two are upside down on Discord’s ceiling, drinking tea and happily trying to catch sandwiches with butterfly nets as they fly by.

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So what's your favorite skin? I think sunyatta and the sanzang ones are some of my favs. Of course I just love your normal face the best 😘😘😘

I had a lot of fun with the Nutcracker outfit. I believe I gave Lucio and Jamison nightmares for a little while, and unnerved a fair few of the others. Torbjorn and Reinhardt loved it, though. They feel I did a good job of capturing the spirit of the tradition.

The Skullyatta costume was a lot of fun as well. It took a long time to get all the paint off, however. I am actually not sure if I managed to get it all…

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HHR shipper: “Harry and Hermione are close but I think they could’ve been something more”

RHR shipper: “R@MIONE IS CANON!!!”

HHR: “But wait a second, how can harry know what a sister is he’s never had one…”


HHR: “geeez whatever, but what about Harry and G*nny, he never showed any interest at all in any of the books except the last two…”


JKR: …..I was wrong. Harry and Hermione should have been canon.

*wails of R@mione and h*nny shippers can be heard across the world at the announcement*

*harmony shippers cry tears of happiness and disbelief and cackle madly at the turning of the tables*

I wonder if Romione-shippers who refer to Harmony as being "incest" have any siblings

Because, I don’t know, bickering constantly about the most minimal thing like pets is the most sibling thing ever while supporting each other as a soulmate is not.

I have two older brothers. I love the fucking daylight out of them, I really do. We bickered a lot when we were younger. We see each others flaws and downsides, but you know what, we respect them. Sometimes we clash. But most of the times we don’t: most of the time we respect each other and if someone talks bad about my brothers or visa versa, we’ll fucking stand our grounds and tell whomever talked like that that he or she is wrong and should back off. We protect each other. We fight. We can be so frustrated with each other that we would want to flee to another country, but we don’t. We’re bounded in some ways. 
And this is exactly what Romione is all about to me. They clash, they fight, they respect and they protect. That’s brotherly/sisterly love. 

On the other hand: Harry and Hermione are soulmates. If they bicker, they bicker because they care about each other’s health or safety. It’s worlds apart from bickering about lost pets and who’s to blame. Their fights are in no way sibling fights and their feelings are in no way sibling feelings. In no way. They leave each other be, don’t criticize and confide massively in each other. 

I’m just so happy Jo got around. Really. I always knew in my heart that Harmony was canon, because of the characters. It’s just bound to be them, no one else (no Dramione, because that just wouldn’t have been possible because of Draco’s stubborness and background, considering Hermione is a muggleborn, no Hinny because that’s just this “suddenly there’s a feeling in the 6th year because Harry needs to pair with someone”): bound to be them. And I’m soooo, sooooooo glad that Jo saw that. Sooooooooooooooo glad.

Finally: this scene was made up for a reason. Jo knew.


Wow guys, if what’s being reported about JKR’s wonderland interview is TRUE, what we harmony shippers have longed for since the books fucked with our canon has happened: SHE ADMITTED SHE WAS WRONG ABOUT THE ROMIONE ENDGAME!!! WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG WROOOOOOONG!!!! I CAN’T SAY IT ENOUGH!!! ITS REGRETSVILLE FOR JKR REGARDING HER “CANON” PAIRING!!! FUCK YEEEEEEEEES!!!

*ahem* excuse me *cough*not sorry*cough* I almost can’t believe it and I’m praying to all the deities out there that this isn’t some sick joke that’s bing played on us >_< After all the shit we’ve had to wade through from Romione and hinny shippers throughout the years, if it turned out to be nothing but, it would just be another truckload of crap on the shit-pile we don’t want or need.

But if it’s true, oh my I’m just—my feels are nearly overwhelming, as I’m sure they are for all of us who’ve captained the harmony ship for as long as we’ve known Hermione and Harry. It’s JKR finally realizing what we’ve tried to tell everyone who didn’t believe in Harmony, that you can’t force a relationship just because it’s what you want like she did with Ron and Hermione, and by extension Ginny and Harry, that we were basing our feels and pairing on what was already there between them, not what we were *disgusted scoff* “making up”.

I’ve also noticed a few of the Romione reactions have been that JKR is delusional, that there is STILL nothing between Hermione and Harry to warrant her change of heart, and my personal favorite, that she can’t take back what she’s written that’s it’s already canon and it’s impossible to do “take-backs” *cue eye-roll*.

Yeah yeah whatever, you used canon to trample all over every hhr shipper that’s ever existed, so it’s Only fair that you all suck it up and take it like we’ve had to all these years. How does it feel to have your feelings slapped back in your face huh?! Do you have any idea of the torment you’ve put harmony shippers through for YOUR canon?! How you used it to lord over anyone who expressed an opinion different from yours?! Well karma’s a bitch ain’t it? ^~^ Oh and one last thing. If this turns out to be a hoax and none of its true, I’d feel immensely disappointed but it won’t change how I feel about harmony one bit; you know why? Because with or without JKR’s “confession”, I’d still support and love harmony for all the reasons I did so in the beginning. To me, they’ll always be meant for each other. It’s provably the same for the anti-harmonians, but for once, I don’t give a damn. I’m just gonna sit back and bask in the joyous bright rays on the deck of my ship. HARMONY FOREVER BITCHES!!!!