harmony ftw

Day 1: When did you start shipping Harmony? and How?

I started shipping them when I was 11years old(*I’m at the same age as of most Harry Potter Stars)

I didnt even know about shipping(*I guess it’s not officially called ship more than 10 years ago)

I’m a girl and at HP:SS/PS, I adored Harry’s personality, I fell inlove with his character and there, I saw Hermione, I always believed that there was a Hermione side in me. And BOOM, since then I loved Harry and Hermione, their friendship was so enchanting, yet their pure love is so magical. 

I’ve been always proud of my ship, I’ve defended it for more than 10 years in every way I can, (lol, I sounded like a knight?). Bashers everywhere always tried to shink my ship(I always avada kedavra them), but thankfully, I’ve met all these awesome Harmony Blogs here in tumblr.

Anyway, back in book/film one, the scene that sparked my harmonious heart is when Harry insisted to look after Hermione( I mean, 11 year old kids doesn’t have to save someone against an effin TROLL if that person isn’t important right?)

and it started my romione hatred. lol, I mean, even as they say that love can occur at first sight, it was pretty awful to think if someone who embarrass you in front of everyone would be your future husband. And risked your life after he had hurted you badly. How dare you?

Ron usually treat Hermione badly, shitty, whatever. but Harry, he always cared for her. anyway, I love my ship, and that’s how I started it.