harmony 4 president of the world

Companions New year resolutions

Just a little thing because I’ve been gone for so long, might post an update for it later, really just a silly reaction :)

Cait: To embrace her Irish heritage and restore the shamrock Taphouse to it’s natural glory, plans for it to be the most popular drinking hole in all the commonwealth 

Codsworth: To supply the whole of the commonwealth with pure British tea, also he wants a union jack paint job 

Danse: Become the hero the Commonwealth deserves

Dogmeat: Find bitches, bury bones, follow the path of woof 

Deacon: Become the proud owner of the worlds largest wig collection 

Nick: To get a recording and radio system transplanted into him so people can  never deny what they have just said, very useful for a detective 

Maccready: He just want’s a sweet ass grill 

Hancock: Become a god  

Preston: To unite all the people of the world and live in peace and harmony, where flower crowns and share all the loves 

Piper: Wants to become president of the Commonwealth, equality for everybody 

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Curie: Replace the population with adorable cats and kitties 

Strong: Find a shit load of onions 

X6-88: Find a cyberdog partner