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Without Big Time Rush, there would be no One Direction or 5 seconds of Summer.

Without The Cheetah Girls, there would be no 5th Harmony or Little Mix.

These 2 iconic groups ushered in the modern boyband/girl group era and their impact & legacy in both the music AND television industries is the reason that these other “groups” have even had a chance to succeed. Know your history and put some respect on their names.Without their contributions these groups would be NOTHING 

  • Lauren: Dinah... there's something I need to tell you. It may come as a shock so be prepared.
  • Dinah: What is it?
  • Lauren: I like Camila... as in LIKE like Camila.
  • Dinah: [thinking back to all the times she's caught Lauren staring at Camila]
  • Dinah: *faking surprise* Oh wow!! that's!! something!! I dIDNT knoW aT aLL!! wow

Terrified Angels

Terrified by Childish Gambino vs. Angels by Chance The Rapper feat. Saba.


To celebrate Chapter 2 of Bendy and the Ink Machine game’s release, I made a Bendy Rig that everyone can use for their animations! Link to download the rig is in the video description!

  • Camila: I'm really mad.
  • Lauren: What happened?
  • Camila: Nothing, I'm mad at myself.
  • Lauren: Why?
  • Camila: My anxiety is creeping up again and I'm finding it hard to concentrate enough to read.
  • Lauren: ... I'll read it to you, will that help?
  • Camila: Will you do different voices for different characters?
  • Lauren:
  • Lauren: Okay.
Scadrian Ice Cream

Since Scadrial is bound to get modern refrigeration techniques pretty soon (in 10 to 20 years, if not sooner), what do you think the favorite flavors for each of the characters will be? Like, Hoid, Kelsier, Sazed (he can taste ideas…in the CR…), Marsh, Khriss, Nazh, Demoux, TenSoon, MeLaan, and Wax and co.?

Let’s discussed this vitally yummy important topic.