The Most Important Lie — Harry/Hermione One Shot Fluff

Awkwardly running a hand through his hair, Ron exhaled. “That kiss … Y’know, with Hermione?” he said, thinking of the moment hours earlier. “That was—”

“Life changing?” Harry offered.

“A mistake,” Ron corrected. “Awkward as hell and … Battle changes everything doesn’t it?” he asked. “Besides, you’re a right shit liar, Harry.”

Harry swallowed, knowing exactly what Ron was referring to. A locket, a sword, and a promise. She’s like a sister to me. A lie. Not the first lie he had ever told Ron, but it was very likely the most important of their lives. Harry had known that he needed to lie in that moment for all their sakes; the war was more important, and awkward feelings and broken hearts could wait.

Apparently, they were waiting for now.

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Reunion || Carmony

Connor stood nervously in front of Harmony’s door, holding a teddy bear that was nearly as big as he was. When Kaley had discovered that Harmony had actually broken off the engagement because of Connor being in Maine with her, his seventeen year old cousin had lectured him for about an hour before telling him that if he didn’t go and fix things, she would run over his good foot with her wheelchair like he taught her, and then kill him. The problem was that he knew Kaley had a very good point. He really hadn’t handled things well at all with Harmony when he left. He just had so few family members that weren’t along the same lines as his parents  that running straight to Kaley’s side after the accident had practically been instinct. 

However, Kaley was doing much better now, and was currently still livid with him over the way he had handled it. She had told him that she wasn’t speaking to him again until she heard from Harmony and knew he had fixed things. Luckily, he hadn’t really needed that motivation as half-way through her ranting, he had already begun having the first bouquet of flowers sent to Harmony. He might have over done it a little with the gifts, but he figured that messing up as badly as he had necessitated a really, really big apology. Now he just had to hope she would actually listen to him. He took in a deep breath, and then he knocked on the door.

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  • <p><b>Candela:</b> So, are you a Mr. or a Ms.?<p/><b>Blanche:</b> A Dr.<p/><b>Candela:</b> No no, are you a man or a woman?<p/><b>Blanche:</b> A scientist.<p/><b>Candela:</b> But what's in your pants?<p/><b>Blanche:</b> Physics.<p/><b></b> *Spark snickering in the background while chowing on popcorn*<p/></p>