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The nature of the Veil

I never post meta because I prefer to write it out, but Wikipedia has some really great animations of the harmonic series.  I saw it and thought… what if this is how the Veil works?  What if the Veil is the dissonance that disrupts the consonant, harmonic nature between the real world and the Fade?


First overtone

Second overtone

Third overtone

There are waveform animations over at Wiki, but this presents a few ideas to me regarding partial breaches of the Veil/thinning of the Veil.  I’m not going to go much farther than this conceptualization because I don’t think truly this is how magic works in Thedas, but when the Inquisitor says, “The Veil is more like a vibration,” this is what I think about.

Just Something I Have to Say

I’m going to be 21 in September and I haven’t had my first kiss yet. I’ve never been in a real relationship before and last year I made the first step in coming out as gay to some of my family members as well as some of my friends.

As you can imagine I’ve dreamed about my first kiss. Who would it be with? How would it go? Where it would be? I’m a person who likes spontaneity, for the most part, but I also want it to be a lasting memory that I will cherish for my entire life.

Now as most of you know I’m 110% a Lauren girl or a @ssweet-dispositionn girl.

See she’s the type of person who could make me happy in practically any situation. She’d be my rock and I’d be her’s. Not a day would go by where I wouldn’t tell her how beautiful she is or how much I love it when she smiles and laughs hysterically. I would treat her as my queen, for her happiness would also be my happiness. If she isn’t happy then I’m not happy. Lauren has such a brilliant way with words and a mind so beautiful I sometimes stop and wonder where the hell she sometimes gets some of stuff she talks about.

Lauren Jauregui, if I could choose anyone to be my first kiss it would be you.

You’re more than just hot to me. Hell, there are no words to express how much I simply adore you, how proud you make me, and how thankful I am for the things you’ve made me realize about myself and others. You can make me smile like an idiot in a matter of 0.3 seconds and you have to power to make my heart pound uncontrollably. You’re too good for this world. In a land where men, women, and children perish, and where tyrannical leaders spew their idealistic views, here you are rising among from the rest to use your voice of power to enact change. I’ve said this before and I’m going to say it again. We are SO blessed to have you on this Earth with us.

Never in my almost 21 years of being alive have I come across someone so pure and so right for me. I mean you’re probably reading this thinking it’s either just a bunch of crap or I’m just crazy. I promise you though that I’m different. That I’m not like the rest and that I’m willing to prove it in any way possible. I dream about meeting you one day and hearing that voice I’ve grown to love so much. I can’t help but want to hug you. To cradle you in my arms even though you’re taller than I am. I want to feel the warmth emulating from your skin, and smell that sweet smell of vanilla I’ve been hearing about for so long now. Lol I’m ranting I know but I honestly don’t care because this is all about you. I realize you must get thousands of messages and that I’m just “one more” but I couldn’t help but stand aside and not say anything.

Here’s another thing. I love quotes and motivational sayings. I use this one a lot and am about to use it again. “Good Things Take Time.” I’m a firm believer that if you work hard for something you only better your chances of reaching that ultimate goal. I’ve had my fair share of rough moments and sometimes I felt like I couldn’t go on but I did anyway. I pushed myself to do little things each day and now look where I am. I’m about to enter college this August with a scholarship and am healthy and happy. I have my family and my friends supporting me.

Life is beautiful and with you, it would be simply exquisite. ❤️

**If you feel like Lauren would like reading this @ her in the reblog!

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I've come to a conclusion

My ships on The 100 are Kabby and……

Wait for it
Can you guesss???

Some more Funny AU’s

  • “Almost all the good seats are taken at this movie but luckily there just happens to be one in the middle the unlucky part is that it’s right next to you and I really hate you but I also really want that seat and your smug face says you know it too.”
  • “We’re in debate class and a calm talk about tax quickly turned into a full out screaming match about what’s on the school lunch menu today.”
  • “We’re rivals, but not just rivals, we’re rivals with benefits. So while I may want to put hot sauce on all your food I hate the other teams captain way more and am willing to teach you how to beat them, though it might just cost you.”
  • “I’m squeamish about heights and during a pool party you keep trying to put me on your shoulders so we can play chicken except I keep kicking you in the face instead of the opposing team.”
  • “You accidentally snap me a pic of you in the shower which is fine, cause accidents happen, except now I can’t look at you because I keep wondering if it’s a shower or a grower.”
  • “We go to the same laundry mat and I’m switching clothes from the washer to the drier when you ask if this is mine and when I turn around you’re holding my secret skimpy lace underwear with the boy on the butt that no one is supposed to know about.”
  • “We’re next door neighbors who have never met and one day I’m singing in the shower when I hear you through the walls ask me to go an octave higher before joining me and I guess we’re harmonizing to part of your world, at least you have a nice voice.”
  • “I’m just finishing using the dorm showers when you come in with your latest partner and start having shower sex in the stall next to me and this really awkward and I’m to embarrassed to leave. Finally when you and your partner do finish and they leave I try to sneak out as fast as I can. Only you’ve come out at the same time and this is even more embarrassing cause now you know I’ve been there listening the entire time.”