harmonious husband

I see everyone GIFing the “her name was River Song” and “24 years” lines, but they’re are so more understated River parallels that haven’t been discussed:
  1. River/Doctor in the crashing Harmony & Redemption (The Husbands of River Song) // “I know you miss her, but couldn’t you just write a poem?!” as Twelve and Nardole are crashing in the Harmony Shoal bomb ship
  2. River unknowingly getting jealous of Younger River on their date nights (Last Night) // Twelve and Grant discussing Lucy/Grant’s “first date” with Twelve pointing out Lucy is jealous and Grant saying, “Technically she’s jealous of her.”
  3. Donna: “Are you all right?” Ten: “I’m always all right.” (Forest of the Dead) // Grant: “Are you okay?” Twelve: “I’m always okay.”
  4. River’s red dress for her night on Darillium (The Husbands of River Song) // Lucy walking out in her red dress for the Ghost despite her earlier conversation with Grant that implies she only wears it on dates: “No, no, no, it’s just that, well, normally you wear the little red dress when you’re, er-”
  5. “Right. Oh, picnic at Asgard. Have we done Asgard yet?” (Silence in the Library) // Grant taking a picnic basket on his “date” with Lucy.
  6. “It’s okay, it’s okay. It’s not over for you. You’ll see me again. You’ve got all of that to come. You and me. Time and space. You watch us run!” (Forest of the Dead) // “Things end. That’s all. Everything ends, that is always sad. But everything begins again, too. And that’s…always happy. Be happy.”
  7. Eleven sobbing after Clara asks him about the lady with the “funny name and space hair” (The Name of the Doctor) // Twelve walking away from Lucy after she says, “What was her name?”

okay I’ve done another research about her ring (Because as long I can remember she wasn’t wearing any) and to be honest I’m not sure if it is one or two rings next to each other. Because if it is just one ring it means

1) panji was a single ring worn by single ladies. it indicated that the wearer was still single

2) if these are two rings next to each other (really close) it’s called garakji which means “as pair of big rings” and they consisted of a pair of rings made from various metal and stones, according to the rank of the wearer (she has some stones in her ring if you zoom it) however - garakji were reserved ONLY for the married women - because they held special meaning in marriage life as they symbolised the harmony between husband and wife. when the husband died one of the ring would be given to the husband while the wife kept another one until she die, symbolising faithfulness.

AND NOW ATTENTION - garakji was also use as a wedding gifts for the bride. Giving that ring to a single woman had the meaning of asking her hand in marriage and that the man who gave that ring liked her.