harmonies man


the man lived harmoniously with his beloved family. he had a beautiful wife and daughters. he was truly the symbol of happiness… someone was tempted by the smell of happiness. or maybe he had his eye on them. first, a creature like us killed the wife and slurped on her organs. the enraged man bravely faced off against the ghoul but he was beaten at his own game. with sorrow, the daughters watched the terrible spectacle. naturally, this ghoul had been marked by investigators, but when they took their eyes off him, that tragedy occurred.

What if the moon is in love with the sun? What if the sun is also in love with the moon? But it’s a forbidden love. Between them, love is not as powerful as it is between two people– What if that’s the reason why we have night and day because they keep on chasing each other, every second, every minute– Isn’t it sad to think that if they’re really in love, it’s sad to see and to think that they’re really not meant to be together.” She said while looking in the beautiful twilight.
He looked at her watching the soft glowing light from the sun and said, “Well, it’s not that sad. You see, they found a way to meet twice a day. The Sun And Moon make love in the dawn and dusk– and I think that’s beautiful.
—  @lunaloveswolf