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“Sickman,” Alice in Chains

I can feel the wheel, but I can’t steer
When my thoughts become my biggest fear
Ah, what’s the difference, I’ll die
In this sick world of mine

Portrait of Tracy
Jaco Pastorius
Portrait of Tracy

One of the many reasons jazz is so wonderful is that gives every instrument a chance to shine, meaning that the oft ignored bass can play both a supporting role and lead role, even being able to function as a solo instrument by itself if you’re good enough. Jaco Pastorius was only good enough, he’s considered by many to be the most talented bassist to ever play, for many reasons. For one, he was a pioneer of using the bass guitar in jazz, popularizing the use of the fretless bass in order to achieve a more natural tone akin to the double bass. And his chops were legendary. He could coax sounds from a bass that sounded more like guitar or electric piano lines. Case in point, “Portrait of Tracy,” a display of chops from his landmark debut solo record that is far more immediately ethereal than “impressive.” But it is really fucking impressive. The whole thing is played in almost nothing but natural harmonic overtones[1], meaning for most of the track, he’s playing notes (and chords!) that are technically supposed to be impossible on the bass’ natural range. This short ballad is so impressive that much like “Giant Steps,” it has since become a benchmark to technical ability among bassists. But even despite this, it still manages to make you forget all that and focus on it’s wonderful dreaminess.

[1] MUSIC THEORY ASIDE: OK, so roughly speaking, a harmonic overtone is a tone hidden within the frequency of another tone. When you hear a note, you’re hearing its fundamental tone, but there are other tones (aka partials if you want to get really in depth) that are still there which you would hear if they weren’t being covered by the fundamental tone. By craftily manipulating the vibrations of their voices/instruments, talented musicians are able to isolate the sound wave that has an overtone within the harmonic frequency, thus covering the fundamental tone (although since it’s not the fundamental, the overtone will still sound a little wonky, hence the “hazy” quality of “Portrait of Tracy”). In the jazz world, being able to do this is regarded as an “extended technique” (i.e. a technique on the instrument that is often difficult and not within the instruments usual playing conventions) and it’s impressive almost exclusively to other musicians. 

Missing - Arrow Music Notes 5x22

Everything goes up a notch after the team celebrates Oliver’s Birthday, with Chase and friends grabbing each one and bringing them to Lian Yu.  This forces Oliver to choose some unusual alliances with former enemies which also means the return of several great musical themes.

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Sometimes I imagine being friends with the guys and doing cool stuff with them. Like driving places with them so I can take photos and them watching me do so, late night pancake runs (they call me at like 3am or something), them throwing me in the foam out in the warehouse, water balloon fights, harmonizing with my guitar while Gray plays the piano and Ethan listening in contentment, and I juST CANT RN. IM IN TEARS BECAUSE IM HAPPY JUST THINKING ABOUT IT OML HALP.

this is literally all I want in life

Honor Thy Fathers - Arrow Music Notes 5x21

This episode picks up the theme of Legacy again for Oliver, Thea, and Chase as they learn information about their fathers and how it informs the way they have lived their lives.  Should they continue to be honored? If so, how?  On the Flashbacks side of things, Oliver is preparing to return home to begin his crusade for his father.

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This is because of the Dad Rock with Jack and Dex thing, I’m out of control someone stop me.


  • “Bad Bob” Zimmermann was the king of rock ‘n’ roll back in the 80′s, like Sprinsteen levels of cool. He was like the most famous Canadian ever. 
  • His son Jack rocketed to stardom in his teens, starring in a pop duo with Kenny Parson. As most kids who grow up famous do, they both got involved in the party life style - and Jack ended up in trouble. Kent went on to have a solo career while Jack went into rehab. The whole thing was plastered all over the tabloids. 
  • Post rehab - Jack’s dad & record label find this group of ~delinquents~ that are need some kind of star power to get them on the billboard charts. They’re a good group of kids actually - hearts of gold - they’re just kind of… strange. But this is the music business and they’re an indie/punk (weird - says bad bob) band, so strange is good. The fans dig it.
  • “Shitty” Knight is the drummer, obviously, generally half to fully naked and always yelling about heteronormativity and the gender binary and other things that tend to get lost under the crash of his drum set. His energy is magnetic though, and Jack finds himself in the possession of a new best friend without really even trying. It’s okay… once he gets over the nakedness and the mustache.
  • Justin “Ransom” Oluransi - guitar prodigy, and Adam “Holster” Birkholtz - best electric bass player in the business, are an inseparable team and a force of nature on stage. Jack has no idea what their nicknames mean, but he’s not about to question it. 
    • Holster can play pretty much anything you put in front of him, so sometimes he plays the key board (and Jack’ll play bass). He can also play the violin, the dobro, the piano, the clarinet and the recorder. obviously.
    • Ransom is actual FIRE on the electric guitar, it’s amazing, but he never got past the whole playing the intro to Smoke on the Water thing… Holster almost threw his guitar out the window one day. It was bad.
  • Jack joins as the lead singer, though he always has a guitar in his hands. He prefers the acoustic guitar actually, but he’s always played electric on stage. In this new band, he’s secondary to Ransom, and plays rhythm.
  • The name of the band is something like H-E-DOUBLE HOCKEY STICKS. or something. Like, with actual hockey sticks in the logo, ya dig? idk, i’m not creative. 
  • So they start recording some songs and with Jack’s influence they get some more attention and soon they’re getting a fan base (hello, look at all these cute boys it’d be MADNESS. the cheekbones alone jfc) and a few plays on the radio. They do some small local shows, open for a few bigger bands. 
  • They hire Larissa Duan as a manager after six months and one memorable night where the entire band almost missed a performance because they thought it was the next day. Shitty dubs her Lardo within five minutes of meeting her, and for some reason she stays, even after watching R&H go from arguing about a TV show to wrestling on the floor in about two minutes flat. She’s seems unaffected and down to earth and Jack loves her with every fiber of his grumpy heart. 

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petra-von-kvnt replied to your post “every black metal album featurig keyboards would be unilaterally…”

ehhh summoning can do it tbh but they are explicitly dowland influenced….

right, yeah, ppl tell me to listen to summoning, I haven’t heard it yet. The first track on Filosofem also has a good keyboard line (but no others on that album). Most bm bands though I feel like just add this 7th chord pad over everything which explicitly spells out the tonic and destroys all the harmonic tension of the guitars. Black metal keyboards are better without the band, too, re: dungeon synth, when the keyboardist cant defer the melody to the guitarists :P

Leor Miller - Discover Myself

I dig futile holes in the ground

Leor Miller is a musician and photographer from Evanston, IL who just released her album Gender Dysphoria Memes. Her lyrics and vocal style are reminiscent of Isaac Brock’s early days, especially on the pensive, lilting “Discover Myself.” Miller uses muted guitar harmonics and chiming riffs to decorate the lyrical arc of the song, which explores the cycle of self sabotage.

Follow Leor at leor-miller.

okay but attention reader by pencey prep is honestly the best thing???
•the harmonizing of the fast guitar and piano
•frank’s voice is so angsty
•the chorus is legit 20 seconds of him screaming
•and if you go over the lyrics it sounds like frank’s singing about a guy he’s heartbroken over because the guy only comes around at night (“i see you only at night” “you still wear her scent”)
•a true masterpiece

Ghost - Meliora

Okay, let’s get a couple of bothersome things out of the way regarding Sweden’s Ghost. They look like this:

And I mean they always look like this, at least, any time they’re in public as Ghost. Here they are accepting their Grammy for “Cirice:”

     When they aren’t in public as Ghost, no one even knows who they are. These dudes have actual, real-life secret identities. Skeleton Pope there is the singer, who goes by Papa Emeritus (currently P.E. III; they make a big show of pretending to fire him and replacing him before each new album, though it’s always been the same guy). The five instrumentalists are known only as “Nameless Ghouls.” All their songs (most of which are about Satan) are credited to “a Ghoul Writer.”
     It’s all incredibly silly, I know. One of the reasons I can let it slide is that, unlike most metal acts who indulge in similar theatrics (*cough*every fucking black metal band ever*cough cough*), they know. Still, if I had seen them before I heard them, I might well have refused to give them a chance. Which would have been a real shame, because they are sooooo good. Their first two albums are both excellent, but 2015’s Meliora is their crowning achievement, in my opinion.
     Album opener “Spirit” kicks off with church bells and a spooky keyboard melody. The rest of the band comes in like rolling thunder before settling into a combination of pulsating riff and hypnotic vocals, reminiscent of the futuristic, mechanical style of Voivod’s Nothingface. Except this is far more accessible than Voivod ever was*.
     “From the Pinnacle to the Pit” is delightfully menacing, dripping with attitude, driven by a surly, swaggering bass riff. I love Ghost’s bass player; he isn’t flashy, but he never lets you forget that he’s there.
     “Cirice” begins with a sinister instrumental intro that gradually builds to a driving, midtempo riff. Throw in some squealing falsetto, and “Cirice” could be. not just a Mercyful Fate song, but the greatest Mercyful Fate song. It’s no accident that this is what won them a Grammy; it’s dark, mysterious, and heavy, but also catchy as hell.
     “Spoksonat,” a pretty instrumental interlude, leads into “He Is,” which is probably the most inspirational song about Satan ever written. Haunting verses over acoustic guitars give way to one of the most uplifting, anthemic choruses I’ve ever heard. Impossible not to sing along.
     “Mummy Dust” is the most vicious song on Meliora, with its palm-muted riffs and hissed vocals. It could almost be thrash metal, if not for the prevalence of keyboards (there’s even a keyboard solo!). In fact, keyboards are all over this album, and despite my natural antipathy towards keyboards in metal, they are never anything but an asset here.
     “Majesty” is their homage to early Seventies hard rock. With its crunchy guitars, organ, laid-back groove, and vaguely Eastern flourishes, it calls to mind Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, and Uriah Heep.
     “Devil Church,” Meliora’s second instrumental, is a majestic processional made of harmonized guitars and pipe organ.
     “Absolution” starts off like classic Judas Priest, switches gears and goes full arena rock for the chorus, then doubles down for a guitar solo and bridge that call to mind Kansas and Styx at their most epic.
     The album closes with “Deus in Absentia,” which I can only describe as a sort of gothic tango with a huge, stately chorus, complete with some Queen-esque guitar work.
     Their music is dark and complex and as theatrical as you would expect, displaying impressive stylistic range, drawing from a wide variety of influences. Their heaviness doesn’t depend upon volume or speed or abrasiveness (no Cookie Monster vocals!). They possess a gift for infectious melodies and are clearly unafraid of defying genre conventions, which I’m sure has huge swaths of the metal community howling that they’re sellouts, or they aren’t “true” metal. I can’t bring myself to care; I’ve been listening to this stuff long enough to know no band will ever be metal enough for everybody. What I do care about is that these guys have made an album that I can’t stop listening to, one that I’m convinced will stand the test of time.

*There are bands whose music is an acquired taste, and then there’s Voivod, whose every individual album is a separate acquired taste unto itself.

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Plz write a oneshot about Harry's nail polish and how proud and supportive Louis is of his boy for being himself in public even tho he can't just yet.

There’s so much steam in the bathroom that Louis can barely see his hand in front of his face. 

It’s how Harry likes it, though, water so hot it burns him until his hair is dry, leaving his skin pinked and prickly from the heat. “It opens the pores,” he claims, but he suddenly always seems to go deaf when Louis reads articles to him about hot water being bad for the skin. 

Gemma huffs as she stands, wiping the condensation off the mirror for the fourth time. The vents are working overtime but can’t compete with the steam pouring out from the shower – Louis pities her, watching her trying to tame her hair as it grows more puffy and wild from the humidity in the room, fighting with her makeup as it tries to run as well, but these vanity seats have the best lighting in the house (according to Lottie, who’s shot a couple of her videos here) and this is where she wanted to get ready. 

“H!” Gemma calls, a little desperately, “Come on, you primadonna, I know you don’t need that much shampoo anymore.” 

“It’s a delicate process,” Harry sings back, opening his shampoo bottle with an exaggerated click. “Leave me to my routine.” 

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UM gangsey band!au thank u n good bye

  • Gansey would have 2 b their manager im sorry there is no way in all of cabeswater that that Boat Shoe Wearing Mess of Dollar Bills can sing or coordinate himself enough 2 play an instrument
  • [ronan let me in the band…… I can harmonize and learn guitar!!] [trips over his shoelaces] [tries to hit a high note and shatters glass]
  • she would totally reorganise the stage so the drums would b at the front
  • “Wtf i work as hard if not more hard than u finger wiggling dickheads i get sweaty OK and im hot so ppl deserve 2 see me more close up”
  • So they manage 2 rig the stage so there is a slightly lower platform for blue 2 drum in w the boys a lil higher above her runnin around cute cute
  • dam would die watching his fingers good bye n good night rip me
  • He’d be the Dark and Brooding one that would stick his middle fingers up @ paparazzi so the pics couldnt be published
  • Whichever way round lead or rhythm w/e
  • Adam would prefer acoustic i think but oh my god. He’d get so totally lost in playing on stage. W all the adrenalin and stuff he’d be going HARD and so would ronan good thing the bass covers his crotch am i right
  • Noah would bounce around the stage god bless he’d be so energetic and entertaining
  • “I CANT HEAR U R U FUCKING READY !!!!!!!!!!”
  • “Noah no one can hear anytbing over u shut up n introduce our first song” thx adam
  • Noah and ronan would b lead singers probs w adam harmonising SO FUCKING WELL DAMN WHY
  • he’d be getting all close up in his microphone w his lips parted around it and ronan woudl accudent allu forget the words shit
  • r onan same
  • i have . No clue what they’d be called
  • They’d be one of those bands that change their sound every album
  • Theyd be punk n then indie n then ??? Folk???? Who let ronan write the songs mysteriously abt some Boy With Freckles And Nice Hair w lots of acoustic guitar?? Hmm
  • Then they’d go like . Electronic. God bless ronan the musically multifaceted nerd he is he can do it all
  • They’d do acoustic livelounges !!!!!!!! And they’d drag their manager in (gansey boy) to help sing the songs n demand a solo from him
  • Gansey would start singig and. Here come the cries of pain
  • Maybe thats what they should name themselves #dontsinggansey
  • Blue would do most of the singing in acoustic !!!!!! Still w adam softly in the bg like a tiny angel
  • Ronan wouldnt have 2 play so could. Just. Stare
  • Adam is bright red all the way through the acousic


  • Ronan learns how 2 play “i’m gay” by Blink-182 and makes adam play it with him when they Come Out 2 Their Adoring Fans who already knew lbr
New Opportunity

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I am absolutely in LOOOVE with your Rob/Chuck fics!!! He seriously doesn’t get enough love! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Could you maybe write a fic where the reader gets a job as Louden Swain’s band assistant and Rob falls for her? Thank you so so so much!!! 💕

Word Count: 1800+words

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(Q: Have you always studied music?) I’ve never really studied it. About that, these days, I’m feeling slightly regretful and if I had studied music before I debuted, then from the moment I debuted, I would be able to bring good music to everyone. That’s what I’ve been thinking recently, so I decided to start anew. Be it harmonics or guitar, I’m studying all these and because I only studied briefly before I played my guitar on broadcasts, now I’m going study it to properly first. Both the keyboard and guitar.
—  IU (z_zin interview in 2011)

Luke Imagine: You’re a Singer and Win an Award

Author: Julie


Becoming a famous singer was something you had been dreaming about ever since you were little, as most young children did. Unlike them, however, you made an effort to become one – from private lessons to help enhance your voice to posting covers of songs on YouTube, you tried to put yourself out there.

It wasn’t until your relationship with Luke started that people began to watch more of your covers. You already had a reasonable amount of views per each video, but when your relationship with Luke went public, the number of views skyrocketed.

Tons of viewers commented on how lovely your voice was, how they wished they could sing as well as you, and how you and Luke both being singers and a couple was absolutely adorable. You soon became aware that the possibility of having a career in music was attainable.

There were, however, the people who went on and on about how you were using Luke for fame and only wanted to date him to get more views and money. They tried telling you that your relationship was fake, only made to help your career.

You ignored them, because they didn’t know what it meant to be in love with Luke. They didn’t know how special he was to you, how he could light up your entire day with just one dumb joke – or five, he was quite fond of them – or how he cuddled you close to him at night because he would miss having you in his arms when he went away on tour.

They didn’t know how he comforted you when you woke up from a nightmare, or how he loved to play his guitar while the two of you sang along to a song that sounded perfect with your voices blended together. They didn’t know that getting more well-known was a side-effect to being in love with Luke.

When you wrote your first song, it told of love. It was written over many coffee dates with Luke, where the two of you would discuss chords and lyrics and you’d come up with beautiful lines that only came to mind when you were with him. When you posted a video of your first original song, Luke played the guitar while harmonizing here and there.

It wasn’t long before you got enough views for record companies to start noticing you, and soon you were offered with a deal. You had been hoping to get signed on for so long, and when it finally happened, you were overcome with shock.

You suddenly were brought into the busy schedule of an artist. Weeks spent in a recording studio, working your voice until you could finally hit the high note, were how you spent your career. Getting to see Luke became a less frequent thing, but it made the moments where you got to meet him all the more important.


After weeks and weeks of recording, scratching a certain lyric all together, and re-recording, you finally were able to come out with your first album. Not only were you nervous for how the public would react to it, but you were also insanely proud over your first actual album, and you were glad you got so much of a say in how you wanted to sound.

You didn’t expect it to get so popular, to sell so many copies. Overnight, you made it to the number one spot on iTunes, and suddenly everybody knew who you were. You weren’t ‘Luke’s girlfriend the singer’, you were ‘The singer who is also dating Luke Hemmings’, and people began to finally listen to your music because they liked how it sounded.

You got a massive following and fanbase, and while you were sure some – if not most – of them were also fans of you and Luke, you were glad there were people who could separate your success from who you were dating.

Soon enough, you were doing interviews and were in the midst of talking about a tour with your label. Everything was turning out the way you dreamed it would as a kid, only so much better, because you had Luke at your side to help you through it every step of the way.

Awards season came up, and you were in total shock when you found you had been nominated for best breakout artist of the year.

Of course, Luke and his band were nominated in another category, so you accompanied him to the show. On the carpet, you talked to many interviewers who asked what it was like to be so new to the industry, and how excited you were for your first award show. You answered each and every question with a smile and honesty.

The entire time, Luke was somewhere within eyeshot. Whenever the two of you caught each other’s glance, he’d give you a dumb look which would make you laugh and alleviate some of the nerves you were having.


By the time the show had started, you and Luke were seated next to each other in the audience, and as each moment brought you closer to the category you were nominated in, your grip around Luke’s hand got even more desperate.

Your nerves were suddenly all you could focus on when the two presenters went back out on stage after a performance and announce the nominees for the next award, best breakout artist. You had to take deep breaths as Luke whispered comforting words into your ear.

“Don’t worry, babe, I’m sure you’ll win.”

You watched as they pulled out the card from the envelope and read out a name. You didn’t register that he had called your name until Luke had jumped up and pulled you up with him. Suddenly, everybody was looking at the both of you as he engulfed you in a hug and all you could hear was cheering from the crowd.

“You did it! You won!”

His words brought a huge smile to your face, and when you pulled away, you felt tears starting to build up. You were directed to the stage, where you received your award, and all during your acceptance speech, you would glance at Luke, who had the biggest smile on his face.


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Generalising about an entire fandom and making them out to be rude/sexist/cheaters/bitches etc is about as ignorant as generalising about entire religions, cultures, countries. A lot of the 5SOS fam have been gracious and sweet about everything, so let’s not go blaming them or starting fights with the ignorant ones.

Besides, awards and accolades don’t equate to anything, they are what they are; happiness and SUCCESS do. With 3 lead singles going 4x platinum, a song in the top 20 on the Hot 100, and all of us being the most supportive fandom in the world, 5H have nothing to complain about, which is exactly why they aren’t complaining.

And neither should you.

(Oh, and let’s not dismiss last year’s VMA win. We DID THAT.)

So congrats, 5SOS. See you next year!