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Rick and Morty- Aliens of the Multiverse

Now on its third season, Rick and Morty follows mad scientist and self-proclaimed ‘smartest being in the universe’ Rick Sanchez as he hops across the multiverse doing mad science, getting into trouble, and generally having ludicrous nihilistic-themed adventures with his grandson Morty. In their adventures, they happen upon countless alien beings; be they dream beings, ambulatory faces of famous actors, flying cthulus, or any other number of impossible creatures. 


The program I use is Clip Studio Paint.

A small over-simplified talk about color! I provided the original Ness illustration along with the lineart so anyone can play and practice with it as they choose! 

***Study from life and study color theory! A lot of what I’m showing can help with picking a palette. Contrast and readability can be lost easily when dealing with layer properties. Watch out and manually fix or rework the palette separately when you feel you’ve discovered which colors you want to use,

Note: If It wasn’t clear enough these are all done with clipping layers above the example illustration.