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Summer Smith 90′s Aesthetic.

What if Summer went to a party in one of the dodgier ends of the galaxy. Rick, being concerned for her well-being, sends a mini version of his spaceship to “Keep Summer Safe" while she is over there. Summer isn’t too pleased.

Summer: You know you’re kind of a dick, right? 
Rick’s Mini Ship: My function is to “Keep Summer safe”, not “Keep Summer being, like, totally stoked about, like, the general vibe, and stuff. That’s you, that’s how you talk. 

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crit role rsweek day one: kima x keyleth

i like to imagine on some early mornings, kima and keyleth just meet up for drinks to talk about how much they love their girlfriends


Text sent from L. Santos to Lean Green Fighting Machine at 7:45 AM: not that im complaining but where did zen learn how to knife fight i am scared and aroused

Text sent from G. Shimada to Musical Frog Man: i dont know and i dont want details