harmonia gropius

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Does anyone question eachother about the goofy WORLD DOMINATION plans they had? Or mock anyone who didn't do that? (Stares in the direction of the Alola region wink wink)

‘Welcome to Alola' 

 This toke me months to decide to finish and here’s. N my dear, I hope we can meet again someday

and ye, short hair. I had for years the headcanon he cut his hair in Kalos ok he’s still a prince needs to keep fashionish

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Do you guys -sorta- get along with your corresponding Champions (Lance and/or Blue to Giovanni, Steven to Archie and Maxie, and so on...)?

N (Natural Harmonia Gropius) from Pokemon BW/BW2 is autistic

“In-game he has a unique dialogue speed that is faster than the fastest dialogue speed option available, he has a special interest in transportation (planes and most notably trains), he is very skilled in mathematics, he loves and understands Pokemon more than he does trainers (he flat out avoids humans if he can), he also has extreme mood swings” - Anon.