the right phono channels on my h/k 730 are acting weird and only sending high frequencies to the right speaker. flipping the receiver to mono evens it out, but fuck that.

if some contact cleaner doesnt help, perhaps I should get this guy off Craigslist for a whopping $80…


Bragi - Dash - Wireless, Sensor-equipped, Smart Earphones

Price: $300

Coming in black or white these headphones have answered the wish for a truly wireless earbud, but what’s more is that this is not just any ordinary music-playing device. The Dash is a much more advanced kickstarter-backed, 2-year development, Germany-made product packed with sensors (23 in each ear to be exact), 4 gigs of music storage, motion and health tracking as well as gesture-controls! It’s a disruptor to say the least if Bragi CEO, Nikolaj Hviid, delivers. 

Think of a computer platform in your ear! Worried that this is just a hack job of combining multiple capabilities into an unfinished and overpriced/overhyped product? Here’s Hviid’s response (who is by the way an ex-Harmon Kardon employee with experience developing products for the likes of Audi): “This is not a headphone with a taped-on heart-rate monitor that needs a phone to work. This is a computer that uses [lots of] sensors to understand context.” All that with 3 hours of battery life, and the option to get a charging carry case as well is astounding. 

I’m impressed, and more so by how beautifully designed it is…and we all know how Baked Design is all about those functional innovations with that added minimalist aesthetics. 



2012 C63 AMG P31, Mint Condition. Contact Us Or @e.n.v For More Infos!
Here are the specs:
-Diamond White
-P31 AMG Performance Development Package
-Factory LSD package
-Lighting Package
-Carbon fiber interior
-Harmon Kardon Sound
-Factory warranty good until 4/2017
-Brake fluid flush was done about 10k miles ago (OEM fluid)
-Transmission fluid changed about 10k miles ago (OEM fluid)
-Rear diff fluid changed about 10k miles ago (OEM fluid)
-Mobil1 0w40 European Formula oil changes every 3500-5k miles since I have had the car. Oil change just done 11/17/16
-Porterfield R4S brake pads installed less than 1000 miles ago. (front & rear)
-New spark plugs about 8k miles ago
-Have all service records during my ownership of the vehicle
-Factory installed Remote Start. Works off key fob.


-Niche m510 19 inch wheels in matte black with machined face finished in tinted clearcoat with Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires bought and mounted in June
-Stock wheels have Blizzak winter tires mounted on them and have a season or 2 left on them
-Eurocharged V5 ECU tune with MyGenius handheld (you can remove tune in 5 minutes and retune in same amount of time)
-OEM European airboxes and AfE filters
-35% Suntek tint all around
-Carbon fiber rear diffuser (stock will come with the car as well)
-Always hand washed using chemical guys and sonax products
-Leather treated 2x a year with full leather masters treatment (cleaner, vital, and protection cream)
-Weathertech digital fit floor liners for front seats. (AMG floor mats will come with car as well)

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