Rick and Morty- Aliens of the Multiverse

Now on its third season, Rick and Morty follows mad scientist and self-proclaimed ‘smartest being in the universe’ Rick Sanchez as he hops across the multiverse doing mad science, getting into trouble, and generally having ludicrous nihilistic-themed adventures with his grandson Morty. In their adventures, they happen upon countless alien beings; be they dream beings, ambulatory faces of famous actors, flying cthulus, or any other number of impossible creatures. 


I think we can  all agree.
It’s been one hell of a ride
Even spiraling off the tracks.

This was actually a concept I had for when I did comic covers for the Rick and Morty comic but it didn’t get approved. I pitched it to Justin but he liked the space race one the most lol.  I don’t  think I could have executed it then, I was barely able to do it now lol. 

Rick and Morty has my heart.
Always and forever.
After my mom passed, thank you for making me laugh again.
Thank you friends and fandom for loving / supporting me (And Bonnie) 

Seasons 4 here we come. Hopefully there’s something in store for me too :)

Further into story we go :D 


Dan Harmon: “I’m going to make a show where a shell of a man learns to value and love his family for who they are while also slowly atoning for his many sins one by one, thereby supporting the ideology that kindness and justice has more value in this universe than intelligence and cruelty.”

Rick and Morty fans: “I stopped listening when you said the word ‘learn’ because I hate doing that. Anyway, pickle rick amirite?”