harmless hunter

WE MUST BE KILLERS; [ listen ]

         for those that protect us, the ones that face the horrors of the night

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Request: Raise

Request: I love you writing!! I was wondering if you could do one where the reader is a ghost and Dean Sam and Cas come to investigate. They realize she’s harmless but then another hunter comes and burns her bones. She goes to hell and Cas raises her from perdition and takes her to heaven because he doesn’t think she deserve to be hell. Thankyou :)

Word Count: 717

Warning: reader was killed by her brother.

Thank you so much! I hope you like it!<3:)

“It was only one guy, Dean.” The tallest one says, “I just… are you sure it’s a ghost?”

“Have you seen what he did? How he died? It’s not a coincidence and we need to stop this son of a bitch before it gets anyone else.” The one who’s apparently called Dean insists.

“I’m just saying, maybe-“

“Dean is right.” The third guy inputs, “There’s someone here.”

The two other men freeze, and as if on cue, a cold draught slips through the room like a whisper. They look around, guns blared.

Time to go. You tell yourself, pressing all of the ability you have into exposing yourself. Instead of becoming visible, however, a mirror smashes into pieces. The guys jump at the noise, looking around.

“Get out here!” Dean yells. You curse loudly and apparently, the frustration propels you into tangibility.

“Woah!” The tallest one yelps as he sees you, greyed and dishevelled, in the clothes that you died in – torn jeans and a shirt that’s in bits, exposing bloodless skin beneath.

“Hey, hey!” You hold up your hands, backing off as he raises the gun, “I’m harmless!”

“You’re a ghost. I beg to differ.”

“I know what I am.” You roll your eyes, “If I wanted you dead, that chandelier wouldn’t still be on the ceiling.”

They pause, looking up at the huge, falling-apart light fitting above their heads. As if on cue, they all take a step to the left to make sure it isn’t directly above you.

“You’re… the girl he killed?”

“I was his sister.” You sigh, “But I wasn’t the first. I was just the only one who got stuck here. See, he used to get these girls down at the bar and say he was taking them home but he’d bring them here and kill them.”

“Why did you kill him?” The tall one asks, “Revenge, sure, but…”

“He was gonna kill another one,” You tell him sourly, “She was my best friend, before all of this. No-one knew what he did until after he died. She didn’t have a clue and he was going to…”

They all look at each other, and the tall one steps forward.

“I’m Sam, this is my brother Dean, and our friend, Cas.”

“I’m Y/N.” You nod, wrapping your arms around yourself, “What are you going to do?”

They share glances, “You’re harmless?”

You nod, “My brother’s gone. I’m just gonna hover.”

“We can… hey, what the-“

Burning. That’s suddenly all you’re aware of. Burning and burning and burning as fire seems to devour your ethereal form. And, suddenly, blackness.


“Y/N…” There’s an evil kind of grin to the tone, a man breathing words into your ear, “Come on, wake up.”

“Huh…?” You’re somewhat groggy but you couldn’t miss the fact that you’re strapped to a chair and the

“Finally!” The guy grins, “Welcome, my dear,” He holds out his arms, “To Hell!”

“H-Hell?” You squint, confused, “What? Why?”

“Ah, my murderous little ghostie,” He leans down, brushing the edge of a silvery knife over your cheek, “Killing people is wrong.”

“He killed me!”

“Did your mother never tell you that two wrongs never make a right?”

“He was going to kill someone else!”

The guy straightens up, picking up another knife – a longer one, with a serrated blade.

“Excuses, excuses. Now, let’s get down to business.” He grins evilly, white teeth stark in the darkness of the room.

“Don’t touch her.” Comes another voice from behind you. The man’s eyes widen and he glares at something that you can’t see.

“Ah, Castiel. You’ve decided to grace us with your presence.”

“I’ve come for Y/N.” He says sternly, “She doesn’t belong down here.”

“I thought you were against murder.”

“Even my father murders when the need is dire.”

Father? This is officially nuts.

“You’ll have to fight me for her.”

“She has done nothing to warrant your attention. Leave. Her. Alone.”

There’s a bright light emanating from somewhere behind you and you wince, closing your eyes. Then man leaves, the suddenly, the bindings are gone and you’re able to scramble to your feet.

“Cas?” You ask, incredulous at the sight of the man from before, “What the hell?”

“Yes, this is hell. But not for long. I’m here to take you to heaven.”