Vegan Thanksgiving was amazing, so many people came out to eat good food, hang out with friends and listen to some good records.  It was amazing the amount of effort and preparation that went into the food, setting up the house for that amount of people and that amount of food. Everything was so amazingly delicious, and everyone did there best to contribute financially so we could recoop the cost for making that crazy amount of food. 

 Of course, a slightly intoxicated Benny had the idea. after everyone was full of Tofurky and Seitan Roast, to have a last minute super short house show. Everyone piled into the basement while we turned all the amps on and set up the drums, Benny set up the P.A. and everyone played out of Our Ladys gear.

 First a version of MILDRED screamed into faces, and then Benny and Pappa Blacksheep (Kevin) played a Bad Brains cover. They both did a great job, Bo and Abby always do amazing, i personally love MILDRED and Bo’s songwriting. After them of course the breakable items in my basement were threatened as Kyle, Benny and Jordan played as the HEAVYASFUCK MOTHER LEOPARD, they trashed and doomed into my heart and my TV was nearly broken. After that Jess, Kyle, Molli and I set up quickly and played a couple of songs. It was really cool hearing people sing along to “Opened Up”, the whole situation made me have faith in my community and the amazing people I’m surrounded by. After we finished sweaty and smiling like crazy Brandon played a classic of his in the name of our lord and Shepard Satan as the threat of a noise complaint became immanent.

 The night was amazing, the food was plentiful and the music was heart warming. We have an amazing community of people that care about each other and music, and thats really beautiful to see. Im more than happy to be where im at and with the people that i am. 

 Thanks to everyone who came out, brought food, donated, helped cook, brought tables, decorated or played music. The night was amazing and i couldn’t be more happy.