harmful korine


This post fully gives my thoughts right now on the most inspirational and unique director of all fucking time. From such controversial films with cult status’ as ‘Gummo (1997)’, 'Julien Donkey-Boy (1999)’, and 'Spring Breakers (2013)’. He was thrown into showbiz at age of 18 after writing a film that shook the nation 'KIDS (1995)’.
Now to start, I look up to this man as the inspiration to seriously every script I’ve ever written. I look at his style of capturing ghostly characters and setting and put them into my own perspective. I own every movie he’s come out with. My favorite is Gummo, but I could easily choose Trash Humpers or Spring Breakers as a favorite. I’ve showed my friends this guys film talent and they all were disturbed and creeped out. That’s how he captures his films. He captures the grotesque and stunning visuals that happen around us everyday but no one notices or wants to look upon. I love this dude and his movies with a passion and go check out his films. He’s a legend. Love


A tap dance by Harmony Korine, circa 2001