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I meant to write this days ago woops So @ask-sadisticdark wrote a poem a bit ago and I wanted to try so here:

The room turn black and starts to spin
I can only stare back as it all begins
I hear a sound, an echo, a scream
I see the blue, the red, A DREAM!
I must be insane, This cannot be
A darkened figure stands before me
The sounds, they dance and torment my ears
“I’ve waited a long time, and now you’re here”
It gets harder to listen, but harder to quit
my heartbeat is racing, it’s having a fit
I feel afraid because you will do me harm
And yet captivated because of your charm
A mix of emotions I don’t understand
As you straighten your tie and clasp your hands
“Pick a choice of four” but no real option appears
The only choice I have is a date with fear

The Signs as Songs by Aurora

Aries: Running With The Wolves
“But we’re running out of time
Oh, all the echoes in my mind cry

There’s blood on your lies
The sky’s open wide
There is nowhere for you to hide
The hunter’s moon is shining

I’m running with the wolves tonight
I’m running with the wolves
I’m running with the wolves tonight
I’m running with the wolves”

Taurus: Warrior
“Let love conquer your mind
Warrior, warrior
Just reach out for the light
Warrior, warrior
I am a-yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah
Warrior, warrior
I am a-yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah
Warrior, warrior of love.

I stand behind the wall of people and thoughts, mind controlling
And I hold a sword to guide me
I’m fighting my way.”

Gemini: Through The Eyes Of A Child
“Darker times will come and go
Time you need to see her smile
And mothers hearts are warm and mild
I would rather feel this world through the skin of a child
Through the skin of a child…

When a human strokes your skin
That is when you let them in
Let them in before you go
I would rather feel alive with a childlike soul
With a childlike soul…”

Cancer: Under The Water
“Under the water we can’t breathe, we can’t breathe
Under the water we die
Under the water there is no one watching
Under the water we are alone

Then why do we jump in?
Why do we jump in?
Under the water we die

So many souls, that lost control
Where did they fall?
Into the deep, what do they seek?
Where did they fall?
Where did they fall?

Hearts will dream again
Lungs will breathe in
Wash away the sin”

Leo: Conqueror
“Just like in fiction, in every addiction
Oh fantasy’s taking over, awake me

I’ve been looking for the conqueror
But you don’t seem to come my way
I’ve been looking for the only one
But you don’t seem to come my way

Broken me and broken them
You are broken too
Open ears, their eyes are open
Makes me call for you”

Virgo: Lucky
“Before I make the offering
Remember all the faces that I’ve seen
Now all the marks have settled on my skin
From all the different places that I’ve been
That I’ve been

And I feel the light for the very first time
Not anybody knows that I am lucky to be alive
And I feel the light for the very first time
Not anybody knows that I am lucky to be alive”

Libra: Wisdom Cries
“We gotta go back to the start
Back ‘til we are back home
We gotta go back to the start
Back 'til we are back home

Tick-tock, tick-tock
Tick-tock tick
Where is the light
Are we meant to go down again?
We go down

Lightening strikes
Wisdom cries
It’s an emergency, emergency
Conscious all night
No one’s surprised
As long as we…emergency”

Scorpio: Nature Boy
“There was a boy
A very strange enchanted boy
They say he wandered very far, very far
Over land and sea
A little shy and sad of eye
But very wise was he

And then one day
A lucky day he passed my way
Then we spoke of many things:
Fools and kings
Then he said to me
“The greatest thing you’ll ever learn
Is to love and be loved in return”

Sagittarius: Runaway
“And I was running far away
Would I run off the world someday?
Nobody knows, nobody knows
And I was dancing in the rain
I felt alive and I can’t complain
But now take me home
Take me home where I belong
I can’t take it anymore

I was painting a picture
The picture was a painting of you
And for a moment I thought you were here
But then again, it wasn’t true
And all this time I have been lying
Oh, lying in secret to myself
I’ve been putting sorrow on the farest place on my shelf”

Capricorn: Murder Song (5,4,3,2,1)
“5, 4, 3, 2, 1

He holds the gun against my head
I close my eyes and bang I am dead
I know he knows that he’s killing me for mercy

And here I go
Oh oh oh oh
And here I go
Oh oh oh oh

He holds my body in his arms
He didn’t mean to do no harm
And he holds me tight

Oh, he did it all to spare me from the awful things in life that come
And he cries and cries
I know he knows that he’s killing me for mercy”

Aquarius: Little Boy In The Grass
“I will tell you the story about the little boy I found in the grass
Tired, solace, he told me he could hear the children wanting to pass
Sounds of laughters in the air
Still today we hear them

Finally we are over it, oh
Finally we are over it

(Let them run)
Let them run from the violence
The world is way too cold and bright for their eyes”

Pisces: Half The World Away
“I would like to leave this city
This old town don’t smell too pretty
And I can feel the warning signs running around my mind

And when I leave this island
I book myself into a soul asylum
I can feel the warning signs running around my mind

So here I go
I’m still scratching around in the same old hole
My body feels young but my mind is very old
So what do you say?
You can’t give me the dreams that are mine anyway
You’re half the world away”

Cat Blessing

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • cat 
  • your voice


Bast of beauty and of grace,
Protectress of the feline race,
Shield (name) from all hurt and harm
And keep him/her always safe and warm.
Watch over (name) from day to day
And guide him/her home, if (s)/he should stray.
And grant him/her much happiness
And a good life free of strife and stress.

Blessing a Cat - A Protection Spell for a Cat

Hold your cat’s face in your hands so you can look he/she in the eyes and say these kind words:

Bast of beauty and of grace,
Protectress of the feline race,
Shield (name) from all hurt and harm
And keep him/her always safe and warm.
Watch over (name) from day to day
And guide him/her home, if he/she should stray.
And grant him/her much happiness
And a good life free of strife and stress.

Everyday Magic: Spells & Rituals for Modern Living,
Dorothy Morrison
Sacred Chaotic Geometry
Please, don’t remove credits.
Thank you!

A Blessing from the Gods

O’ gods
May you hear me
And grant these gifts
‘pon my son!

Odin! All Father, may you grant him much wisdom!
Frigga! Great Mother, may you grant him encompassing love!
Thor! Mighty Thunderer, may you grant him immeasurable strength!
Loki! Sly Trickster, may you grant him enduring luck!
Bragi! Honey Speaker, may you grant him soothing speech!

Tyr! Left Warrior, may you grant him indomitable will!
Heimdall! Ever Watcher, may you grant him unmatched perception!
Skadhi! Cold Huntress, may you grant him merciless determination!
Ullr! Brisk Athlete, may you grant him perfected accuracy!
Forseti! Just Decider, may you grant him Unbiased Judgement!

Idunn! Youth Giver, may you grant him vigorous age!
Freyja! Fierce Lover, may you grant him joyous freedom!
Njord! Tidal Sailor, may you grant him secure ventures!
Freyr! Lustful Propagator, may you grant him intimate prowess!
Vali! Fresh Avenger, may you grant him expert efficiency!

Heilir, my gods! Heilar, my goddesses!
May you watch over my son
See him come to no harm
And grant, to him, your blessings!


This blessing was requested by -mothernorth-

I’m still hung up on this one person who commented on my earlier post about Overwatch and Shimadacest.

I said, it’s fictional characters. I’m not hurting anyone.

And someone tried to claim that I was hurting them because they have an epileptic condition that means reading depictions of abuse literally causes them harm

And… that’s still not my responsibility.

My stories are labelled. If you, knowing you have this condition, choose to read my fics anyway, that’s not me hurting you. That’s self-harm.

It is not my job to protect against the possibility that any person with an unusual medical condition might choose to hurt themselves with my stories.

It. IS NOT. my job. to protect you. FROM YOUR OWN BAD CHOICES.

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Murphy and Bellamy raising a child would include?

Sorry I took forever to get to this, so so much has been happening but I hope this is alright!

  • Bellamy and Murphy both aren’t really ones for words but when it comes to their two year old, Lydia, they could go on for hours and she babbles right back
  • Bellamy is on morning play time duty and although it may be the toughest part of the day its still his favourite
  • “Good morning baby girl, yes good morning. See what I really really need right now is my little good girl, not the banshee that likes to scream at the top of her lungs first thing in the morning. Why you ask? Well because other daddy had to do a nine hour night shift last night and you being sad makes him sad which makes me sad and then everyone’s throwing their spaghettios across the room and we just can’t have that again can we?”
  • Murphy may or may not grab the baby monitor and tuck it under the blankets with him so he can fall asleep to the sound of morning play time every day
  • They have play dates with Miller and Bryan’s twins, Jean and Peter, every Saturday
  • And said play dates can range from trying to teach the little ones to play shirtless cricket in the middle of swampy summer evenings to losing them in two feet of snow on freezing winter mornings
  • Bellamy’s greatest strength with Lydia is being what he is at heart, a career, he devotes hours upon hours upon hours to doing the most repetitive, most draining shit he could think of just because it makes his baby smile
  • And Murphy’s greatest strength with Lydia is that he’s always so insanely in control of any situation when he needs to be, everyone thought he’d be an awful parent and crumble under the pressure but Bellamy knew he had the strength to do it and god did Murphy prove them all worng
  • Like sure right after they put Lydia to bed with a giant band-aid on her forehead Murphy breaks down in Bellamy’s arms but at the time he dealt with the painful screams and the gushing blood like the nurse he is while Bellamy sat down and started manly crying right along with his baby girl
  • Lydia likes to do things like give the widows crayon makeovers while no ones looking and Murphy hasn’t had the 16 year Blake puppy eye resistance training Bellamy has so he can never get angry at her for it
  • Murphy also likes to pretend he isn’t laughing at the funny faces Bellamy pulls every time their daughter yanks his hair
  • She’s basically just the most spoilt daddys girl around
  • And as she grows up Bellamy learns to step back and let his child actually have experiences and emotions and realise the world is giant and scary and wonderful and filled with so so many people and places and things and he’ll always be there to keep her safe from every last bit of it he humanly can but he while never ever control her the way he tried to control O
  • And Murphy learns that no he doesn’t destroy everything he touches and no everyone will not eventually leave him if he’s just lets himself be himself and shows those he loves just how much he adores and appreciates them
  • Bellamy has issues trying to keep up with Murphy and Lydia’s sass levels, especially when they both have red lipstick and glitter all over their faces
  • “For the last time Bellamy, Plutarch’s Life of Alexander is not an exceptable bed time story.” “But she likes the bit about-” “the excessive drinking? The violent assassinations? The lady that gets a nice little jolt of lightning up her-” “Alright! Alright…I was gonna say the horse but whatever.”
  • Murphy has little moments where he walks in on Bellamy quietly reading with Lydia passed out over his lap in that stupid dinosaur onsie Monty and Jasper got her for Christmas and he has to take a moment to just breathe because he misses his parents so much no matter what they did to him in the end because it lead him to this very doorway
  • And Bellamy has little moments where he walks in on a grinning Murphy wrapping a squealing Lydia in 4 different towels and he has to take a moment to just breathe because he misses his mom and little sister so much no matter where they are now because they’re the reason he’s standing in this very doorway
  • Murphy and Bellamy have serious reservations about their friends babysitting their child
  • Since Clarke loves to take Lydia into her art classes and just let her have at any non-toxic paint she wants
  • And O still thinks a quick lap around the block on her motorbike won’t do the toddler any harm
  • And Raven doesn’t understand the concept of keeping the explosives on the top shelf
  • And Emori likes to give Lydia small sharp parts as toys
  • And lastly Jasper and Monty aren’t allowed to be in the room alone with Murphy’s child so long as he lives after the human bowling ball incident
  • But mainly against all odds and close calls and painful beginnings they are the happiest little shits the world has ever known

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send me in a “what would _____ involve?

Different kind of MM fanfic idea- Jealousy

This fanfic idea might just be a little bit out there, leaning towards a non-legit thing, but I still cant help myself.

So what if Megamind yet again sneaks into Roxanne’s apartment for another kidnapping, but finds her in the kitchen with 4 other girls, chatting it up, having a girls night.
And at first, the girls are fucking terrified (except for Roxanne ofc) and basically screams like it will be the death of them.

And Megamind kinda enjoys it, but batts it off as he walks forward, trying to get to Roxanne.

But it ends up in Roxanne throwing stuff at him from the other side of the table, and they load off a whole chunk of wicked banter and insults at each other, meanwhile Roxanne’s girlfriends instead starts squealing and enjoying themselves, seeing it more as a fun pillowfight between two old friends. Ofcourse, Roxanne has told them many times before that indeed, Megamind just appears to be evil, but is actually a really nice person underneath it all, and he obviously cares for her.

And after a while, Roxanne gets tired of trying to push him back out so she just lets him stay instead since he aint doing any greater harm
And as the time goes, the girls become less and less uncomfortable by the fact that he’s a super villain..and that he’s a blue alien with a large head.

And as the evening continues, they all actually quite enjoy each others company.
And then theres one girl in particular who enjoys Megaminds company, thinking that she’s finally found a guy who is smart, delicate and actually seems to be respectful towards women, compared to all those other slobs she’s met throughout the years, trying to take advantage of her.
And not to talk about handsome and the way he seems to be a real gentleman. She’d known she always kinda had a thing for him- or that she atleast found him attractive, even though she’d never admit it to anyone. But today was different though.

So as they are all getting ready to watch a movie in Roxanne’s living room, The girl (lets call her Tanya or something) sneaks into the kitchen again, where Megamind and Roxanne stands, laughing and trying to pop pop-corn in the microwave. Roxanne looks alarmed when Tanya comes into view, as if she’s been caught red-handed.

Tanya asks for a private moment with Roxanne, and therefor drags her into the bedroom where she, in a rush, blurts out that she really likes Megamind because “he’s the perfect boyfriend material” And that she’s actually gonna try to make a go-for-it with him, because this is the kind of man that she’s been looking for, and she’s not going to let an oppertunity like that slip past her.

And then Tanya asks Roxanne “if thats okay with you” And Roxanne just kinda jerks into some defensive mode and snaps “why wouldnt I be?”

And Roxanne doesnt know why, but she wants to tell tanya that “No, as a matter of fact, its not okay!” And for some reason she doesnt wanna share- share? share what exactly? Share kidnapper? Perhaps she’s just afraid that he will start kidnapping Tanya instead of her. But why wouldnt she want that? She’d be glad to get out of those kidnappings and never see his blue smirking face again..right?

But Roxanne shuts up about it and just nods. Yes, yes, of course its fine, you go for it.
So after that, they join the others in the completely dark living room, except for the light shining from the large TV-screen, and megamind walks in with the popcorn bowl as Roxanne and Tanya sits down with the others in the couch.

And just as he’s about squeeze himself in beside Roxanne, Tanya grabs his hand and tells him to come sit next to her instead, which is at the other side of Roxanne.
Roxanne watches the exchange closely. She can see Megamind tensing up at the touch of Tanya’s hand in his own. He stares at their hands briefly, with an “I am amazed” expression on his face, before gently turning up a warm smile at her and squeezes himself in between Tanya and Roxanne.
And Roxanne doesnt know why, but she feels…annoyed somehow. It was her thing alone, before. To get that expression/ response out of him those few times she’d accidentally touched him or brushed against him.
It should be her he’s smiling at, not Tanya.

And as the movie plays, Roxanne cant help but to feel distracted all the time, as she can hear whispers coming from the two of them. She can clearly tell that Tanya is trying to flirt with him, which makes her wanna grit her teeth. Thankful enough though- Megamind doesnt really seem to be flirting back.

She manages to lose herself in the movie a little while, but keeps getting the sensation of someone staring at her, but each time she moves her head to look at megamind, he’s only watching the movie like everybody else.
And now and then she could’ve sworn that she felt Megaminds fingertips gently- hesitatantly brushing over her own, as if he’s trying to take her hand- just like people do in the movies when they’re on the first date.
But every time she glanced down to take a look, his hand is lying still next to his own leg.

After a while into the movie, the sensations stopped, as if he gave up on trying to make a move on her while sitting there in the dark, tightly beside her. But then again, she must have imagined it all.

And as she turns her head to smile at Megamind, because this is actually quite enjoyable after all- her smile drops in an instant when she sees Megaminds hand tangled tightly with Tanya’s hand. And not only that, Tanya seems to be nussling incredibly close to Megamind, with her other hand on his chest, and her cheek on his shoulder.

And Roxanne suddenly feels like someone has stabbed her in the chest, as if someone just betrayed her real good. Because what did she just whitness even?

And not far away from that moment, Tanya crawls into his lap instead, with her back against his chest, and her head resting just at the base of his neck. And Roxanne watches in horror as Megamind very, very slowly and hesitantly wraps his arms around her for support.

Roxanne just wants to scream and dig herself into a hole, because she’s frustrated. Frustrated at Tanya for thinking that he’s all hers. Hands off, he’s actually Roxannes kidnapper, and NO ONE elses.

Its her he always chooses, its her he always looks after- not Tanya, nor anybody else. Roxanne only.

And as the first movie ends (they’re gonna watch another one), some of the girls run to the bathroom, while Roxanne flees into the kitchen to get some more snacks and perhaps some whine, because yes- she suddenly feels like alkohol wouldnt be such a bad thing tonight after all.

And she’s so wrapped up in her thoughts that she doesnt notice when Megamind pads into the kitchen until he asks her if she needs any help.
And all out of nowhere, Roxanne lashes out on him, being all “No, I dont need any help, maybe you should ask Tanya instead? Oh yes, why dont you just nab her the next time you feel up for a kidnapping as well, because she’s just sooo perfect, isnt she!?”

And poor Megamind doesnt know whats going on, and why she’s acting so defensive all of the sudden.

And they start arguing, hissing at each other and everything.

And I dont really know where to go from there, but basically we all know that they both want each other (cuties) And yes, just to confirm, Megamind was trying to make a move on Roxanne during the whole movie, but then got wrapped up in Tanya’s clutches LOL
And well, he just got a bit amazed I guess, that he could recieve cuddles from someone and it felt amazing.
And Roxanne is being jealous af

Now I know that the whole concept might be a bit out of character, since I guess Roxanne isnt really the person to become jealous over someone? I dont know really. And I guess Megamind wouldnt let his guard down so easily, BUT STILL!!

If someone wants to make a fanfic like this then, FUCKING PLEASE BECUZ AMAGAAD


The CX was the last Citroën design to be overseen by Robert Opron.
It was probably inspired by the Pininfarina design studies for BMC’s 1100/1300 and 1800  "Landcrab" replacements.

In 1967, Pininfarina was commissioned by BMC to design an “aerodynamic” replacement for the 1800 and for the smaller 1100/1300 range. Two prototypes were built but rejected by BMC although the tail treatment was subsequently adapted for use on the Rover SD1.

Robert Opron was strongly influenced by these two designs when working on Projet G (the car that would become the GS) with Michel Harmand and Projet L, which would become the CX .

Aerodynamics would be of key importance to the DS successor, as Citroen lacked the funds to develop new, more powerful engines. A slippery shape helped to disguise the aging motor!

Tools found near Lake Turkana in Kenya are world's oldest

The world’s oldest tools – made by ancestors of modern humans some 3.3 million years ago – have been found in Kenya.

Stones had been deliberately “knapped” or flaked to make a sharp cutting edge, researchers said, according to Science magazine.

They are about 700,000 years older than the previous record holder and are likely to have been made by Australopithecus, an ape-like ancestor of Homo sapiens, or another species, Kenyanthropus.

Archaeologist Sonia Harmand, of New York’s Stony Brook University, told the annual meeting of the US Paleoanthropology Society: “The artefacts were clearly knapped and not the result of accidental fracture of rocks.” Read more.

here’s something i’m grouchy about:

people downplaying karkat’s contribution to the battle

“oh he only fought the one little leprechaun and barely one while Jake beat most of The Felt”

i mean first off, Jake had a ton of help from Casey’s army, Arquius, and the Crocker fam – he was awesome, yes, but he didn’t take 14 enemies single-handedly

karkat was in a one-on-one battle, but it was against CLOVER

again with the forgetting important info from The Intermission! clover CANNOT BE HURT

he’s a pure embodiment of luck, and jake could never have beat him, as clover’s stated that a gun pointed at him would most likely jam – he’s basically immune to bodily harm

and karkat beat him by restraining him, meaning he not only overcame extreme improbability but that he did it while noticing that he wouldn’t be able to win if he was trying to harm clover

which, for karkat, that adorabloodthirsty ball of anger whose tactics have always been deep in active aggression, is a Goddamn Big Deal

and people are playing it off as comic relief

Ok, guys, I have some shit to go over. Here goes nothing:

As we all know, 5 kids were murdered, they most likely possess the animatronics, and that there was the Bite of ‘87. What if Mike was the murderer? A crazy man who lured children into the back of Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza in a Freddy Fazbear suit and killed them. Then, in 1987, he went to Freddy Fazbear’s with his kids, or possibly just to remind himself of his actions. While there, Foxy sees and recognizes him, and tries to kill him but fails. Only then, after being attacked by Foxy, did Mike realize that those kids were in fact alive and possessed the animatronics. He then felt morally obligated to take the night shift and keep watch over the animatronics so as to not let them get out of the pizzeria and terrorize the city, so as to save the innocent from what he had created. How ironic that the animatronics try to kill him by stuffing him into a Freddy Fazbear suit. But perhaps it was too much for him, or he realized that he didn’t want to die; after all, self-sacrifice is not something just anybody can do. So he was moved to the day shift. With Mike now out of their reach and their replacement animatronics threatening to have them shut down forever, the animatronics went insane. They failed their mission, and they wanted to escape their metallic prisons so they tried to kill themselves. Look at how damaged they are now:One can see the holes in Chica’s right leg in this photoAnd here we have Chica’s jaw looking hyper-extended as if it was forcefully ripped openFoxy has major holes in the suit, which would make sense as it can use its hook to cause major self-harmAnd of course, the most obvious one, Bonnie. But this is where it gets interesting. Yes, Bonnie’s face is missing. But what would be there (besides a face) were it a human? That’s right, the frontal lobe. It seems the animatronics got frustrated when attacking themselves wasn’t working, that they asked each other for assistance, and I believe Foxy may very well have done this to Bonnie. Imagine little children stuck in these animatronic suits with no way out, ripping their own jaws open, hacking at themselves, begging each other to kill one another so they can escape. But it doesn’t work. They’re trapped forever, now with nothing to do but kill. And THAT, my friends, is what I think.


stop picking
people say it like they’re scolding a child
my arms ache from having them up near my head
and my forehead hurts from the pressure i put on it
and bald spots are forming faster than i can grow them back
and i’m sobbing because i can’t get that one hair
i’m screaming into my pillow because
my fingers from moving

this is self harm
and people pass it off as
stop picking

my two cents.

I’ve heard my share of terrible news about the su fandom, and it’s always disheartening to learn that individuals, or groups of individuals, choose to act and behave in a way that is not okay.

And for me, I’m so confused as to how they might think it’s okay- to bully and drive artists to the edge of death, to mob and persecute creators who have a right to their own opinions and expressions. It’s such a stark contrast from
the lessons and themes of the show. Everything I’ve seen from the show
promotes love and understanding for one another. But an unfortunate group
seems to behave and act like how the antagonists would- seeking to harm
and crush those who oppose their own narrow minded views.

My question for you would be: where is your compassion for humanity?

And I hope that you understand, the issue is not that you are a “bad fan.”
The main issue here is that you have bad character. You are a bad person.
You need to know that and strive to change that.